• Vuforia detecting image twice Hi everyone, I have a really strange issue which is kinda hard to explain. Currently I have a system where a sound is played when an image target is detected. When detected the first time round this works perfect but if i lose tracking and find it aga...
  • Daydream issues with 2019.1.1 and LWRP I'm trying to get Daydream to work with LWRP in 2019.1.1. The first issue I faced was that the app wasn't launching in VR due to the daydream libraries not being found. I had to install both the official Google package from the Google Daydream website and the Google VR package from Unity's package manager to get it to work, otherwise I would get an error saying
    Unity Google VR Error : Exception initializing GoogleVR from Unity library. Didn't find class...

    Daydream issues with 2019.1.1 and LWRP
  • Please Help – Entire Scene Is Shaking – Unity 2018.2 Hi, We are working on a VR project and using 2018.2 and we upgraded from 2017.4 LTS. Whenever we preview in the editor or a build the entire scene is shaking. We are using the current version of the oculus sdk. Does anyone have any ideas of why th...
  • Vuforia vs ARFoundation Can any AR experts tell me why you might consider using Vuforia over ARFoundation? What features does Vuforia have not present in ARFoundation (ARCore+ARkit)?
  • About file driver sample Im a unity developer and im working on streaming the video into vuforia, however there is no way to solve that as far as i know. So i streamed the video through umpsample and is thinking about how to make the arcamera identify the video displayed on t...
  • when i run SRWork package in unity, it would be breakdown. Uniyt has stopped working. Status: there is no fix available.
  • Face detection for android using unity Hello Guys,

    Right now i'm working on one AR project in which i want to detect user's face through device camera.
    so can someone suggest me how to achieve that type of functionality?
    i need solution for android.
  • Need help draging Rigidbodys in AR Hey,
    I'm making an AR-Escape-Room with ARKit but unfortunately I havent found a good solution for carrying objects around in the virtual room. I'm quite new to coding so I patchworked a script together, but it doesen't seem to be the right thing. (I don't want to use a UI or inventory system to keep the immersion) I've tried different things like a physics gun seen in garry's mod (
    ) but it just doesn't work for me.
    It's very important to move the Rigidbody...

    Need help draging Rigidbodys in AR
  • Unity’s UI and XR input Hi,

    simple question: Is there any native Unity support for using a world-space canvas UI with controllers based on Unity's XR namespace? If not, what are the steps to be able to use a controller as I would use a mouse in a normal canvas? I would like to have the controller(s) send clicks and move/drag/drop events to the canvas based on their actual position.

    The only definitive source on this I found was this Oculus article...

    Unity's UI and XR input
  • Controller Analog Stick Drift with Windows Mixed Reality Controllers & SteamVR – a code fix! Just sharing this information for any other developers who notice the analog sticks on Windows Mixed Reality controllers not sitting at 0.

    We needed to clamp (deadzone) our analog stick values to prevent the drift from happening, hopefully a future firmware fix will come for this though. This isn't just exclusive to steamvr either,

    Find an example below of where we take the absolute value and clamp it if it is +/- 0.13

    Credit goes to Whitway Studios who gave us this tip on the Steam...

    Controller Analog Stick Drift with Windows Mixed Reality Controllers & SteamVR - a code fix!
  • Render Texture in VR Hi,

    i have a software which shows portals through different worlds (
    ). It does so by using render textures, having a total of six cameras in different locations, all moving as the player moves. This works well on a computer screen.

    If I hook it up to Windows Mixed Reality, it doesn't look good at all. Is there something I have to know about using render textures in VR?

  • Help with image anchor – am I missing something? New to ARKit and working with the Unity ARKit Plugin 2.0. All the demos I've tried work well (really well) except the image anchor.

    Without modifying the ARKit Plugin sample (found in Examples/ARKit1.5/UnityARImageAnchor), I need to move my device really close to the images before they are recognized, and then the augmentations bounce and flash and stutter and jump and twitch. (The Random Cube at world origin on the other hand is extremely stable.)

    If I comment out the UpdateImageAnchor...

    Help with image anchor - am I missing something?
  • How to prevent changing camera position and fov in play mode? Hello

    I have a VR scene and It's played well in Windows Mixed Reality environment, but I'm in trouble with camera position.

    When i'm in play mode, Main camera's position (y and z) and Field of view values is changed.
    You can see the changes in attached picture.

    Before play mode
    View attachment 414142

    In play mode
    View attachment 414139

    y position changed 0 to 1.65
    z position changed 0 to 0.0985
    fov changed 60 to 105

    And a next log popped up in Console
    "Windows Mixed Reality...

    How to prevent changing camera position and fov in play mode?
  • Issues in MRTK for Hololens 2 and Hololens 2 Emulator Hello everybody

    I'm currently trying to developt on MRTK 2 for Hololens 2 and Hololens 2 Emulator.
    I'm following the following tutorial, what got released some days ago :
    The things is, when i'm building my app in Unity, I have 8 errors what are appearing whereas the console is displaying succeed in build.
    Here are the errors :...

    Issues in MRTK for Hololens 2 and Hololens 2 Emulator
  • Is that impossible WebGL include Vuforia? Hi,

    I'm just beginning AR and Unity.
    I install Unity 2019.1 (64-bit) version with Vuforia pack.

    I tryed building, →「WebGL」

    but meet lot of error when building WebGL version.

    Is that impossible WebGL include Vuforia?

    Can developer help to solve this issue?