• Image artefacts at top and bottom i have been trying to create a 360 using an equirectangular image projected on an inside out sphere created in unity, the top and bottom of the image appear distorted in the game mode. Unity knowledge - absolute beginner. with no scripting knowledge a...
  • Daydream hybrid app needs API 24 Hello, after update to Unity 2018.2 I can not build my project with lower API View attachment 290116 It is working well in 2018.1. I understand that daydream need it. But if you have app where Daydream is only optional, it is big limitation, be...
  • UnityWebRequest does not work on HoloLens Hi, I want to download a txt-file from a Server. So here is my code: Code (CSharp): using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.Networking; public class DownloaderScript : MonoBehaviour { &...
  • Push open type door for VR Architectural visualisation Dear Community, I am working on a architectural project using Vive and i want to use the push open and close kind of door in it. Please suggest how to make it possible in VR. Below is a video link for the actual requirement regards Jomax
  • Oculus Controllers Not Showing In Unity Scene I'm trying to use SteamVR to develop for Oculus Touch and I'm unable to see my controllers in Unity. The controllers are connected to the headset and usable in Oculus apps just fine. While in play mode in Unity, my touch controllers are recognized by the Guardian system, showing the limits of the play area, but do not show up in Unity.

    I've tried projects with SteamVR, VRTK, NewtonVR, and combinations of them all.
  • Any issues with SteamVR and Unity 2018.2? Hi all. I'm using the latest SteamVR plugin for my latest app. I was wondering if anyone has upgraded to Unity 2018.2 and if there have been any issues?

  • Windows App Certification Kit Failed – UWP – Unity 2018.2.1f1 (64-bit) I am trying to publish an UWP app to Windows store and it keep failing cheeks. As suggested elsewhere, I tried building packages with "Master" configuration in Visual studio, but same error persist. Does anybody have luck building Unity 2018....
  • Windows App Certification Kit Failed – UWP – Unity 2018.2.1f1 (64-bit) Windows App Certification Kit Failed - UWP - Unity 2018.2.1f1 (64-bit)
  • Combine ARCore SDK and Vuforia 7.2 in the same project Hello,

    Since yesterday I'm trying to use both ARCore SDK and Vuforia 7.2 in a same Unity Project.
    My goal is to use Vuforia for Image Recognition (because it has better results than ARCore Image Recognition), and ARCore for planes detection in order to place objects on surfaces (like in Ikea Place). I want to use ARCore instead of Vuforia Ground Plane because I want to access to some ARCore sdk components provided by their package : plane generator, pointcloud visualizer, environmental...

    Combine ARCore SDK and Vuforia 7.2 in the same project
  • Center eye projection in single-pass stereo Is there any way to change the eye projection matrix to a center eye matrix? Im using a layered camera setup and one of the cameras is monoscopic. Currently I render only the left eye, but the image is too offset to reproject into the right eye afterwa...
  • Issue with Vulkan + gfx jobs and XR needs your vote Hey guys. So Vulkan with graphics jobs can speed up work to 30% in some cases according to Unity. Sadly for us that are making XR games it will crash when you enable gfx jobs. This issue addresses that, it only has my vote sofar https://issuetracker...
  • VR Camera Target Eye Doesn’t have the same view as the BothEye Anyone have idea how to manually do the same camera view as TargetEye>BothEye using TargetEye>None ?

    Red = Camera with TargetEye is using BothEye
    Blue = Camera with TargetEye is using None

    <My camera properties>
    Red Camera:
    -Clear Flags > Solid Color
    -Culling Mask > Everything

    Blue Camera:
    -Clear Flags > Don't Clear
    -Culling Mask > DotPointerSpriteRendererGameObject

    The result is that I see two DotPointerSpriteRendererGameObjectwith misplaced location when Blue Camera is selected.
  • Adopting Single Pass Instanced. What’s the proposed strategy here if any for existing packages? Let's assume we have a collection of working full-screen image effects that work with both multi-pass and SPSR.

    When SPSR was introduced, many shaders had to be modified to introduce the use of new macros like UnityStereoScreenSpaceUVAdjust to seamlessly support both XR rendering paths. The positive outcome of that change was the support for both multi-pass and SPSR using the same shader code, so it was just another abstraction layer to implement.

    Now, we are presented with another VR...

    Adopting Single Pass Instanced. What's the proposed strategy here if any for existing packages?
  • IL2CPP.exe unhandled exception during VS build Yesterday i was able to deploy to the HoloLens device. Today IL2CPP.exe crashes during the Visual Studio build and run without debugging step. I'm not able to determine where my code (if it's my code) is tripping the system.

    Visual Studio 2015 Professional Update 3 with C++ modules installed.
    Have VS 2017 Professional installed also, just waiting on licences in order to finish the upgrade.

    Unity Version: 2018.2.0f2
    Runtime Version: .Net 4.x Equivalent

    IL2CPP.exe unhandled exception during VS build
  • Extended Tracking doesn’t work with object target Hello everyone,

    I'm making an app using Vuforia 7.2.24 and Unity 2018.1.7f1, where I track an object target.

    The object has 69 points. The scene works but each time the tracker is lost, the camera position is reset.

    Device Tracker is enabled, with the tracking mode set to "positional" and the fusion mode set to "optimize for image target and Vumarks"

    Extended tracking works when I use Image target as tracker.

    Any solutions ?