• Get rotation from Motion Controllers? Hey folks, I have a question about scripting for the Motion Controllers:
    I would like to write a script that gets the 6DoF grip pose rotation from my left Motion Controller (Specifically the Y rotation) and applies that rotation to a game object. I've written scripts that do this for game objects, but I'm having a tough time figuring out where to begin when it comes to making an object to get it's rotation from a Motion Controller.

    As an example of what I'm trying to do, here's a script I...

    Get rotation from Motion Controllers?
  • Daydream controller distance to any pointed game object. Is there any way to calculate distance from controller to the game object it points to? Better yet, can I get the intersection point on the game object surface (point in 3D world coordinate) which intersect with a ray from my daydream controller? Thank...
  • Error in console : could not start graph Hi,

    I am very new to Unity and Vuforia. I have followed a basic tutorial for Vuforia, creating an image target and a model I imported from the asset store, but when I press play I get these two errors in console :

    Could not start graph
    UnityEngine.WebCamTexture: play()

    Could not pause pControl
    UnityEngine.WebCamTexture: play()

    As I did not write any script, I don't understand where this error comes from. If someone could help me, that would be really nice !
    Thanks :)

    ---- EDIT
    Turns out...

    Error in console : could not start graph
  • Predefined type ‘System.Object’ is not defined or imported Tried to follow the Microsoft Hololense Tutorial but always get 10k-20k Errors where it says:
    "xx" is not defined or imported
    The type 'Object' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'System.Runtime, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a'

    For examples check the Box.
    Can someone help me?

    (Copy paste, using Visual Studio in german so the output is german too)
    Code (CSharp):
    1. Schweregrad    Code    Beschreibung...
    Predefined type 'System.Object' is not defined or imported
  • Oculista Go App Hi, I have a oculus go app with 15 videos. When i try ti build apk, we get an error “failed packaging assets” How i can solve this problem? Thanks
  • TakePhotoAsync doesn’t work on hololens with 2018.2.6 I've encounter the same error, but only since i have 2018.2.6 :

    My program stops at TakePhotoAsync(OnPhotoCaptured) on Hololens. With earlier version, it ran smoothly.

    Code (CSharp):
    2.     public void Initialize()
    3.     {
    4.         List<Resolution> resolutions = new List<Resolution(UnityEngine.XR.WSA.WebCam.PhotoCapture.SupportedResolutions);
    5.         Resolution selectedResolution = resolutions;
    7.         m_CameraParameters = new...
    TakePhotoAsync doesn't work on hololens with 2018.2.6
  • Android camera in skybox Hello,

    I'm trying to set the android camera (or a webcam if I work on a computer) as the skybox for a camera.
    So how can I create a texture with the feed of a camera?

    Have a nice day

  • Hololens connection – Sending message from hololens (bluetooth) to Android device? Hey guys,

    I'm looking for a bluetooth based solution to send data from the hololens (simple short string data) to an android device.
    I know there has been BLE examples with GPS positioning, but in that the hololens is just a watcher, not a writer.
    Does anyone have examples of sending data FROM the hololens over bluetooth?

    Either BLE or standard bluetooth (actually preferred) would be fine.
  • I set active a GroundPlane GameObject in unity, a Exception occor. Anyone can help me ? Exception in callback: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Vuforia.PlaymodeSmartTerrainI...
  • Crop a camera view in unity for HTC steamVR Hi all,

    I'm currently stuck on a pretty huge project.. Maybe I didn't search well enough but until now, I did not find any related topic that could solve my issue..

    I am trying to crop a sub-camera FOV in order to send it to the HTC headset.
    Briefly my camera is filming a background and I want a specific rectangle cropped out of this first camera view to be sent alone to the HTC headset.

    See the image as an example;
    The entire image would be the first camera FOV and the cropped rectangle...

    Crop a camera view in unity for HTC steamVR
  • 2018.3.0b1 and SteamVR (issues?) I'm seeing controller texture issues, anyone else?

    - Create new project using 2018.3.0b1
    - import SteamVR, accept all etc
    - add OpenVR via PackageManager
    - open, SteamVR/InteractionSystem/Samples/Scenes/Interactions_Example
    (or any scene using SteamVR controllers / blank with Player prefab works too)
    - run and look at controllers.

    The SteamVRControllerModel material seems to fail to load the controller texture at runtime...

    Controllers working fine with 2018.2.8f1, and previous versions,...

    2018.3.0b1 and SteamVR (issues?)
  • Import a Webgl/HTML5 AR creation Hello, I'm a complete beginner in the Unity interface, I have used a Vuforia assets to create an AR experience that show a 3D form when the camera detect a picture. When I want to build it, an error message shows up:

    Invalid build path: c:/users/conta/desktop/unityfinal
    UnityEngine.GUIUtility:processEvent(Int32, IntPtr)

    (unityfinal is my folder selected to receive the file)

    What does it mean and as anyone faced that problem?
  • Forgetting extended tracked image target I think the title explains it - how do i go about this? I really feel this shoudn't be so hard, but I can't find useful information about it. Basically at a certain condition, i just want vuforia to "forget" the position of the target, preferably calling the OnTrackingLost function in the DefaultTrackableEventHandler.
  • How to scan and detect only a single plane at a time in unity ARkit? I was working on Vertical Plane detection in unity ARkit.The problem I faced is when I scan for vertical surfaces,there are many detected planes coming in.It gives a awkward look when opening the app.Is there a way to limit scan to pick only a single p...
  • How to freeze rotation and transform from HMD’s children Hello everybody,

    I'm currently working on a game overlay project.
    I've a VR aircraft game using SteamVR to provide its VR experience. I would like to create an custom cockpit Overlay to interact with. I use the BenotterOVRlay (link). This overlay doesn't allow me to set my project as XR/VR but I can get my project to work properly.

    Unfortunetaly, when I launch my aircraft game, it transform my HMD position and rotation. And it result in a non...

    How to freeze rotation and transform from HMD's children