• DK2 compatible ? Hi all,

    I have an old Oculus DK2.
    I want to try some test in VR but I'm unable to make it work with Unity3D :
    Oculus app was launched, play button doesn't show anything.
    I have built an app (with VR enabled) but doesn't show anything on the DK2.

    Is it compatible ? Any idea ?

    Or the only solution is to buy a rift ...?

    Thanks ;)
  • Where is face tracking in AR Foundation 2.0 The blurb states face tracking but I can't see it in the version 2.0 release.
  • ARFoundation 2.0 Face Tracking- which specific hardware device is necessary? Can anyone confirm, does the new face Tracking feature in ARFoundation 2.0 ONLY work with iPhone X devices?
  • ARFoundation 2.0 – where are the tutorials? Excited about the various new features in ARFoundation 2.0 like environment probes, but where are the tutorials and documentation?
  • 360 Video Sample Project – Xcode Build Error I'm attempting to tinker with Unity's "360 Video Sample Project" which I'm running in Unity 2018.3.9f1.

    After compiling for iOS and attempting to build to an iPhone on 12.2 using Xcode10.12.1, I get the following error. Any advice is appreciated!

    Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:

    "_gvr_set_default_viewer_profile", referenced from:
    _GvrCardboardHelpers_SetViewerProfile_mDB0C699FDCB5A196CE00C8DF46BEF98FEBF5701B in...

    360 Video Sample Project - Xcode Build Error
  • GvrBetaHeadset and Unity 2019.1.1f1 Hello,

    I've just created a new 3D project, imported "GoogleVRForUnity_1.200.0.unitypackage", enabled VR (DayDream) and built for Android.

    If I use "HelloMR" as the initial scene, the app crashes.
    If I use "Hello6DoFControllers" as the initial scene, the app renders black.

    Apparently the issue seems related to the "GvrBetaHeadset" and "GvrHeadset" prefabs.

    Did anyone find a workaround?
  • Can’t seem to get PostProcessing in Vuforia AR Hello all,

    I have a scene with a let's say fish tank. I've downloaded Post Processing stack from the asset store and am attempting to make it so when the AR camera moves inside the fish tank the screen goes blurry with a depth of field effect I've set up as well. However nothing changes.

    I followed this tutorial "Unity Tutorial - How to Create Underwater FX". In it the person doesn't use AR but I assumed that working as if my...

    Can't seem to get PostProcessing in Vuforia AR
  • Detect media capture on Hololens Hi,

    I need to detect if the Hololens captures a photo or a video, in order to start some post-processing steps.

    I tried using
    as suggested in this post, but it doesn't work. The event listener method is never called.

    Is there are way to get the volume button presses in Unity? That way I could at least "assume" that a photo...

    Detect media capture on Hololens
  • VR Camera Rotation Hi
    I'm trying to rotate one eye in a VR camera without rotating its forward vector. To Illustrate below the top half of the image is what happens when I rotate the right eye anchor. What I need is what is displayed in the bottom half.

    I need to be able to do this because I'm developing something for people with strabismus. In layman's terms these people have eyes that don't converge in the same way as the general population(think lazy eye or cross eyed, walleyed...etc)

    Simply rotating...

    VR Camera Rotation
  • Unity VR daydream Pointer doesn`t trigger .Onclick() button Event. Hi!
    As the tittle sugest, I'm implementing this method that has as a param a UnityAction,
    Code (csharp):
    2. public void addDialogTriggerAction(int optionNumber, string boxDialog, UnityAction dialogTriggerEvent) {
    3.         interactionMenuObject.SetActive (true);
    4.         dialogGameObject .SetActive (true);
    5.         dialogButton.onClick.RemoveAllListeners();
    6.         dialogButton .onClick.AddListener(dialogTriggerEvent);
    7.         dialog.text = boxDialog;...
    Unity VR daydream Pointer doesn`t trigger .Onclick() button Event.
  • SteamVR player keeps going through walls while climbing I would like to apply a climbing mechanic in my game but the player can grab on the climbable object and force themselves through walls and other objects.The code takes the delta distance vector of the controller and its previous position and add it to the player's transform. I tried applying a velocity to the player with the same vector and it does prevent the player from going through walls but the camera freaks out and the controller moves faster than the player's movement, causing the...

    SteamVR player keeps going through walls while climbing
  • OpenXR vs ARFoundation Hi all,

    In March, Khronos released a version of OpenXR. It's purpose is to unify AR/VR development into a platform-agnostic API. I saw that Unity Technology is a supporter of the project.

    Unity has their own platform-agnostic development set for AR/VR called ARFoundation.

    I was wondering how OpenXR fits into the AR space, especially compared to ARFoundation. Are they related in any way? Two alternatives? Are there pros/cons of using one over the other?
  • XR Floor Position Native Unity Hi,

    when not using any plug-ins, but just the native Unity XR support, I can't seem to get the floor Y position to be consistent across the Oculus and OpenVR SDKs. If I do nothing to the camera (except enabling XR), the Y coordinate of the Oculus Rift is at 0 at headset height, while the Vive (OpenVR) one is at 0 at floor height.

    Adding a Tracked Pose Driver with "Generic XR Device / Head" does not change this.

    This question seems to pop up now and then in the forums but I have not found...

    XR Floor Position Native Unity
  • Make Parent Follow Child Object In AR Camera Hello everyone, I went parent to follow a child object. to show a specific point in the 3d model with AR Camera. **Idea 1. a child move to the camera 2. parent follow the child. **Draw
  • World Anchor sharing over UNET is offset – HoloLens Hi everyone, We are having issues with unet anchor sharing for HoloLens, Basically we are able to host and join fine, but the anchors are always offset and never in the right place. The client says it has found an anchor but it anchors at a compl...