• my heart is breaking when I using ground plane in unity 2018.1.0b and Galaxy tab S3 . my heart is breaking when I using ground plane in unity 2018.1.0b and Galaxy tab S3 . I follow this tutor : After build, No plane finder Icon appear...Not...
  • Can’t figure out how to access the buttons on my MR controllers Apologies, problem resolved. Can't figure out how to delete the post
  • Why does Tap to Place Stop working when in a sharing session with two or more users? I am working working on a project where we are trying to set up a tap to place demo where more than one user can tap to place a hologram, with each user seeing the shared location of the hologram in real time. The current problem we're having is that when two or more users join the Shared session, the hologram locks into place, and nobody can move it. In addition, each person sees separate the hologram in separate location. The hologram can be moved normally when only one person joins.


    Why does Tap to Place Stop working when in a sharing session with two or more users?
  • AR Project Suggestions Hello, So I am about to develop a project for a job that requires some AR, the recommended tool is to use AR Core. The idea of the application is to run on both Android and Chrome OS, and it will consist on regular pages with info in them (texts, but...
  • Finding VR Eye Position (including lens distance offset) – holographic sight I'm working on build a holographic sight, I need to be able to know the exact location of the players eyes to do the math on it properly. I found a reference to: UnityEngine.VR.InputTracking.GetLocalPosition(VRNode.RightEye) but when I draw it for testing, the line does not originate from my head.

    Debug.DrawLine(UnityEngine.VR.InputTracking.GetLocalPosition(VRNode.RightEye), zeroLocation,;

    What object can I use to get the location of the left and right eyes, seperately, and...

    Finding VR Eye Position (including lens distance offset) - holographic sight
  • Issues with AR trying to make a game that works in multiple modes Hey, guys,

    I'm working on an android and ios game that's is supposed to boot up in mobile/ar/vr, depending on what the player chooses, and we're having a bunch of problems with the AR side of things. We tried to use vuforia, but it failed to run on some of our devices, so we decided to switch to 8th wall. My issues so far:

    1. After i build the game, it automatically switches to portrait mode (the game is meant to be played in landscape). I think this is a problem with the 8th wall, because...

    Issues with AR trying to make a game that works in multiple modes
  • Model targets (Vuforia) for iOS Hi there,

    (In relation to Vuforia model targets and Unity)
    I'm using a Mac with Unity deploying on iOS.

    Is it possible to create model targets to deploy on iOS?? All I can find is how to deploy on Android with Windows. Need to deploy asap as have tested everything with image targets (stupidly thought it would be a simple transition to model targets). Worst comes to worst I can use Android instead of iOS but I have no alternative to using Mac.

    Any quick help would be so appreciated!

  • Hololens Template ? is there sombudy that has a hololent template for unity with marker to make a fast test version ? like to learn hololens in unity
  • Can’t Select Windows Store in Build Settings Dialog I've developed for HoloLens using the Unity Technical Preview. I'm trying to use Unity 5.6.0f3 to do the same. After I installed Unity, I had to install Metro support. Once it was installed and I tried to click "Windows Store" in the "Build Settings" dialog, I get a small Windows Store icon in the upper left of the dialog and the dialog freezes.

    Any suggestions?
  • hi there, i have a question about platform, need help ! Hi all,

    I'm curious to know which platforms VR/AR/MR devs are targeting. Seems to me there are almost too many choices - Occulus, Vive, Gear, Hololens, Daydream, Cardboard etc. I suspect most smaller developerss won't be trying to acommodate all of these (some require different development environements than others), but will want to hit the ones that are likely to have the biggest uptake going forward. Anybody willing to share their thoughts on this?
  • Detecting losing sight of AugmentedImage I'm currently experimenting with the AugmentedImage support in ARCore. Does anyone know how to check if an image target is currently on screen? I have an image target being recognised and anchoring a gameobject to that position, however I can't figure out how to check if a target is no longer visible and thus destroy it.

    This use case is different pages of a book, so multiple different targets appearing in the same physical space. I have tried TrackingState.Paused and...

    Detecting losing sight of AugmentedImage
  • AR Camera Raycast Inaccurate? I have a canvas UI with the image of a reticle at the center of my screen to aid in aiming. When I send a raycast from the position of the camera in it's forward direction, the ray seems to be firing from just above the reticle image rather than at it's center when run on a device. It appears offset vertically from center by a different amount depending upon whether I use an iPhone 7+ or an iPad.

    When I test the exact UI in the same scene in the editor with a non-arkit managed camera, the...

    AR Camera Raycast Inaccurate?
  • VR – Oculus SDK – Touch controller – Snap Position , snap offset – grab a gun Hello everybody,
    i'm developping a VR project in 2018 with the standard Oculus SDK (Utilities, Avatar,Platform).
    i have a very simple scene with a table, some cube on , a mug and a gun.
    When i play the game everything is ok in VR with the oculus, i see my hands and i can grab/throw objects.

    But i need you cause when i grad the gun, its not in correct position in my VR hand.
    i see the parameter in OVR grabbable "Snap position, Snap offset" but i dont understant how it work.

    Can someone of...

    VR - Oculus SDK - Touch controller - Snap Position , snap offset - grab a gun
  • VR Application Launcher? We have a bunch of VR demos and apps we've created with Unity. We want to put them all on one machine and use a launcher to allow users to view the various demos without help.

    We want someone to be able to do everything while using the Vive. So, they see the demo/app menu in VR - then can select one, view it, and return to the launcher menu to view another.

    I know I can launch other .exe's from Unity - but can I start one VR app from another, and then return gracefully?
  • Magic Leap now shipping! (Sort of.) In case you have been living under a rock today, Magic Leap One (Creator Edition) is now shipping for $2,295.

    It's only available in select cities though. :( Still, hopefully they'll open that up soon.

    Perhaps it's time to add a Magic Leap sub-forum here? ML's own forums are awful, so I'd love to have a place here to discuss development for this interesting new platform.