• Stereoscopic Skybox I know this gets asked a lot but are there any updates on this for Daydream? Have not seen a clear cut solution.
  • Enabling VR at runtime?? please help Hi All So I want to publish a desktop application that is Vr enabled but that DOES NOT start up in VR. It should start as a regular application and changing to VR is an option available to users via clicking a button in my options menu system. I have...
  • Android VR Project in Unity 2018.1.5f1 Hello all.

    I'm new with unity and trying to build an android VR game using unity 2018.1.5f1.
    when i follow the tutorial from youtube videos, they say i have to import google VR sdk, while the unity 2018.1.5f1 say no about the google VR sdk.

    So anybody here experienced with VR project in unity 2018.1.?
    what standard procedure to set up VR project in unity especially an android VR game?

  • Are there any Daydream specific settings to make text more crisp? I've been through the Canvas settings and individual Text settings in terms of size and scale, but are there any Daydream specific settings I can tweak to make the text more legible?
  • VR icon – Setting foreground and background assets in the Unity Editor? I'm trying to understand the "Setting foreground and background assets"

    I'm working in Unity and the commentary says:

    "Note: If you are using Unity or Unreal, you can set these assets directly within the editors."

    Where exactly is this in Unity? It doesn't appear to be under Player Settings, if anyone could screenshot or link me up to a tutorial/documentation it would be a big help.
  • VuMarks use case: a trading cards game Hello,
    I'm looking into VuMarks, and I'm trying to understand if they would fit my needs.

    I'm designing a kind of trading cards game (TCG) playable with AR. It must be possible for both players to use a different copy of the same character card. Since Vuforia can't track two identical ImageTargets simultaneously, I'm thinking about using VuMarks to track and augment the cards. A VuMark would uniquely identify a specific copy of a card, likely using a serial number.

    Do VuMarks fit the...

    VuMarks use case: a trading cards game
  • Gear VR Xbox One Controller Dear Unity Forums, For a school project i am building a VR Escape Room game with Unity. I am building it on a Samsung Galaxy S8 with Gear VR. I was wondering. Can i bind the controls with a Bluetooth connected Xbox One S Controller? Thanks, ~Sven
  • VR not working after editor restart (Urgent) Dear Community,

    I am currently trying to implement SteamVR in my project for a university's course. Everytime i restart the editor, unity simply rejects working with our HTC Vive gear. No error, no usage of the HMD, just frozen camera controls. It worked flawlessly before I closed the editor. This is now the 4th time that this happend. And again, I have to start all over again. I almost finished the entire project and the deadline is tomorrow before lunch, so I would highly appreciate...

    VR not working after editor restart (Urgent)
  • Upgrading project from Unity 5 to 2017: XRSettings for “Split Stereo (non-HMD)” on Android? Problem: What happened to "Split Stereo (non head-mounted device)" for Android in Unity 2017.X? Solution: Use the "Mock HMD - Vive" or programmatically add "Split" to the VR SDKs + query/enable at runtime to get a left/r...
  • Is Vuforia now free? Hello there, Recently I started using Vuforia 7 and I noticed, watermark is missing. Does it mean that Vuforia is free now? There are no limits anymore like 1000 downloads etc?
  • Two Vector3 values comparison using coroutine hi, everyone.
    i'm doing two rotation(vector3) values comparison, but sometime it is not matched. and i'm using coroutine.
    here is my code
    Code (CSharp):
    1. if (!Mathf.Approximately(targetObjectRotation.x, currentObjectRotation.x))
    2.             currentObjectRotation.x += (differenceObjectRotation.x / 30f);
    3. else
    4.             isCorrectX = true;
    6. if (!Mathf.Approximately(targetObjectRotation.y, currentObjectRotation.y))
    7.             currentObjectRotation.y += (differenceObjectRotation.y / 30f);
    8. else...
    Two Vector3 values comparison using coroutine
  • Anybody knows how to embed UWP/WPF in Unity? I am building a VR disability service in Unity that will let paralyzed people move mouse cursor with their head movement only. Whatever is in Unity is just a function so im wondering if its possible to embed it in a Windows software. So someone would ...
  • OpenDS driving simulator with Unity and VR Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to build a self driving simulator with Unity and I'm thinking of using OpenDS driving simulator. I just wanted to know if somebody here have tried that, is OpenDS compatible with Unity and the Oculus? or Unity and the Vibe?
    Also, is there a new link for downloading OpenDS? I went to the following link but didn't find an option to download the files:

    Any help let me know,
    Best Regards,
  • GearVR in linear space – problem – dark image Hello
    We've started developing to gearvr and immediately strange problem appeared.
    If the game uses linear workflow, colors on the gearvr are really dark.
    When we change the color space to gamma, colors are ok (colors on gearvr are identical as colors in editor)
    Do you know what have to be done to properly run a game on GearVr in the linear space?
    or maybe gearvr doesn't support the linear color space
    I really appreciate any help you can provide.
  • Absolute position / rotation with controller??? Hey guys, Not sure if I am just being stupid or if this is normal. I have created a Vr scene that utilizes HoloLens along with a Xbox One controller. Thought everything was fine but then noticed a way to break the position / rotation. If I move and...