• Failed to Initialize Vuforia in Game Hi,

    I disabled VuforiaBehavior on AR camera when game starts, and tried to enable it from a button on my main menu. but it says "Vuforia Initialization Error / INIT ERROR / Failed to Initialize Vuforia" and a green button "Close". I'm not allowed to upload the image here?

    is there a way to enable/diable Vuforia in game like as you wish anytime anywhere?

    Unity 2018.2.4f1

    Thank you.
  • Bicycle VR I am developing a bicycle VR game and i am facing certain problems. I am using Garmins' speed and cadence sensor and a USB ant stick. The problem is when i pedal my bicycle how do i move the character in game. I am not able to figure out any solutions for this.
  • Poor Vuforia image targeting on iOS I built a Vuforia project that works great on my Android Pixel. I just switched it over to iOS and tested it on a iPad Mini 3 only to find out the image target floats around like crazy as the device moves. I don't have any other iOS devices for testing but I'm hoping this isn't typical of Vuforia on iOS. Does anyone have any experience with this? I built a test scene with only a single cube in it to make sure it wasn't my project and I got the same results. The cube drifts all over when the...

    Poor Vuforia image targeting on iOS
  • Daydream – Showing VR180 images I bought one of Google's Daydream 180 cameras that takes pictures in .vr.jpeg format. (Example attached). What is the best way of displaying these in Unity?

  • New Vuforia Pricing/Licensing I was informed earlier this month from a Vuforia sales rep that Vuforia would be offering a new pricing structure on 9/1. I was wondering if anyone had anymore information on this? Would it be worth purchasing a cloud license now, or waiting for the ne...
  • Gameobject transforms with both touch click and button clicks Iam creating an AR android app with vuforia. According to my scenario i use button in a panel.. when button is clicked the end user should be indicated with the interaction input that must be done to the gameobject. For example an arrow is indicated up...
  • create shadows without a plane. Hello everyone. I am working on a 360 project in Unity and incorporating 3D elements. I am trying to
    create shadows on the ground (which obviously doesn't exist). Sooo... I'd like to know what would be the
    best / correct way to go about it... here are my ideas..

    1. Can I map my image as a spherical environment on a plane so it can receive shadows? (a bit like camera mapping in 3D software)
    2. if not, is there a way to create a plane, but only to have it render the shadows and not the...

    create shadows without a plane.
  • Autofocus not working on some devices Hi,

    I noticed that setting the autofocus does not work on some devices, but on some devices it does work. I don't think there is much to do on the Unity side since the SetFocusMode() only returns true or false.
    This makes the application almost unusable on very common devices because image target detection becomes difficult.

    Is this a known issue or a bug?

    Autofocus working:
    • iPhone 7
    • Samsung Galaxy S6
    • Samsung Galaxy S7

    Autofocus not working:
    • Samsung...

    Autofocus not working on some devices
  • What are the best settings for Video view in AR on Unity with Vuforia? Hey guys, I am planning to develop an AR application on Unity with Vuforia where the user aims their phone camera at a box with a texture which opens up and plays a video I am planning to have 10 boxes so 10 videos all in one application / scene Ar...
  • Hololens Photo Capturing Failing Hello,
    I am trying to take a photo from the Hololens in the new version of unity 2018.2.5, in the other version of unity i was all good, but now it's not working.

    The only thing i update is unity to version 2018.2.5f1.

    I update the Hololens and Unity to the new version 2018.2.6f1, today. but it keeps on crashing.

    Here it is the crash log.
    Bug report is number: 1076629. Hope the Unity team fix this soon, because it's impossible to work with Hololens without the camera!!!! We can't do...

    Hololens Photo Capturing Failing
  • HoloLens UWP w/ IL2CPP Backend — No Debug Targets in Visual Studio 2017 I am experiencing a very weird issue. I am creating an extremely basic application that will just display a model on the HoloLens. I managed to create and build the Visual Studio project using the .NET scripting backend, but see a warning that this w...
  • Questions About Vuforia Can I do the following with AR?: -Allow AR characters follow you once you summon them from looking at an image -Allow AR characters fight other AR characters -Have over 100 AR objects able to be summoned
  • GVR Cardboard permissions problem. Hello. Im making some test project with GVR and it uses Speech Recognition. The problem is that i can give it permissions to record audio when i build it to android. If i build the project without XR there is a window which is asking about permissions...
  • Crash with XR Foundation Hi, I am experiencing a crash with XR Foundation on ARCore. It only happens in Non-Development Builds. I investigated and the crash happens right after the Splashscreen in this line: ARSubsystemManager.StartSubsystems(); in ARSession.cs I get the fo...
  • Flickering “Unresponsive” HTC Vive HMD Hi community, The output of Unity rendering in HTC Vive HMD (latest (updated) versions of SteamVR and VIVE) is getting flickered (not smooth/continuous output). The executable made from Unity works very well with HTC Vive HMD though. Problem is with...