• How to make a touch and drag ARCore Hi, I'm creating an ARCore app but I want that to be like the gif, touching and draging like the ARStickers, I watched a lot of tutorials but it doesn't work :/ so I decided to do this, does anyone knows how this was done? I'll really appreciate any help. Thank you. View attachment 286057
  • ARKit: Understanding Scale/Positioning Hi all. I have a small question and there has to be an easy solution. Probably I am stuck in the rut... Explanation: I have an object and want to set the Camera to a specific position in the object. This is the method I use to position the camera: ...
  • How build controller features for Oculus Go? Hi All I am building a VR game for Oculus Go to move, create all of type of objects and other actions by command voice and I would like to add some features to its controller(laser points and motion, etc), for it, Could anybody help me with it? Thanks...
  • Cant get Vuforia/Unity to display my 3D object on target image (webcam) I'm trying to get Unity and Vuforia to work together with spawning a 3D object on a targeted AR image. I try it thru my webcam and everything is settled. When I put my AR target image in front of the camera, a 3D object is supposed to spawn in the camera. In tutorials and forums everyone talks about checking two things in the ARcam inspector called: Load databasename and another called Activate.

    The problem is that I'm stuck in is that an update took these choices away from the program. And...

    Cant get Vuforia/Unity to display my 3D object on target image (webcam)
  • How do I create a 360 degree video in MP4 format? In Unity How do I create a 360 degree video in MP4 format? In Unity, I want to make a choice in my game that players can download 360 video to their computer and upload to YouTube
  • Build Failure: Failed to execute aapt I have a problem with my project when I try build to android. If I not imported the GoogleVr package, I can build it easily, but if I import GoogleVr I have some error when my project is build to android. Please help me, I'm a little frustrated because I have been searching anything still not fixed :(

    This is the error notice and console.
    View attachment 276244 View attachment 276245
  • ARCore collider on plane generator Hi, is there a way to make the generate plane collide with the objects? I'm placing objects in my scene pressing a button but when I place them they falls down.

    I saw that exists the ARCoreUtils, but works with the ARCore v1.1, I didn't get to work with the ARCore v1.3.0.

  • Losing Microphone after call to SpeechRecognizer.RecognizeWithUIAsync(); After updating to the latest Windows 10.0.17143.111, I am having a problem with my HoloLens application losing access to the microphone. The app starts normally and receives SpeechEvents fine (through my GlobalListener object). The first call my app ...
  • Google VR builds fail on iOS -lGTMSessionFetcher Builds of GVR apps with the latest SDK now fail in Xcode with the error
    Library not found for -lGTMSessionFetcher

    Where did this come from? There's nothing on the Google developer website and I couldn't find anything relevant in StackOverflow.
  • Is it possible to track the number of a TargetImage instance ? Hello,

    I'm working on a game in which the player has to to reach a numerical value by playing cards. A same card can have multiple copies, so for example the card of value 1 can have 10 copies, the card of value 2 ten copies too etc.

    How can I proceed to track those card, each card can be a TargetImage, and track if a card is added or removed ?

    At first I thought to have one TargetImage by type of card and increment a counter each time a TargetImage is tracked and decrement the counter...

    Is it possible to track the number of a TargetImage instance ?
  • Deploy Hololens App from a second machine Hi all I am fairly new to Unity and programming, so apologies for my ignorance. I have tried searching for a solution to this but cant seem to find anything to resolve my problem. I am using Unity 2018to create a Hololens App, i have successfully bui...
  • Rendering problem Vive Hi all, I googled almost the whole day without any findings similar to my problem. So I hope you guys can help me. Whenever I go into Play Mode in my project, it just renders the scene in a small rect in the bottem left corner and the rendered scene ...
  • How to add url in unity for vuforia Hello, so I made an app adding tracker and video, but now I would like to add video from custom URL to show it in AR (Vuforia). In Unity I changed to video link in Video player option, but it does not work, it still gives the video I had before (uploa...
  • UWP build error – System.Net.NetworkInformation i'm trying to build NetworkInterface in UWP platform.. but build error detected.
    however, unity editor is able to play.

    my Error : error CS0719: 'NetworkInterface': array elements cannot be of static type

    i tried fix error, but i can't fixed error. how to fixed error?
  • “Virtual Reality Supported” repeatedly being turned back on somehow after being disabled? Unity 5.4.1f1
    I've had this happen on two wildly different and separate machines now, which is leading me to think this is some sort of editor bug. I'll disable Virtual Reality Supported, but after running in the editor a couple times it will somehow get re-enabled.
    It's pretty annoying. Has anyone else been having this occur?