• HoloLens shared tap-to-place issues Hello, the problem I'm having is a little complicated as I tried different ways of solving it ending up with different issues, so I'll try to break this down.
    Using Unity 2017.4.1f1.

    1. Mixed Reality Toolkit (Example)
    I implemented this specific package containing the standard toolkit and a few examples, then proceeded to open the SharingTest scene. It had a missing script which I replaced with...

    HoloLens shared tap-to-place issues
  • Spawning Prefabs on free Plane-Position AR Hey Guys, i am new to Unity. I want to create a AR-APP in which it is possible to create prefabs. This worked for me. My problem now is that I want that the prefabs only spawn when the Space on the Plane is free, but the Prefabs are spawning everywher...
  • Unable to submit an APK file to Play store with error Hi all, I compiled my app with vuforia support and tried to upload it to the store. However, I encounter this error. The ARCore dependency minimum version code is missing from the AndroidManifest.xml file although ...
  • Any ideas for a VR navigation package? Hi everyone,

    I'm going to implement a spindle control system, in Unity, for scene navigation in VR (something like that used in Quill).

    Since I'm already doing that, it seems that prototyped other control schemes wouldn't be too much extra work. So, if you have an idea that you wanted to explore but don't have time to script up then let me know - I'm happy to mock it up and, if there are at least a couple of ideas,...

    Any ideas for a VR navigation package?
  • Resonance Audio, possible Skybox issue, or something else moved here as it seems more related:
  • Cardboard VR distortion Hi All,

    Running ARCore's sample scenes works perfectly on a phone (Pixel 2). However, upon checking off 'VR Support Enabled' and putting it into a headset, things look wonky.

    Enabling that checkbox does split the camera view into two. ARCore only uses one camera, so it must be duplicating the view. I notice I can get a better image when adjusting the lens on my cardboard headset. I've heard this could be due to ARCore using a different FOV than Cardboard.

    Does anyone have any insights...

    Cardboard VR distortion
  • ‘Virtual buttons’ for non Vuforia AR apps All the examples showing virtual buttons in Ar are using Vuforia's solution. But I am not using Vuforia and need a virtual button solution in AR.

    What is the best solution? Should I import the Vuforia framework just for the button?
  • ARFoundation + ARKitRemote? Hello everybody, Is there a way to get the ARKitRemote to work with the ARFoundation toolkit? I’ve got the remote working with the older examples (including that compression workaround posted here), but I’m not sure if that’s the right way to go with ...
  • Stereoscopic rendering support I've read the manual on How to do Stereoscopic Rendering but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to turn on stereoscopic rendering in Unity. The DirectX sample that is referenced does not use or require any aspect of Unity as far as I could see. I got it to compile and run, but it is a standalone C++ Windows app, not a Unity-based PC app. Also, in my Player Settings, I do not see any checkbox for "Stereoscopic...

    Stereoscopic rendering support
  • Unable to connect Unity and ARKit remote I get the following error. 2018-07-09 20:43:26.641523+0300 remote NSURLConnection finished with error - code -1009 Does any one know how to fix?
  • ARKit Remote workflow issues There are 2 issues slowing me down right now when developing:

    1. There is about a 4 second time lag on the video that hits the editor from the ARKit Remote. It looks like in the demo it's much snappier, but in the comments others are having the same lag issue as I am. Is there any way to troubleshoot this?
    2. I have to select my iphone from the connected player dropdown every single time I press play. I would love it if it...

    ARKit Remote workflow issues
  • ARKit Remote Camera Feed Lag – [FIXED: use USB connection] Hey,

    I've got the latest ARKit plugin installed and working...

    Unity 2017.2.0f3
    Xcode 9.1
    ARKit 1.0.11 (Nov 6)

    ....... with the ARKit Remote built and running on an iPhone SE... but I am getting a lot of lag on the camera feed when running the ARKitScene example.

    I am getting data from the remote and the live camera feed, but its lagging way behind as I move my iPhone.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else had similar performance issues, and if they solved it.

  • Which one of these camera has better integration with unity ( Xiaomi Mi sphere Vs. Ricoh Theta V ) Which one of these camera has better integration with unity ( Xiaomi Mi sphere Vs. Ricoh Theta V )
  • Model Target Generator gives a message “Service not available now. Please try again later” Hi, the Model Target Generator application does not open up and gives the message "Service not available now. Please try again later" always. I've spoken to the IT department of the company that I work for and they've asked me if there's a website or something else that needs to be white listed. Please let me know, Thanks!
  • Video capture (3D not 360) for stereoscopic goggles Hi,

    I'm designing an fMRI experiment and I created a virtual environment with Unity3d 2017.3 that I would like to screen to the participants in the scanner using stereoscopic goggles. I'm quite new to C# and Unity, so I figured out that the simplest way for me was to capture videos of this environment, so I can play them later to the participants, (without delays, in a timed manner, using Matlab).
    Given that I use "old-school" stereoscopic goggles (basically two low resolution screens, one...

    Video capture (3D not 360) for stereoscopic goggles