• Tiny camera preview sitting in the inspector. Please go away! (LRP and Oculus – 2018.2.1f1) This might be a simple switch which I can't find.

    Every time I run the game in the Editor, if there's an object selected which includes a material, a tiny little 1cm x 1cm camera preview window appears at the bottom left of the inspector. It's too small to be of any use and it's accompanied by a blizzard of errors:
    Cannot change renderViewportScale while cameras are rendering!
    UnityEngine.GUIUtility:processEvent(Int32, IntPtr)​
    As you might imagine this cripples Editor...

    Tiny camera preview sitting in the inspector. Please go away! (LRP and Oculus - 2018.2.1f1)
  • Oculus Go: body transform? The Oculus Go SDK, under the hood, calculates a position for the controller based on some IK model of the body, shoulder, and arm, which updates in mysterious ways. For example, if I turn my head quickly or by small amounts, the virtual arm stays put, but if I turn more slowly or by a greater amount, then the arm rotates in a way that indicates the invisible body is rotating too.

    I'd like to get that body transform, so I can draw a bit of a body, an opposite arm, etc.

    Does anybody know...

    Oculus Go: body transform?
  • VRTK beginning to show it’s age with latest SteamVR update? Now that TheStoneFox will no longer be maintaining the VRTK branch, I fear that SteamVR must take on the pivotal role of ensuring seamless backwards compatibility if VRTK is to survive.

    But it appears to me that in some situations many people are reporting controllers not working in Unity since the latest SteamVR update, I too noticed controller problems in the last and current betas where if Vive Trackers are turned on they will invoke options for Legacy Bindings menus when the game...

    VRTK beginning to show it's age with latest SteamVR update?
  • LEAP MOTION – dynamically changing tracking orientation C# Hi,

    I'm working on a project where hands are tracked from both sides of the device (only one side at a time). I'm having trouble with accessing the config settings to reverse the orientation from a C# script.

    Code (CSharp):
    1. using System.Collections;
    2. using System.Collections.Generic;
    3. using UnityEngine;
    4. using Leap.Unity;
    5. using Leap;
    7. public class LeapConfigTester : MonoBehaviour {
    9.     public LeapServiceProvider leapProvider;
    10.     public Controller leapController;
    11.     public Config leapConfig;...
    LEAP MOTION - dynamically changing tracking orientation C#
  • Platform Dependent Compilation for Hololens Does anyone know what the platform dependent compilation preprocessor directive is for Hololens?
  • How Object tracking is done in Arkit-2 using Unity? Hi I was trying to Augment on Objects using Arkit 2 Object tracking.I opened the UnityARObjectAnchor.unity scene.Arkit2 contains sample objects in GameObject-GenerateObjectAnchorWipesBottle to test.When I build the app it just freezes after opening the...
  • Cardboard VR Tutorial Hi For those that have been frustrated trying to develop a simple VR app for cardboard and are having issues with Android SDK builds on new editions of Unity, i have put together a quick tutorial that demonstrates how to make a small but effective ap...
  • How to stop generating and or destroy all planes Just wanted to drop this knowledge in a public place, because I lost many hours/days trying to figure it out. With the Unity ARKit plugin, there is no clear or obvious way to reset planes or stop planes from continuing to generate. Here's some basic knowledge about what's going on.

    There are two separate versions of the "planes" being generated as your user is scanning the world in an ARKit/Unity app. There are the "anchors" which seem to be stored on the native side itself, independent of...

    How to stop generating and or destroy all planes
  • Event System – Raycast LayerMask With the event system active the reticle always shows. I am unable to find where I can add a LayerMask to the raycast? thank you
  • Compile Error Hello!

    I've already had a RA project with unity + vuforia, in Unity 2017, but I decided to update the unity for version 2018.2.1f1 , and after that some problems are happening, when opening and trying to compile that same project, the following error appeared:

    "error CS1704: An assembly with the same name `Vuforia.UnityExtensions.Editor' has already been imported. Consider removing one of the references or sign the assembly

    Compile Error
  • Orbec Astra for skeletal tracking Hi
    Has anyone reading this done any development using the Orbec Astra depth camera? What has been your experience? If used for skeletal tracking, did you use Nuitrack or Orbec's beta SDK?

    Not sure whether to get one of these or instead one of the still available Kinect for Xbox One sensors on Amazon.
  • WorldAnchor problems Hi Unity Forum Readers,

    I'm coding an app that will be shown to a Client this coming Wednesday, so help now would be a lifesaver.

    I Need one reliable WorldAnchor. I have an object that has a script attached which implements tap-to-place, but I've Extended the behavior so that when the user places the object, a WorldAnchor is attached and saved using a WorldAnchorStore.Save() call (this happens after deleting any previously saved anchors with the same id, of Course).

    I saved an anchor in...

    WorldAnchor problems
  • Disable, Enable and Reset ArCore Hello,
    I'm working on a geo-referenced app, to discover some AR placeholders in several locations.
    To preserve the battery I think to disable ARCore while the player is just walking to the new location (but the app must stay open because there's a map in it that show the placeholders positions).

    1) So to disable ARcore I use -- arcoreSession.enabled = false;

    2) Next. to enable it again I use -- arcoreSession.enabled = true;

    3) At the same time I have to reset AR camera position (to...

    Disable, Enable and Reset ArCore
  • Decoupling VR projects from VRTK to support new devices – new BridgeXR video
  • How can I measure the area of all the planes ARKit has currently found in my scene? I want to generate objects in my scene after the user has detected enough ground planes.