• LWRP doesn’t work with AR Foundation? First of all... I'm absolutely aware of
    There's no LWRP Support anywhere. I found such a thing in the Runtime Folder of the packages. But how can I actually create one?

    Thanks in advance
  • Problem with Daydream laser pointer when using photosphere skybox in unity Hi there.

    I have developed a 360 elearning prototype with photospheres and videospheres with unity and playmaker. I'm publishing for cardboard and daydream using the Google VR SDK for Unity. When I publish for cardboard everything goes well. I can interact with my hotspots using the reticle prefab attached to the camera.

    When I publish for daydream however, the controller prefab doesn't react as expected with the hotspots when in a photosphere. Either the pointer is not there at all,...

    Problem with Daydream laser pointer when using photosphere skybox in unity
  • How to change GameObject to another using a slider? I want to use a UI slider in Unity for my AR project. I am trying to modify my gameobject (and a text that goes with each of them) everytime the slider hits a new value. I have 3 gameobjects in total. Example: When slider hits value 0, "Seed&quo...
  • AR packages not showing up in package manager I just downloaded the latest version of unity (2019.1.0f2) and no ar related packages are showing up in the package manager (AR Foundation, ARCore XR Plugin, ARKit XR Plugin are missing) .
    View attachment 413737 Here's how the package manager ui looks like.
    Am I missing something obvious here and if not, how can I fix this ?
  • SteamVR usingVRTK Headset OnMouseEnter I am using VRTK version 3, I pulled my VRTK rig from the example 4 for locomotion because getting the rig set up and working wasn't going well for me when I followed the directions for some reason.

    I set up some OnMouseEnter and OnMouseExit functions on a test cube because I'm tasked with making it so that I can publish as a VR and a Non-VR and I was intending to set it up so that the controllers cast a ray that would send to the OnMouseEnter but then I find out the headset is already doing...

    SteamVR usingVRTK Headset OnMouseEnter
  • No way to read Vive Controller’s menu button using XR.InputDevice Hi,

    I was using the new input system for reading the Vive controllers directly (not using the Steam plugin, etc). We had problems with Unity failing to detect the controllers, so we started to use the legacy input. One of Unity's XR QA staff suggested we look at the XR Input API instead.

    I've got that working, but there seems to be no way to detect the Vive controller's menu button. I'm calling "XR.InputDevice.TryGetFeatureValue()" and passing in "CommonUsages.menuButton", but that doesn't...

    No way to read Vive Controller's menu button using XR.InputDevice
  • How to set object in a room View attachment 413509 View attachment 413512 Hi there, I am making on house simulator in Oculus Rift via Unity in which you can set the furniture as where you want. I have done the coding of object movement and rotation via controller and i...
  • Use of Daydream keyboard for the input fields I have a Login canvas which has two input fields for 'userName' and 'password'. So, Can anyone help me how to use the daydream keyboard for the Input text?
  • Latest Unity 2019.1 with Daydream SDK 1.200 cannot run in Lenovo Mirage Solo I have built and run the sample scene of Daydream SDK 1.200 with Unity 2019.1. But it cannot run. When the application is launched, it is showing only black screen. The older version of Unity is ok. My Lenovo Mirage Solo is currently Android 8.0.0 Sec...
  • Known Issue: Package Errors when importing Vuforia Samples into Unity 2019.1 from Asset Store We are currently looking into a known issue where errors like the following are displayed after importing a Vuforia sample from the Asset Store into Unity 2019.1:

    Library/PackageCache/com.unity.package-manager-ui@2.0.3/Editor/Sources/UI/PackageDetails.cs(5,32): error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'UIElements' does not exist in the namespace 'UnityEngine.Experimental' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

    The reason for this is that Unity 2019.1 does not correctly upgrade...

    Known Issue: Package Errors when importing Vuforia Samples into Unity 2019.1 from Asset Store
  • Known issues with Unity 2019.1 We are aware of the following known issues with Unity 2019.1. They are not seen with Unity 2018.3, so for now we recommend to stick to that version. App fails to resume on some Android devices after confirming the camera permission dialog. This is see...
  • ARKit + Post Processing Stack = BROKEN I already posted about this over here: But maybe this is the right forum for it. Using either PPSv1 or PPSv2 with a simple ARKit scene seems to cause problems w...
  • Tag 2D-Objects to real objects Hello,
    for a class in university I am looking for an app that allows to create info windows and 2D objects which you can pin at real life objects. So when the user moves the virtual info windows/ 2D objects stay at the real life objects. It'd be great if these windows can be (de-)activated manually by an external user at a PC. The latter condition is not obligatory though.

    Is there an app for that? The project is really important for my uni-life. Thank you in advance.


  • How can I detect Lenovo Mirage HMD removed? I wish to know if the headset is removed or put back for adjusting the experience accordingly (pause, restart, enemies pull off for a sec, etc) but how can I figure that out? Is there any API for that?
  • Having Trouble Compiling Hi I am new to Vuforia in Unity and I am getting some errors in Unity when I try to compile my code for a hololens device. I am getting a lot of type or namespace not found error codes from the Vuforia scripts folder. I tried to update to 8.1.10 to fix...