• Streaming ZED cam video on separate eyes of HTC Vive I am trying to use the two cameras on my ZED Cam to stream separately from either camera on to the respective eye on a HTC Vive set. So I've set up 2 cameras- one for left eye and one for right eye with the SteamVR Camera script && then configuring each cam to render on separate eyes and separate displays.

    I attached a script to each camera which creates a WebCamTexture & allows me display it on a RawImage UI component in Unity:

    Code (CSharp):
    2. using System.Collections;
    3. using...
    Streaming ZED cam video on separate eyes of HTC Vive
  • (Vuforia) Track an object in real world space without using targets Basically what I'm try to do is click a button and spawn an object in the real world space, maybe in front of the camera. Then I can walk anywhere and the object will always be where it spawned.

    I know this can easily be done with ground plane and plane finder, however, only specific phones support that and I do not have any of those phones.

    Is there any other way I achieve this?

    I've tried:

    Using an image target to activate an object that is a child of the camera, then decouple it from...

    (Vuforia) Track an object in real world space without using targets
  • The result of ComputeScreenPos is different between VR’s lefteye image and righteye image. Hi

    In Unty2018.2
    Stereo Rendering Method is MultiPass.

    I displayed the attached image (modo_uv_checker.jpg) on the Plane with the following shader code, but the results seen by the left eye and the right eye of VR are different like the attached image (uvbug.PNG).

    This seems to indicate that ComputeScreenPos is handled differently for left eye and right eye. That was not the case with unity 2017.

    Is this a bug?

    Code (CSharp):
    1. v2f vert(appdata v)
    2.     {
    3.         v2f o;
    4.         o.vertex =...
    The result of ComputeScreenPos is different between VR's lefteye image and righteye image.
  • [Rift] Controllers not showing up in game. Hello, I'm having a slight issue. I'm trying to get into VR development. I've installed SteamVR from the asset store. and it doesn't have many settings. Unsure if this is normal considering a few tutorials I've seen have many more settings.
    Anyway I pressed "Accept All" and moved on. Once I set up an extremely basic VR environment I've noticed that my controllers aren't 'enabling' like they should, and the 'Model' doesn't have any...

    Controllers not showing up in game.
  • Hololens vs ARCore vs ARKit Hi everyone

    I'm new on this forum, so if need a presentation, please let me know.

    I will start the XR dev on a Hololens, and started reading this first.
    I wonder whether we could share WorldAnchor from the Hololens to ARCode CloudAnchor, and vise-versa,
    (ARKit hasn't this feature for now)

    In fact, I wonder if I should buy a second Hololens, to allow collaborative use/view,
    or if I could just use an Android smartphone to look at the holograms, and so share the XR experience.

    Should I buy...

    Hololens vs ARCore vs ARKit
  • VR website experience Hi! I would like to create a VR environment and integrate it into a website.

    This website explains me right now how to build geommetries via coding:

    I'm wondering if I can create it a bit easier. Can I first create something with Rhino and Solidworks and use this as a fundamental for the VR website experience? Do you know any websites or tutorials that can help me building something like this? I have experience in 3D software like Rhino or...

    VR website experience
  • AR Camera jumping position when previewing game Originally, I had AR Camera at default 0,0,0 position and Model Target right in front, and tracking was fine. However, when I move my AR Camera and Model Target to a different position (in a way that Model Target is still in front of AR Camera), I couldn't track the object anymore. Is there a way to permanently fix the position of AR Camera?
  • XRNodeState’s TryGetAngularVelocity not working properly for me? Hey, all. I'm attempting to create a grabbing and throwing script using only Unity's built-in XR utilities, in order to allow for easy cross-platform play. Velocity calculations are great. No complaints there. However, when attempting to incorporate angular velocity to my throws, things behave strangely.

    The angular velocity does not seem to take the orientation of the hand itself into account, making accurate rotations only possible when the player's hand is facing global...

    XRNodeState's TryGetAngularVelocity not working properly for me?
  • VR: RenderTexture 360° video performance / stuttering Hi all, I am having some trouble with strange 360° video performance across devices. We target Cardboard, Go, and Rift (each without plug-ins) and I am playing the same video files ("Latitude Longitude Layout", 360 degrees, not 3D, in .mp4 f...
  • Can Holoens display a picture without parallax? Hello, can hololens display pictures without parallax?
  • Estimating shoulder rotation in VR? Some VR games have really good approximations of the player's shoulder rotation. I'm having a hard time creating an algorithm for this though, any ideas?

    Thanks in advance
  • Android Camera not Auto-focusing issue in Unity AR-Interface Hi all,

    I am recently making an application with AR-Interface on Android phone. And one of the step in the application is to scan a QR code, so it needs the camera to be able to auto focus. I am now testing the app on the new Samsung S9 and the camera doesn't auto focus and the view is blurred when I move close to the QR code. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

  • Known issue when submitting a build to Testflight with Vuforia 7.2.20 There is a known issue with Vuforia 7.2.20 that will prevent you from uploading your iOS app to TestFlight. The cause of the issue is that the “Bundle Version” field of the Info.plist in the Vuforia.framework is blank. This issue can be worked around b...
  • Placing a dialog box in front of VR camera Hey all, I'm using VRTK and trying to place a dialog type panel in front of the VR camera at runtime. This dialog box gets turned on and off from a controller button click. I want it to stay in front of the VR camera. This script SEEMED to work at first, but I modified something yesterday and I have NO clue what it is. I've played with all three canvas render modes for this UI panel. But, when I activate this script. My panel always ends up behind the VR camera.
    This script ensures the...

    Placing a dialog box in front of VR camera
  • Vuforia 7.2.20 unstable initialization in 2018.1.7 Editor Hi, ever since I updated my project from Vuforia 7.1.35 to 7.2.20 in Unity 2018.1.7 that the initialisation fails every time I play different scenes in the Editor. This forces me to close and re-open Unity, which greatly affects my workflow. I was abl...