• Vuforia Suport For Linux Editor When will the Linux editor get proper Vuforia support? According to users in this thread here, the Unity Editor for Linux supports the legacy Vuforia download for Unity. So it seems there's no real reason except the lack of the option in the installer.

    Just to clarify, I'm not asking about a Linux build target. I'm asking about Vuforia SDK support for the Unity Editor on Linux. Seems there was a...

    Vuforia Suport For Linux Editor
  • 2018.1 IL2CPP VRModule stripping issue ++++ NOTE: this has been resolved in 2018.1.2f1 and higher ++++

    In initial 2018.1 releases, the VRModule engine code can get stripped out of builds in certain situations. If you notice that your built project doesn't correctly enter VR Mode when run, it could be due to this issue. Here are the settings where this can occur:

    1) VR is enabled.
    2) Scripting Backend is set to 'IL2CPP'.
    3) Strip Engine Code is checked. (this is the default when IL2CPP is enabled)
    4) No scripts in the project...

    2018.1 IL2CPP VRModule stripping issue
  • Multiplayer Google Cardboard with UNet? Hi everyone. I was hoping to make a Google Cardboard (and eventually Daydream) app multiplayer. I expected it to be fairly straightforward. Make and spawn a player prefab with everything attached. I'm only turning on the Cardboard stuff if it's the local player. This prevents the situation where there's several cameras rendering at once.

    When I only have one player in the scene, the camera renders appropriately. However when I add in other players, I get the error message - "There can only...

    Multiplayer Google Cardboard with UNet?
  • Drawing in Unity (VR) Hi so, ive been messing around with a concept for a future project but im having issues attempting to figure out how this would work. So in short, your able to draw in VR - something just like Tilt Brush. But upon completion of a set design or image ...
  • Floor calibration of mixed reality inside unity Hello, i would like to calibrate floor of the mixed reality from inside my app, the same way we can do it using "Room Adjustment". Is that possible? I am using SteamVR with . I think at a possible solution, but it might not be a pr...
  • Tap to position the object once Hi,

    I'm trying to get an object placed on a ground plan once. I already added the DeployStageOnce script from Vuforia, but I have problems getting the object placed in front of the camera. Also, I want the object being placed only once and when it's placed it can't be moved anymore.

    I want something like this

  • Problem with iOS release and Vuforia Hi,

    i made an app for iOS using Unity 2017.4.0 and Vuforia.
    After release at App Store, i get very weird results:
    On one 7s Plus i get black screen
    On another 7s everything is fine
    On 6s i have some bugs (with screen record mechanic, not Vuforia)
    And 5s doesn't see app on store.

    Can somebody help me with that?

  • I’m need help Hey gays!) I cant building for android on vuforia.
    What's problem?
    View attachment 281443
  • ARCore – Lean touch – Move object in X and Z axis (I want to Lock Y axis) Hi,
    I have created object moving app using ARCore. for object move purpose I have used Lean touch it works fine, But I want to lock axis Y it's overlapping my ground plan.
    Please help to solve this issue.
    Thanks in advance.
    Sweetan M
  • Location-based Points of Interest Good morning!

    I've been unable to find an asset that produced points of interest.

    OpenStreetMap provides a planet.osm file that includes all POI. And you can decrease the file size by getting North America data only.

    Has anyone found an asset that provides POI? Or would I need to place the planet.osm data into a database?
  • [FACEKIT] ARFaceAnchorRemovedEvent never triggers Hello,

    While playing with Facekit on iPhone X I've faced with problem of never calling ARFaceAnchorRemovedEvent. It never triggers neither in editor or in actual iOS build. ARFaceAnchorUpdatedEvent and ARFaceAnchorAddedEvent triggers just fine.

    Is it just me or it's bug? If it's me then where is might be the problem?
  • PicoVR Goblin: how to flip Unity splash logo upside down at boot with personal edition ? Hello, I'm using the personal edition of Unity.
    At boot, I have the Unity splash logo but the problem is that on Pico Goblin it's upside down.
    The support told me that when showing the splash image, the Pico SDK is not initialized to take effect, that is why the Unity logo is showed upside down at boot.
    The support told me to disable it and make my own logo but of course it's not possible with personal edition so how can I workaround this problem to display this logo correctly ?
    Thanks !
  • 360 viewer zoom problem (freelookcam) Hello everyone, I´m working on a simple 360 panorama viewer (right now for pc, but later if it works i would like to modify it for oculus go) but i have some problems to add a zoom function here. After creating a 360 spheremap I assigned it as textur...
  • Error called “VideoPlayer cannot play” in 2018.1.1f1 Hi everyone!

    I'm having a problem called "VideoPlayer cannot play" with only this one line and no other information in Unity 3d 2018.1.1f1. I'm making a 360 video player in Unity, and using videoplayer script on a sphere. When I upgraded from a 2017 version to 2018 ver, I'm constantly getting this error notification for like, 20 seconds per one notification for all the time, and I can't find a way to solve it.
    Below are the libraries I'm using (LSL is another plugin
    using System.Linq;

    Error called "VideoPlayer cannot play" in 2018.1.1f1
  • Struggle trying to understand Google SDK Hello all, I've recently started to try and pickup how to develop VR for systems like Cardboard or Daydream in Unity.
    I downloaded the latest Google SDK and went through the demo scenes and some tutorials, but it seems that most tutorials are outdated and I couldn't find anywhere with a clear documentation of how it works and how is it supposed to be implemented - the official docs weren't clear enough for me - or any easy to understand snippets (maybe the problem is with me?).

    I managed to...

    Struggle trying to understand Google SDK