• Vive – Two Controllers doing the exact same thing. I have this painting app I've been working on and been testing with just one vive controller. Now I need to add the second controller so that two people may paint at the same time. Both controllers need to do the identical thing. Is there any reason I can't drop the same controller class onto both controllers in the steamVR camera rig? I tried that the other day and it sort of worked - except there were times when one controller affected the other one. Is there anything to watch out for...

    Vive - Two Controllers doing the exact same thing.
  • [Oculus Go / Gear VR] – Throwing objects with controller I'm working on a throwing knives game for the Oculus Go. I want to use the 3DOF motion controller that comes with the device to be used to give part of the inputs that the player uses to throw knives (or potentially other objects too). There is a fairly big disconnect between the direction I feel I'm aiming at, and the direction the knives go, and I think that's due to technical limitations of how the hand position is interpolated from the limited input values (just controller rotation...

    - Throwing objects with controller
  • Motion Controls So I've been thinking about making an VR FPS in Unity.
    And I was thinking about using NS Joy-con as a motion controller for the gun.
    But I don't know how to use the Joy-con's gyro/accelerometer.
    Can anyone help?
  • Water not rendering correctly on Nexus 5X Hi, I have a problem with WaterPro from the standard assets. I have two test devices: Nexus 5X and Nexus 7. Running the scene locally or on the Nexus 7 water renders correctly (first image). Running the scene on the Nexus 5X water renders as black (se...
  • Vuforia UWP no webcam Hi,

    I'm using Vuforia v6.2.10 and Unity 5.5.2f1. I can build for UWP and open in Visual Studio 2015 and even run the application. But the webcam doesn't seem to be working. I see no picture and no markers are detected. Everything is fine in the Unity Editor.

    The WebCam checkbox is turned on at the Capabilities Publish Settings.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Thank you,

  • Hololens: strange rotation / localrotation / forward problem Hello,

    I have a gameobject in my scene, which is rotated one the Ground somehow when app starts, it does not have the original orientation when started.

    Now it has a Hierarchie, and I want to move one of it's childs Forward (the child's "own" Forward).

    I tried Things like
    thischild.transform.localposition += thischild.transform.forward
    and some Workarounds with Translate, but everytime I Restart the app and have it initially rotatated it in some other direction somehow, it moves in a...

    Hololens: strange rotation / localrotation / forward problem
  • VR 2nd scene lighting I have a scene in Unity and when I click on various scripted objects it goes into another 2nd scene. When I open/play the 2nd scene in VR/HMD the lighting is prefect…BUT when I navigate into it from the 1st scene the lighting is all off. Is this becau...
  • Unity 2017.4 doesn’t support Intel I7 9XX cpu We have a few people who cannot play our game using older Intel I7 900 series CPUs. Unity doesn't seem to load the game, no log files are even generated which means Unity isn't even running before it quits.

    One user posted this "The NVIDIA OpenGL driver has not been able to initialize
    a connection with the GPU. This might be due to out of memory error,
    an exhaustion of system resources or too many graphical applications running.
    The application will not render correctly."

    Our game...

    Unity 2017.4 doesn't support Intel I7 9XX cpu
  • Get left/right camera’s textures offsets Hi guys!

    As we all know, VR engines makes some "shifts" of eye's cameras to achive stereoscopic effect. In very high level of abstractions it's means that the same image looks slightly shifted to the right in the left camera and to the left in the right camera.
    In my case, I would like to know the exact value of that shift in texture's pixels units.
    I work on HTC Vive with display size of 1512x1680 per eye, as well as rendered textures by default.
    Roughly measured by direct comparing of 2...

    Get left/right camera's textures offsets
  • Vuforia Zoom in Hey,

    I'm trying to implement a Zoom-in feature on my app,
    I tried to override the field of view of the camera but it won't work because Vuforia overrides too.

    I've tried to manually see how Vuforia overrides it and as far as I got is finding this code:

    Code (csharp):
    2.   void Awake()
    3.     {
    4.         GetComponent<Camera>().fieldOfView = 90f;
    5.     }
    I'd love to know where Vuforia overrides the variables of the camera so I can try and implement this myself.

  • Emulate/control HMD in Unity editor when developing? I just started experimenting with my Vive and the new Lightweight Render Pipeline for VR. It worked out of the box, great job Unity! Just one thing, the controllers didn't seem to work. I noticed that I hade to add an object as a child to Left/Right hand, and then it worked fine.

    However, if I switch to the Scene tab during gameplay, it stops tracking both HMD and Controllers. Why is this? I'd still like to have an overview of the Scene when developing.

    Also, I'd like to be able to switch...

    Emulate/control HMD in Unity editor when developing?
  • I have started A Complete AR fundamental course on Youtube.

    Hello, I have started a tutorial series on Youtube on Unity and AR. I am going to make tutorials on Vuforia, AR kit, and AR core. The tutorials are designed for both beginners to intermediate user of AR. The tutorials cover most of the functionality that the APIs are offering. Please take a look and let me know if you like it or not. I can assure that it's unlike the typical drag and drop "vuforia sample project" and after...

    I have started A Complete AR fundamental course on Youtube.
  • Steam Vr/Interation/Teleportation – Removing teleporting area in my open world vr game I am using the steam vr teleportation system because it works across scenes. but i wrote a screen that when a player goes far from the town it unloads. but when it unloads the game doesn't update the teleportable areas and i tried reprograming the script but it wouldn't work.
  • Unity Profiler spikes “RenderForwardOpaque.Render / Clear” in GearVR build? Hi all and thanks for taking the time to look.

    I'm in the middle of putting together a Unity game and have been tinkering with a Gear VR build (it's otherwise been android focused so far).

    Unfortunately I've been seeing spikes in the Unity profiler unique to the GearVR build that are causing unacceptable juddering in game:
    1. CPU Usage: VR:WaitForGPU
    2. GPU Usage: Camera.Render / Drawing / Render.OpaqueGeometry / RenderForwardOpaque.Render / Clear...

    Unity Profiler spikes "RenderForwardOpaque.Render / Clear" in GearVR build?
  • which sdk i have to use for face tracking? Hi there, as I mention I need to do a jewelry app. for that am not getting the right direction. am totally confused that what plugin I have to use. can anyone tell me with what plugin I can complete my project? thank you.