• Disable Height Hi,

    I just have a small question. I just got Vive and I've been playing around with it. I set it up through steam of course and got it working in Unity.

    Now Is there a way to disable the floor height that I set up completely i Unity. Basically when I start a new scene in Unity, I want to just look through the main camera only without the height I set up in steam setup.

    Lets say my camera y axis is 1, when I press play the camera axis immediately changes to 2.1. I'm guessing this is the...

    Disable Height
  • Vuforia and Cardboard in same app but different scenes not working Hi all, I have a working AR app built using Vuforia that works well. I have also prototyped a 360 VR Cardboard app that also works without issue. I thought it would be cool to integrate them into the same app. The way it is supposed to work is the Vuf...
  • AR Multi Directional light shadows Hi , I am working on an AR project these days and I was using this shader provided by Unity to cast shadows in my scene. Today I wanted to add a second directional light (which should also cast shadows) so I followed the comments written in the shade...
  • Getting Started But I Don’t Know How.. So I got my Oculus rift this month, played with it, pretty cool device, and I decided to start program stuff for it.
    The problem is I got zero idea how to start.
    So first of all i went for Unity and C# as it is something i played with a lot in the last years, so i have some experience here.
    There is SteamVR plugin, but It seems to not get updated anymore. some of the stuff there doesnt even work.
    There is VRTK and NewtonVR but both of them too dont get support anymore ( VRTK on life support,...

    Getting Started But I Don't Know How..
  • Play Mode in MR project does not render in occluded device Hello guys, I am developing an MR project and my issue is that when I go in Play mode, nothing is rendered to the attached occluded device. I tried with different devices (a Dell one and Samsung Odyssey) with no luck. Did you ever experience this sit...
  • ARCore Remote (ARInterface Remote) is here Not sure how public this knowledge is but ARCore Remote is here. Using the experimental ARInterface, it works in a very similar way to the ARKit Remote. Github Repo: A quick YouTube walk...
  • Installation error on Hololens RS4 and VS 15.8.4 Build with .net scripting backend Hello, I have at the moment an installation error when I try to add an appxbundle with dependencies over the device portal to a customer hololens: Installation Failed Failure reason: Windows cannot install package xxx because this package depends on ...
  • HoloLens sharing service.exe Hey everyone,

    I can build and run the hololens network sharing application on both hololens devices but only while the 'sharing service' console in Unity is active or running in the background. The sharing service which can be found and accessed at the top of the Unity nav toolbar opens a console displaying details of active sessions and connecting devices.

    How can I build the application without the need of having Unity or 'sharing service' running in the background while connecting the...

    HoloLens sharing service.exe
  • TriggerHapticPulse with OpenVR? I'm using the VR template in Unity 2018.2.6f1, and using OpenVR (I think?) and I can't figure out if there is an equivalent to TriggerHapticPulse that's in the SteamVR plugin.

    Any ideas?
  • In Unity Arkit,how to show a text in UnityARHitTestExample scene until a vertical plane is found? I am trying to show a text say "Scan for a surface" until it scans a plane surface.Once the device detects a plane surface the message should disappear and add another text.Where should I write code for this purpose.I found two instances whe...
  • ARkit 1.5 RemoveImageAnchor dosen’t work I use the GenerateImageAnchor.cs.But the RemoveImageAnchor dosen't work.How to deal with it.
  • 3d object shape modification on Microsoft HoloLens using gestures Hi, I am wondering if there is any existing API or approach to use gestures to modify the shape of a random 3d object on Microsoft HoloLens? The format of the 3d object is .obj. Thanks!
  • Lenovo Mirage Solo 6DOF – Floor height property in GVR The Google VR SDK for Unity provides a method

    Code (CSharp):
    1. /// If a floor is found, populates floorHeight with the detected height.
    2. bool TryGetFloorHeight(ref float floorHeight);
    which I don't seem to understand or it may not be working correctly.

    Can I expect the device to estimate the real world distance from the headset to the real world floor or is this only a virtual value. So far it only ever reports -1.6f in the editor and on device. Positional tracking is supported by the...

    Lenovo Mirage Solo 6DOF - Floor height property in GVR
  • Particle distortion not working on Android in Single Pass Hi there !
    The standard particle shader is not working when distortion is enabled on android devices while the single pass stereo mode is enabled, resulting in one eye flickering while the other one don't show any distortion on the corresponding objects.
    Is anyone know a way to achieve this effect with a custom shader or is there a limitation on Android / Single Pass that cant be bypassed (except by using multipass) ?

    Thanks !
  • Virtual Reality Support for Stereo Displays Hi Guys,

    i'm using Unity 2017.1.0f3 and a Acer H7550STz DLP Projector pulg in a Nvidia Quadro K5200 (2x SLI) and a Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Kit.
    I've created a Testproject with some spheres, cubes and one movable camera. I also activated the Virtual Reality Support for Stereo Displays (non head-mounted) and the camera's "Target Eye" is set to "Both". The build of this project look good, i'v got a stereoscopic picture and
    Code (CSharp):
    1. Camera.stereoEnabled
    returns true.

    But when i'm trying...

    Virtual Reality Support for Stereo Displays