• Small route with ArCore Is it possible to make an app that lets you navigate a corridor by viewing three digital characters set along the way, with ARCore? I did not want to use bookmarks and because it is an indoor environment, I can not use GPS. It's possible?
    If someone can point me to a tutorial or tell me how you can do it so I can get more information, it would help me a lot.
  • Mapping library recommendation Hello, Can anyone please recommend a good 3D mapping library that integrates with Unity? The purpose it to create a table-top 3d Augmented Reality city map. It needs to be able to have custom data visualisations and assets integrated into it such as a...
  • Hololens and highlight 3d system Hi everybody,
    I'm looking for advise/help for a current project on Unity 2018.2.3 and Hololens 1st gen.
    I would like to know if there is a way to get an outline or highlight glowing effect on a 3d mesh (or "hologram") ?
    I've wrote multiple outline shader with amplifyShader and beside the fact that the outline isn't glowing, i get some artefacts on meshes like "gap or fracture" within the HUD Display.
    I've tried to use the particle system, the glowing effect was good, but à too shaggy....

    Hololens and highlight 3d system
  • Workaround: Compiler errors with Unity 2018.4 With Unity 2018.4 LTS, you might see compiler errors like below when using Vuforia: Assets\Vuforia\Scripts\Internal\RuntimeOpenSourceInitializer.cs(61,63): error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'ScriptableRenderContext' does not exist in the namesp...
  • AR Core AugementedImageDetection keeps clearing image database AR Core comes with an image detection example. There is a AugmentedImagesSessionConfig, which contains the Example Database by default. Everytime I press play in the editor the link to the database is lost and I have to reassign it before build. Did I ...
  • Problem with attach SteamVR_TrackedObject to Player Hello i found a script which works fine in combine with CameraRif>Controller left/right. Code (CSharp): using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using Valve.VR;   public class ControllerScene : MonoBehaviour {     Steam...
  • SteamVR: Can`t get right controllers Input directly For the last few weeks I am using the SteamVR Plugin, which works great. Little problem now is that I cannot really use the Input of the right controller directly. In the scripts it usually works fine with Code (CSharp): SteamVR_Input_Sources.A...
  • Couldn’t open macosx64 OVRPlugin.bundle Error I've created an empty project in "Mac Standalone" and I've set the Player Settings > OtherSettings > Rendering > Virtual Reality Supported to "true" (checked).

    and I get the following error:

    Couldn't open /Applications/Unity/, error: dlopen(/Applications/Unity/, 2): Library not loaded:...

    Couldn't open macosx64 OVRPlugin.bundle Error
  • Model target Hello, can you please explain me a little “how model target works”? Ideas or alghoritms, I need it for my diploma work, I will be very glad, if you can help me
  • Screen Blur when Post Process Layer enabled. Hi, I am using Unity 2019.1.1f1 and the SteamVR sdk. I have a Post Process Layer on my camera. Without any effects enabled, when the component is disabled, everything is clear and sharp. However when i enable the component, there is a small blur applie...
  • MRTK & interaction with the object Hello world!
    Now, I'm creating a small application with Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit v2.
    But, I have a problem: when I take the object, its component Rigidbody becomes isKinematic.
    It really bothers me.
    Question: how to turn isKinematic off when interacting with the controller?

  • Wikitude vs ARFoundation Hard to keep up with all the various SDK's available for AR in Unity.
    Has anyone done a comparison of the latest Wikitude SDK and how it compares with ARFoundation?
  • ARCore and Scene Positioning Hi, my name is Alessandro and I'm trying to deal with ARCore, but the documentation and testing so far didn't bring me much closer to my final aim, so that's why I'm writing here:

    To be clear, I will call the unity scene showing in the real world space = RLScene
    while the Scene itself in unity's editor would be = UScene

    I have a mobile multiplayer game (running on PUN2) that has a 3rd person camera (using Cinemachine) following a controllable rolling ball (3Dphysics involved) all set up...

    ARCore and Scene Positioning
  • Zumoko Anyone have an idea on how this type of experience is created? Some combination of geolocation and image based targets or...?
  • How to use the Windows mixed reality headset controllers together? Hi, I am using a Windows Mixed Reality Headset for my project, i would like to use the both controllers simultaneously. But right now its not happening, when i use the one controller other controller is not working, can someone please tell me how to do...