• How to use the WMR controllers together? HI,

    I am using a Windows Mixed Reality headset. I am using a controllers to grab a object in my scene, but the problem is i couldn't use the both controllers together.

    Can anyone please tell me how to use the both controllers simultaneously?

    Does this possible in other VR devices like Ocuus and HTC Vive?
  • Least CPU intensive video codec for iOS Hi Can anyone tell me what video codec to use that would be the least CPU intensive for playback within a Unity app deployed to iOS?
  • New Release 8.1 Patch (8.1.10) is available! Today we’re launching a patch to Vuforia Engine 8.1 (8.1.10) which includes fixes for improved HoloLens Model Target tracking stability. Currently available for download via the Vuforia Developer Portal, and via upgrade directly in Unity 2018.3.0f2+. ...
  • VR Problem : Sprites are flickering on unity and when wearing VR Whats up guys, first time in here.

    I've been developing a Virtual Reality experience to a local museum where people in VR would have to walk through a corridor and each door has a simple 2D animation (Used Dragon Bones to animate it).

    The problem is: all of the illustrations that are animated have a lot of tiny details and thin lines. When using VR (or moving the camera on Unity) those images seem to "flicker", loosing a lot of its resolution. This issue is happening in both ways (Oculus...

    VR Problem : Sprites are flickering on unity and when wearing VR
  • Configure and display IoT Streaming data unity3D Once we import the BIM model, is there any tool within Unity Studio to configure IoT (i.e., position the IoT Streaming Data to be displayed) or can we create an IoT configuration plug-in to integrate with Unity Studio? If yes, how? While running unit...
  • [Believed to be solved] How to query Unity/OpenVR to find out which VR system is in use? Hey all,

    Basically, I'm wanting to check which VR system is in use on the Desktop used by the player (Rift, Vive, RiftCat/VRidge, etc.) however I'm finding that the API documentation for OpenVR is just a blackhole of dispair.

    Has anyone know of a way with which to poll the OpenVR API for current VR system information?

    For example, Steam knows if the user is using Rift, Vive or Vridge (the symbols on the SteamVR app change), how can I get hold of this information in Unity via code/script?...

    How to query Unity/OpenVR to find out which VR system is in use?
  • In ARWorldMap, How to check if the models are Relocalized? I am saving and loading the models in Unity ARWorldMap scene.Once I load the models that I saved before I want to stop plane detection and remove the feature points.The CheckIfRelocalized is created by me but not working,Any idea how to do the above sa...
  • Black screen sometimes on loading Hi everyone, For a project I need to detect images targets before they appeared on screen. So I use an ARCamera and another Camera, same as the default ARCamera but with a lower field of view to simulate a zoom and detect images target on the side. On...
  • View Mixed Reality APIs? Hello together! I am researching for a project and am interested in something that microsoft calls "View Mixed Reality". It is basically a trackerless AR technology that can be used on any windows 10 device together with any webcam. In our ca...
  • Endoscopy Im trying to make a surgery simulator, however I dont know how to make a endoscopy simulation. What I want to make is an asset that has a new camera rig that displays the image inside the game on a screen inside the game.
  • DayDream to AR Guys, anyone interested in a unity project of importing games to AR headset? Profitable project (= I Got the complete games, the SDK, API keys, unity, and equipment. I need some help.
  • Device model for Windows MR How do we know what the model names are of the windows mr devices? for XRDevice.model? we have the acer headset so it says "Acer Mixed Reality" but we want to make windows MR specific changes to our code when the game is run through SteamVR w...
  • Deep linking with il2cpp As part of our development, we are switching from Unity 2017.4 to Unity 2018 (and later 2019) and as part of that, we are also switching from the .net scripting backend to il2cpp. Everything is generally fine, but we were using deep linking and grabbin...
  • performances issues oculus- unity 2019 1.0f2 Hello everyone.
    I'm having the weirdest of behaviour for the moment.
    I tried HDRP, normal and LWRP in a test scene for a game of mine and all show performance issues in an empty scene with basically nothing (a bit of photon networking, a couple of cubes and a plane)
    I'm getting the most peculiar profiler report.

    The weirdest part is that this is the same kind of results if I turn off my only camera.
    Anybody knows where this "other" is...

    performances issues oculus- unity 2019 1.0f2
  • Vuforia 8.1.7 can’t create archive on iOS Hey,

    I'm using Unity 2019.1.0f2 and when I create an archive on iOS I get this error. Note it works fine on device.

    Any ideas? Thanks.