• Grab mechanics and default controllers vs alternate controllers It seems the grab mechanics example project doesn't work unless you check the controllers Alternate Right Controller option and add a object to override the controller

    Can I just add a collider to the controller and then have the controller be able to pick up a grabbable object? where do the controller prefabs live I cant find them in the holotoolkit?

    Why must we use alternate controllers to grab objects?
  • Don’t close running VR Application in Unity Hey guys,

    So, i would like to make a small unity application that takes the position of the trackers and the hmd and display an avatar in that pose. Thing is I do not want it to render to the HDM and i want it to run next to an already running VR application. So how do i make it, so it doesn't shut down the other application when i run mine. Or in other words how to i run my application in the background instead of the main vr application?

    Hope someone here knows, since i couldn't find the...

    Don't close running VR Application in Unity
  • Oculus GO Define Directive Hey Community, Does anyone know if Unity supports an Oculus GO specific define directive? Kyle
  • OVR Oculus Build Errors Hi! I am very new to VR development and I`m currently having issues with building my VR project. I am working with Unity 2018.1 and with Oculus Rift + touch controllers. For my project I used Oculus Integration and Oculus Sample Framework (version 1.2...
  • Vuforia still blocks the main thread when initializing on 7.1.34 The application I'm working on only needs AR from time to time, so it's a waste of performance and power to leave Vuforia running. Having the application hang for a second or two when activating Vuforia is very jarring though.

    From the 7.1.34 changelog:

    I'm now using 7.1.34, but Unity is still blocked by Vuforia when it's initializing. Any suggestions as to why this is?
  • Can’t change andy prefab ARcore 1.2 Hello,

    I'm having a weird issue with ARcore 1.2 if I change the ARcore Andy prefab to either a different prefab (a plain 3D cube) or I add the cube into the default andy prefab it when linked the anchors together it claims to have found the anchor when it hasn't, the location of the anchor is at 0,0,0 and it doesn't appear anywhere else in the scene, I'm confused how adding a cube to the andy prefab could break it, any insight anyone has would be greatly appreciated.
  • VRTK NavMeshData Bug? Hi Im using the latest version of VRTK and for some reason within the VRTK_NavMesh Data script I cannot change the variable 'Distance Limit' to anything other than its default setting 0.1. It the strangest Thing I have seen because if I change it to anything else in the inspector it instantly pops back to 0.1.

    It does this in the example scenes and in new scenes that are created. Its a very important feature of the toolkit so if this is a bug its a pretty major one. But the most likely...

    VRTK NavMeshData Bug?
  • Hand Recognition Hello,

    I'm developing an application with unity,
    But I am faced with a problem that is no less,
    I seek to detect hands with vuforia (or any other system)
    Also it would have to work with a webcam or a camera without any specific hardware,
    But I can not help you?

    This is very important because it is the basis of my project,
    I hope to be able to count on your help,

  • Gyro and accelerometer not working in Oculus Go? I have a game on the Gear VR call Jogger, which has a running on the spot mechanic to move forward using the VR Step plugin.

    I just revived a couple of 1 star reviews because it's not working on the Oculus Go.

    I spent the weekend looking at this problem and I can't get any data from the gyro or the accelerometer on the Go, while the same code on a Gear VR works fine.

    For example, simply creating a TextMesh and adding some simple code to print the acceleration just returns 0 0 0....

    Gyro and accelerometer not working in Oculus Go?
  • Location based maps Hi,

    What is the best asset that allows me to get the players geolication and place it on a map (like Google Maps). In addition, being able to grab nearby pints of interest. When a player moves the map will update.

    I'm looking for something that is stripped down to just what I mentioned. I've seen tools like MapBox but Im looking for something more basic and not resource heavy.
  • Thoughts & impressions about upcoming MIX headset I've been following the MIX AR/VR headset from ANTVR. They have a pretty unique optical setup that gives them a very wide (96°) field of view in a pair of surprisingly small/lightweight glasses.

    They're also remarkably open and engaging of the...

    Thoughts & impressions about upcoming MIX headset
  • Vuforia android builds and video playback problems Aloha, Ive read after running into this problem with android builds: Im learning Vuforia and unity, Ive built several programs using the target image and playing a video back. It worls fine on PC and when ported to Andriod the video is very choppy and ...
  • Why does my camera jump to world origin when I hit play? It didn't use to happen in the previous version of Unity with the Vuforia plugin.
    What may be causing this?

    Thank you.
  • Locatable Camera in Unity I'm trying to figure out how to map positions from the RGB webcam on the HoloLens into 3D coordinates in the Unity scene (or more precisely, rays). For this, I need to know the camera pose and projection matrix.

    According to this developer page from Microsoft, in Unity "a CameraToWorldMatrix is automatically provided by LocatableWebCamFrame":

    However, a...

    Locatable Camera in Unity
  • Importing fbx asset into unity causes double vision in Mixed Reality Hi,

    Does anyone know what causes this?

    I've set up a new unity 2018 project for wmr and added a block. I can see the block clearly in the headset.

    Then I import an fbx object from blender 2.79 (a simple torus). Now when I view the scene again I see both the torus and the block double.

    I made no other changes and the effect is reproducable from a clean project.
    I'm using the samsung odyssey wmr set.

    Update: removing the object brings the scene back to real 3d.
    If I export the object as...

    Importing fbx asset into unity causes double vision in Mixed Reality