• Make a screenshot with my current holograms / unity ui and the “real world” in background Hello, I created a small unity app that Shows some meshes / holograms in a Scene (using unity 5.6.1f1). I want to create a screenshot / snapshot from what I see when I start my app with the hololens: the holograms from my app and also the photo of th...
  • Oculus Rift – Render to texture or lower resolution Hey here,

    I'm currently experimenting with some visuals and I would like to give a game a very retro look, and among other things I would like to get very noticiable jaggy borders (I know this probably goes against the standard guidelines but I want to give it a try and see how it looks).

    In none vr mode I would render to a texture (lowering the resolution) or simply decrease the resolution in the player settings, but how would I go about it with an VR-Oculus project?

    I have searched for...

    Oculus Rift - Render to texture or lower resolution
  • Is it possible to have multiple Oculus VR headsets track on one machine/environment with 3 sensors? The idea is to build a multiplayer LAN supported environment with 3 trackers that can support 2 and if possible up to 4 players being tracked. Each player will wear a VR backpack and will connect to the room-scale environment setup and run on one powe...
  • Windows immersive MR without UWP I think the new immersive Windows Mixed Reality headsets are great. On the other hand, for me UWP is just annoying. For example I want to develop applications that can freely access files without sandboxing. As far as I understand, currently Unity requ...
  • hi guys, i have a question, please help me ! In Unity 5.5.1 and prior, to determine 'center of screen' with Unity's VR mode enabled, we would check the eyeTextureWidth and height, something like this:
    centerOfScreen = new Vector2(VRSettings.eyeTextureWidth / 2, VRSettings.eyeTextureHeight / 2);

    This quit working in Unity 5.5.2, and now even with VR mode enabled I must obtain 'center of screen via Screen.width and Screen.height.
    centerOfScreen = new Vector2(Screen.width / 2, Screen.height / 2);

    What changed in 5.5.2?...

    hi guys, i have a question, please help me !
  • Auto Restart Cloud Reco when Target lost I was wondering if anyone could assist me with making the Cloud Recognition automatically restart upon losing the detection of the cloud image target? I would like to not have to manually press the restart GUI button between each scan. Thanks!
  • AR camera jittering Hello there, I have just upgraded a AR project from Unity 5.4 and Vuforia 6 to Unity 2018.1.8f1 and Vuforia 7.2.24 After this upgrade the AR Camera starts to jitter on tracking found. I have followed the tutorial for the new Extended Tracking configura...
  • Discussing the fee tier Hello there, Recently I started using Vuforia 7 and I noticed, watermark is missing. Does it mean that Vuforia is free now? There are no limits anymore like 1000 downloads etc?
  • Applying a mesh to a vertical or horizontal plane with ARKit I'm looking to create a mesh using Vector3 coordinates on a floor or wall. Essentially, I'd like to create overlaying mesh on a section of floor or wall, as defined by the user. I'm looking to generate the coordinates via a HitTest through user input; either touch points or finger trace. The mesh would be applied to the selected area. Is is possible to utilize the Vector3 coordinates to generate a mesh or am I heading down the wrong path for what I am trying to do?
  • How to Use normal deskop canvas/ buttons with VR setup, menu on deskop NOT IN VR I want to use VR, howerver, I want to make Start menu on Deskop,,, It looks like normal canvas/ buttons on Deskop using CANVAS/screenOverlay, it does not work with VR mode.... UNITY PLEASE it should be simple, Menu on deskop as simple screen...
  • Stop tracking and remove detected planes Hi all, I'm looking for a way to stop the AR tracking once I have placed my objects in the scene and also to remove from the screen the planes already detected.

    I tried using UnityARSessionNativeInterface and ARKitWorldTrackingSessionConfiguration by disabling the plane detection and submitting the config changes to the session, that makes the application randomly crash and even stop working. Is there a different approach to do this.

  • VR into a youtube video file Hello,
    I've got a finished unity exe file and I would like to make a video out of it like this one:

    How can I do it? I don't have the original unity file.
  • ARFoundation – rotate/scale Hi all,

    I've been pulling hairs to get the object to rotate or scale correctly so I'm coming to the well hoping for some help :)

    I am using the ARFoundation scene, Unity 2018.2.1f1, "com.unity.xr.arfoundation": "1.0.0-preview.16". Trigger scale/rotation by onValueChanged.AddListener delegates for the sliders:

    ARSessionOrigin m_ARSessionOrigin=GameObject.FindWithTag("ARSessionOrigin").GetComponent();
    m_ARSessionOrigin.transform.rotation = Quaternion.AngleAxis(rotationSlider.value,...

    ARFoundation - rotate/scale
  • Simple VR UI Hello!

    I'm relatively new to Unity--after jumping ship from Unreal I'm trying to find my way around this new world. One thing I'm trying to do is create a simple UI settings menu. Something that can pop up (doesn't need to follow the user's point of view), has a few tabs or pages or whatever, then can be closed.

    I know that I need to use a canvas that's set to world space, and I can figure out setting up buttons and all, but I can't figure out how to make the canvas multi-tabbed or...

    Simple VR UI
  • Unity Tree Billboard Bug!!! with Oculus UNITY WHAT IS GOING ON?? What is going on with the Tree Billboard Bug, any fixes??? I find it ridiculous that Unity has not fixed this issue. For those who are not aware of this issue, Tree Billboards rotations are wacky when you rotate your head to look around, others have p...