• Spatial Audio I'm making a game for both Rift(Oculus Store and STEAM VR) and Vive on STEAM VR and currently using the Oculus Spatializer that's included within Unity. I need to get better 3D audio, such as Occlusion behind walls.

    I tried GVR audio by Google...but I know that has been replaced with Resonance Audio.

    And I know that there is now STEAM Audio and that Oculus has a asset in the Asset Store for enhanced audio.

    I've already created a lot of code that hooks into the default Unity AudioSource...

    Spatial Audio
  • SteamVR Oculus controller input I'm trying to get the input working for my Oculus touch controller using the SteamVR plugin. Here's the code I have so far:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. using System.Collections;
    2. using System.Collections.Generic;
    3. using UnityEngine;
    4. using Valve.VR;
    5. using Valve.VR.InteractionSystem;
    7. public class InputAssignSteamVRController : MonoBehaviour {
    9.     private InputManager inputManager;
    10.     private float inputValue;
    11.     private float inputValueLast;
    13.     public string inputID = "Click0";
    14.     public...
    SteamVR Oculus controller input
  • Model Targets in Unity 2017.3 I already posted this in the Vuforia forums, but that place always seems dead, I'm sure I'll have more luck here.

    There seems to be an issue with the model target generator app for 2017.3.
    The model target sample scene ( with the lunar module) correctly displays its 2d guide view.
    However, generating a new dataset ( all the regular steps, import unity package, add new database, activate it, disable the sample one, set up model target with the right database) seems to be working. On play,...

    Model Targets in Unity 2017.3
  • Issue with baked GI. Looks good in editor, lots of artifact in build. Hi, Im bringing a game I did for Windows mixed reality. I want to bake lights and shadows in each scene so it runs better, but I'm having issues with baked GI. I am using subtractive lighting mode with mixed directional light. In the editor everything looks good, when I build the apk, there is a lot of artifact that moves when camera (head) is moving. I also enabled generate lightmap uv on each model I am using in that scene.

    This is what I see when I run the apk....

    Issue with baked GI. Looks good in editor, lots of artifact in build.
  • Render capabilities in AR Hello guys, I am in a VFX industry and I am extremely new to unity. I am not sure about the limitation of mobile rendering of a animated 3d character in unity. I will really appreciate if someone can shed some light on it. I am looking into making a A...
  • Oculus Touch Controller Side Trigger Stops Working After First Test Hey everyone,

    I'm building a program in Unity 18.1.4f. A possibly important note is that I started building the game in Unity 17.4.2f2 and updated Unity and the brought the game up to the current version as well. Over the past week or so I've found that when I test my game, the side trigger will work the first time and I will be able to grab things. If I end the test and then run another test, the side trigger on both controllers is no longer responsive. Restarting Unity makes the side...

    Oculus Touch Controller Side Trigger Stops Working After First Test
  • How to check ARKit world tracking quality Hello! I am running into an issue where players are using my AR app in poorly lit environments and having really bad experiences due to ARKit not being able to keep its orientation accuracy. Is there a way I can retrieve some sort of tracking quality...
  • How to de-register a targeted in a daqri app, after it was found so I can reuse it. Good day,

    I am working on a Daqri application. What the app does it searches for a marker and activate tasks and when the user presses finish it should return to scanning. And search for the same marker and repeat the same tasks.

    But when I re-scan at the moment it says "The target 'C:/Users/Dondoo Studios/Desktop/Daqri Unity Project/Assets/StreamingAssets/3ybml_small.png' is already registered.
    UnityEngine.Debug:LogWarning(Object)". Meaning I can't re-scan the same marker.

    Please help...

    How to de-register a targeted in a daqri app, after it was found so I can reuse it.
  • Google ARCore Rendering Issue I set up the Google ARCore example project the other day and I was able to run the HelloAR scene fine. Yesterday however, I tried to run it again and I'm getting some bizarre rendering problems. It appears to be rendering multiple times in various mirror states, which change depending on orientation. The point cloud dots aren't being cleared every frame, making weird symmetrical lines everywhere. The real world isn't displayed apart from some smudges that might be the camera trying to...

    Google ARCore Rendering Issue
  • Arkit 2.0 Disable Vertical Planes Has anyone else experienced (with the arkit 2.0 beta) the vertical planes still being enabled despite plane detection being set to 'None' or 'Horizontal' only? Has something changed in the recent update of Arkit?

    I have noticed a 'remotearworldconfiguration' item (or similarly named) gets spawned into any unity scenes containing the arcameramanager script which seems to directly interfere despite me not being able to find anywhere to prevent it from being spawned.
  • Hololens and the new Shader Graph Hi, I was wondering if the new Shader Graph in Unity 2018.1 will work in Hololens? I am unable to compile the project for Hololens if I start a new project in any template mode but 3D? Am I missing something or is it how it should be? Thanks, A Unity User
  • WebXR Weekend Challenge 29 June – July 1, 2018 – 680 Folsom, San Francisco, CA 94107 Are you interested in designing and developing immersive web based applications? Are you a coder or non-coder with a great idea that uses web based virtual or augmented reality technology? WebXR Weekend Challenge is a 48 hour contest for expanding w...
  • SteamVR, Canvases, RenderTextures, Oh My I have an existing (traditional display) scene I'm trying to create in the Vive. In the traditional scene, there are two cameras: the main camera and a second "effects" camera attached to it. The second effects camera captures a similar view to the main camera. The effects camera runs what it captures (a few objects and a camera-space canvas) though a bunch of shaders, including one that crops to a region of interest, and then ultimately out to a RenderTexture. That mostly transparent...

    SteamVR, Canvases, RenderTextures, Oh My
  • Unity beta 5.4.0f2 “OpenVR failed initialization “ Hi there!

    I get this error message every time I open Unity with Virtual Reality enabled
    I'm using Unity beta 5.4.0f2 (Unity Free)

    I works with a DK2 and Oculus enabled, but not with a Vive and OpenVR.
    I saw this post on the steampowered...

    Unity beta 5.4.0f2 "OpenVR failed initialization "
  • SkyBox bug Hi! We are faced with the problem of the periodic disappearance of the skybox(typically on one frame). This behavior creates a nasty artifact. This problem occurs only on Samsung s8 with Snapdragon. On the version with Exynos all ok. Could you tell ...