• I wonder if project MARS will include any WebAR capabilities. Thoughts? I think WebAR will make AR more accessible to people just wondering if Unity is thinking about this. Of course it has massive challenges but just interested in what the future holds for Unity / AR.
  • How to disable rotation tracking (InputTracking) Hi,

    I'm developing a game for Daydream headsets. I need to control the rotation of the camera with my code but the Daydream SDK overrides it.

    According to the documentation (, it's only possible to disable the position tracking.

    Is there a way to also disable the rotation tracking ?

    Thank you :)
  • Problem when building for Android Hi. I ran into a weird problem that prevents me from building for android. This error appears when building: View attachment 292070 The console says this: CommandInvokationFailure: Gradle build failed. C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8.0_131\bin\...
  • Oculus Go app crashes when opening after a “forced” close (Socket Bind failed error 98) Hi,

    I'm having an issue with my Oculus Go app, the app by itself works well, but issues come when I try to reopen it after a forced close:

    In my code I have some
    calls that work great, but on Oculus Go you can push the Oculus button on the controller and then click to close the app (some kind of equivalent to Android's tasks button), and when I quit the app using this method and then open the app, the logo doesn't even show up and it crashes, then the only...

    Oculus Go app crashes when opening after a "forced" close (Socket Bind failed error 98)
  • ARkit 2 memory usage is too large Hey, App crashed with arkit 2 in iOS 12. Every time when I am using ar section its increase memory. Thaks.
  • VR COMPATIBLE MEANS both Single Pass and Multipass Mode. So today I have been going through at least $1,500 in Assets (All VR Compatible). 98% of them do NOT work in Single Pass Mode. This of course causes issues when you must use a Single Pass VR tool, Because you are cut off from a huge portion of your too...
  • Can I reset/recenter pose of TrackedPoseDriver ? Hi, Depend on HelloAR example. I can get the device movement by TrackedPoseDriver transform information. Is there any way to reset the pose with TrackedPoseDriver? Thanks
  • Five Tips for VR/AR Device-independent Unity Projects It’s wonderful to see the variety of new virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, devices, toolkits, and platforms that are continuously emerging. But, for developers, such variation becomes a nightmarish tangle of software, featur...
  • DreamWorld AR The DreamGlass is now shipping. We are committed to answering your questions and listening to your ideas. Please post if you would like to start a discussion, we look forward to hearing from you.
  • Ground plane is very unreliable I tried to use Ground plane according to the guide, but tracking quality is very poor: object doesn't stay correctly on the surface of the ground but some random distance into the air, they don't stay in place but move all over the place, sometimes they just slide out of view.

    The camera also out of focus most of the time.

    All of this does not happen in ARCore demo. I thought Vuforia use ARCore for ground plane?

    Tested on:
    Unity 2017.3.1f1
    Galaxy S7 Edge
    Android 7.0
    Vuforia 7.0.47
  • Unity-ARKit-Plugin Step by Step Unity-ARKit-Plugin Step by Step 1. Read up on ARKit and how it works at a high level ( This plugin provides the scripting API which corresponds to the ARKit native interf...
  • How to Drag Slider With Finger I'm making a menu system for my VR game. The menu is sized in worldspace and you pick it up like a clipboard. I'm using an Oculus, but this solution probably doesn't have much reliance on the Oculus SDK. I have the menu set up so that buttons have a trigger box collider on them, and I add a tiny trigger sphere collider to the tip of both index fingers of the Oculus LocalAvatar. Then I use OnTriggerEnter() to add functions to the buttons as I need. This way I can press buttons with my finger....

    How to Drag Slider With Finger
  • Cheap Water and Waterfall for VR How can I create cheap water (calm) and a moving waterfall in VR? Somewhat similar to:
  • How to create a HTC Vive menu with Gaze Hi. I have been searching the web and cant find any good tutorial where to begin to do this. I want to make a game menu for my HTC Vive game. I want to use the Gaze method. How is this done? I cant find anything with HTC vive, only with Google Cardboa...
  • Large videos not playing on Gear VR, but do play on Google Cardboard. Any ideas? Hi all. I have an odd issue that I ran into over the weekend. We have a VR project that uses some 360 video and ambisonic audio. It runs great on an Android device set up for Google Cardboard, but on the same hardware the video won’t play at all whe...