• ARKit Freeze when looking for planes I got a big issue with the ARKit plugin with Unity.
    When I'm looking for planes, if my planes are too big (5 m x 5 m floor for example) and I got up to 10 planes, my app freeze and all my 3d models and planes are moving with my iPhone ...
    So I tried to use some examples (from the plugin example folder), to be sure I was not doing something wrong, but still the same problem ...

    Does someone get the same problem ?

    Thank you for your help !

    Config :
    iPhone 7, with iOS 12.0
    XCode 10.0

    ARKit Freeze when looking for planes
  • How is XR.InputTracking.GetLocalPosition() implemented? Hi,
    I'm trying to get a better understanding of how the XR.InputTracking.GetLocalPosition() method calculates it's position. As far as I have understood it, this method returns the predicted position the XR node will have once the rendered frame's photons are presented to the user. Could you share some details about how this prediction is implemented?

    In the case of OpenVR (Vive), is this method...

    How is XR.InputTracking.GetLocalPosition() implemented?
  • Hololens App Update Notification Hi all, In our application, we notify the user about app update notification and we re-direct to Win Store of our application page using Code (CSharp): //build URI to launch store app    var uriStore = new Uri(@"ms-windows-stor...
  • My OpenVR build no longer opens in Oculus? I've been playing around building a game for OpenVR. Previously a few weeks ago when I built it and ran the exe, it would open Oculus and play in the headset as expected. Now it just opens on screen only.

    In the player settings under XR, I have VR Supported checked and OpenVR selected as the SDK. I also tried running the exe via command line with -vrmode oculus... no change, only runs on screen. What am I missing?
  • Beginner help with single pass Wondering if someone can tell me if there's more to setting up single pass than what's discussed in the Unity manual here:

    I've followed the instructions but I get mixed results ranging from two pictures being rendered in my headset (rift) to everything being rendered black. I understand that some assets would etc may have trouble rendering correctly- shaders for example, but I'd like to just be able to get it working...

    Beginner help with single pass
  • Read SQL data on HoloLens Hello, I have established connection from HoloLens to PhpMyAdmin page. I am able to insert data to the table from my HoloLens successfully. Unfortunately, I am not able to retrieve the data onto the HoloLens. However, it is working well on Unity3D but...
  • Missing scripts in ARCore 1.3.0 CloudAnchor sample scene Most of the script components in the ARKit Root hierarchy are Missing ( mono script ). The sample still builds for Android, but throws lots of warnings. I've confirmed this across multiple projects on two different computers.

    Is this a KI and if so, is there a fix? - it appears that ARKit Root is a copy of ARCore Root w/ some modifications.
  • Understanding UnityARUserAnchorComponent Hi guys,

    I'm trying to figure out how to use the UnityARUserAnchorComponent effectively. My understanding is I should place one of these components on every virtual object that I want to be "attached" to the real world. In my app, i want to use one image target to generate several large virtual objects (approximately 5m x 5m) in fixed locations throughout a large area (100m x 50m).
    1. Would instantiating those objects (with a UnityARUserAnchorComponent attached) at the beginning...

    Understanding UnityARUserAnchorComponent
  • VRTK_Pointer component cannot show up in HTC VIVE Hello,I watch the tutorial video in And practice it to make the controller show up.But these 2 controller cannot showup any more. After doing these steps in the following,the controllers still ca...
  • Stereoscopic side-by-side image rendering in Unity with Oculus Rift Integration package Hi folks

    I'm looking for some help with rendering stereoscopic image in Unity with the Oculus SDK.
    I know very little about photography, but I have managed to capture some stereo images using a single camera, shifting it to the left/right by my own measured IPD.

    In order to render inside the rift, I have tried two different method so far:

    1) First, I thought it would be as simple as rendering the images to the cameras of the Oculus Rift stereo rig. I wrote a simple GLSL texture shader...

    Stereoscopic side-by-side image rendering in Unity with Oculus Rift Integration package
  • Microphone record permission when switching from Non-VR to VR I have an application that starts as Non-VR (to make login easier), and then switches for VR mode. When it is on VR mode, I ask for record permissions,(Microphone.start() is used). If all the application is on VR mode, evertyhing works ok, the permiss...
  • Access to Video Camera Hi, i need to access to the video camera of the device without the AR superimposing, only the video background image in order to visualize it on a RawImage. I searched in this forum but i have not found a solution. Someone help me? Thanks.
  • Wich AR glasses I should buy? Hello,

    I'm going to buy an AR-glasses for playing around with it in Unity. I have no exact idea for what I will use it, I need it just for checking out the possibilities, so it should be not so expensive ;)

    I think this one (HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset VR1000-100nn) could be cool.

    I don't need a wireless solution, Imagequality is not so important. Sensors for position and rotation is a nice to...

    Wich AR glasses I should buy?
  • [Oculus DK2] when virtual reality enabled, I want to disable HMD tracking Is there HMD tracking off option? What I want is that view is not chaged even when there is VR movement. Thank you in advance.
  • Vuforia Objects Position I have made vuforia scene in which 5 cubes get activated when target is found . (all 5 cubes from one target) I want to know the position of different cubes to instantiate a object at center of cube. But when I am trying I am getting weird positions. ...