• Using postprocessing on AR without affecting background Camera? Hi Can i apply postprocessing effects only on meshes but keeping intact the background camera? Thanks.
  • VR Desktop Mirror asset – x Windows and HTC Vive This asset allow viewing and interacting with Windows Desktop (mainly Unity Editor) within VR. Useful for example for tuning variables in inspector without need to leave the VR headset. All source-code (C# Unity and C++ DLL) is released on GitHub u...
  • Post Processing Stack v2 not working in VR? I'm using the VR LWRP Template that came with the Unity Hub in 2018.2.
    When I press play all the post processing effects are gone from the game view (using the Vive)

    Wasn't this supposed to work. Why else would they include the post effects in the VR template?!

  • shader that conceals objects behind camera footage (similar to the Blender Holdout Shader) Hiho Unity Community,
    i'm very new to unity, but i have an actual problem where i need a shader that is not visible but conceal objects behind this concealer object. I come from the blender world and there is a so called holdout shader that renders the object which it is attached to and everything behind it transparent.
    In unity i don't even know what to search for. maybe the gif helps to understand it.
    The red...

    shader that conceals objects behind camera footage (similar to the Blender Holdout Shader)
  • Update to vuforia 7.2 fail, “Failed to locate Unity.exe” Hello
    I have the Unity 2018.2 and the Vuforia 7.1

    I'm trying update to Vuforia 7.2 but when is instalating requires a destination folder and after appears a pop-up writen "Failed to locate Unity.exe".

    I read about select the folder program files/unity but doesn't works and don't exist many informations beyond that.

    I hope you guys can help me. Thanks!
  • Daydream Lenovo Mirage Solo – access to the front camera(s) stream ? Is there any known way to get the front camera(s) stream and put it on a material in scene ? I would like to display what is in front of the user in the real world - and enable this killer feature that allow the user to remove the "safety" an...
  • New “AR” Project Good afternoon Unity community,

    I've got involved in a project where I need to create a virtual world inside a real world boundaries (without using image processing), which I know exactly the geometry of the room where I'm going to run the test. I'm looking for some kind of advice because I've only used Vuforia, and It seems to render only an image not to really store the position of the phone inside some kind of virtual world. I'm looking for information if its possible to track the...

    New "AR" Project
  • Any way to take cubemap photos with my camera?? all of the six, I want a 720 degree visual effect. rt
  • Camera facing billboards for VR Camera facing particle billboards for VR. Has anyone managed to stop the rotation of them when rotating heads.

    See here:

    The particles look horrible in VR as they rotate when the head rotates. Has anyone been able to reduce the effect of this? I've tried setting Billboard Alignment to facing.
  • Hololens Remoting Build gestures not recognized Hello,

    I 've been trying to debug this thing for a day and a half and I cant wrap my head around it. It all revolves around the new 2018.2 Remoting feature.
    Here's my process :

    - HolographicRemoting.Connect(IP, bitrate) //connect to the hololens device
    - StartCoroutine(LoadDevice("WindowsMR")); // Loaddevice like the in unity blog
    - recognizer = new GestureRecognizer(); //initialize a gesturerecognizer and subscribe function to tapped
    recognizer.Tapped += (args) => {...

    Hololens Remoting Build gestures not recognized
  • HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset – depth mapping with sensors / webcam? Hey, I have the HP Windows Mixed Reality headset and would like to use its sensors for depth mapping. Firstly are the 2 sensors/cameras IR sensors??? Can I use Unity or write code to access these cameras/sensors if even possible? So I can use the ...
  • Windows.Storage is missing when building for UWP (Hololens) Hi,
    I'm building an app for Hololens and I have the following error:

    error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'Storage' does not exist in the namespace 'System.Windows' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

    From my understanding it should be available for UWP ( and there are multiple resources indicating that it's available when building for Hololens.

    System.Windows has only Input and Markup as additional...

    Windows.Storage is missing when building for UWP (Hololens)
  • Question about Water4Advanced I'm new to Unity, and one day I hope to make some VR scenes with it. However, the scene that I'm currently working on includes the Water4Advanced asset from the Standard Assets package, and there was a note with that that said the asset wasn't compatible with VR. There are other issues with the Water4Adv scripts (since it's old and outdated), so I might not even be using that asset in future, but for the sake of knowledge I would like to know what exactly makes this asset unusable for VR....

    Question about Water4Advanced
  • Google street view like expereince with 360 images Hi Has anyone ever had to create an immersive 3d environment, but using static 360 panorama images? ie no actual 3d content or geometry. I think the main trick or challenge is making the transition from one image to another totally seamless. My goal ...
  • Vuforia Installation Problem U 2017.3 Hi there,

    Both UnitySetup-Vuforia-AR-Support-for-Editor-2017.3.1f1.pkg and it's earlier version UnitySetup-Vuforia-AR-Support-for-Editor-2017.3.0p4.pkg fail to install on Mac (for U 2017.3.1f1 and 2017.3.0p4 respectively). I have a message just saing that an "unknown error" caused the installation to be unsuccessful.

    Are there solutions to this bug? A GitHub account with extracted contents, maybe?