• Unity wrapper – Google Tesseract OCR Hi all,

    I've come across quite a number of users here unable to find a quality OCR plug-in for Unity projects.
    At DesignSpark (part of engineering distributor - RS Components), an Augmented Reality app (iOS & Android) to discover RS product 3D models was released as a 'closed beta' this September 2017:
    This app requires the user to point their device's rear camera at a manufacturer part number,...

    Unity wrapper - Google Tesseract OCR
  • Oculus Go Controller Disappears My Oculus Go controller works fine at the home screen, but when I go to open the app I built to it, I can no longer see it. It was working earlier today and Im not sure if theres a setting that I messed up.
  • ARKit Development Hi there,

    I was just wondering if there was a timeline for when the kit will be available via the package manager.

    Also, what's Unity's policy as far as using BitBucket vs GitHub?
  • What causes this error: Failed to upload file. Error:[object Object] I'm trying to deploy a text file to the hololens, but the popup keeps saying this.

    I'm using miscrosoft edge as my communitation browser.
  • new to unity needed help with the door knob opening and closing m working on a VR project where i have products that has door and now i need to implement door knobs that can be used grab and open door. if anyone can help me that would great.
  • How to make gameobject always look at (AR-)camera? (billboard) Hi,

    I intend to have a number of billboards that always face the camera. Unfortunately, the ARCamera-object does not move at all in world space, so I cannot use its transform for calculations. Does anybody know how to get the world space position and orientation of the device camera? Or better yet, has anyone already accomplished billboards with Vuforia?
    So far, I'm a little lost googling and browsing the documentation.
  • Why Vuforia AR not working in my device? Hi all, I am new to Unity AR.I have completed an IOS app which is working with Vuforia plane detection and tested using ipad.Now I took the project and switched to android platform.When I installed and checked it is not detecting any plane.So I tried a...
  • Turning table Probably a silly question but I was not able to find any solution.
    Let's say I;ve got a scene with rounded table in the center which I want to point by laser wich is cast from controller, and then when I push the trigger and move the laser, to turn table accordingly in one axis.
    I guess this should be relativelly easy, but don;t know how to transform the RaycastHit.point.transform.position to table rotation in Y axis.
    I guess there should be some example scripts as well but haven;t found any...

    Turning table
  • Why Plane Indicator is missing? Hi,
    According to Vuforia tutorial I have done plane detection tutorial.I have tried it with a capsule.It works fine in mac-ios.Tutorial link- I can find the plane indicator looking for a plane.Now when i replace the 'Content Positioning Behaviour with DeploymentStageOnce script,the Plane Indicator(Focus points) goes missing.I can touch on the screen and place the model but before that plane...

    Why Plane Indicator is missing?
  • VideoCapture with Unity2017.2.0b11 Hi,

    I am working on a Hololens Headset and I want to capture with VideoCaptureAPI.
    I have following this:

    My project build completed and I launch the build with VS2017. The parameters are Release, x86 and RemoteDevice.
    My build launched correctly on the Hololens Headset and after 1 min, I quit the app but I don't find my video in Video Folder.

    I have Unity2017.2.0b11 and VS2017...

    VideoCapture with Unity2017.2.0b11
  • AssetsBundle for 3d models and CloundReco for imagetargets I am in the process of development of an augmented reality app. I would like to put in the app multiple image targets e multiple 3d models, conecting especific images targets with especific the 3d models. For that o would like to use the assetbundle to...
  • Vuforia videoplayback for unity 2017.2 Hi Where can i find the vuforia videoplayback sample for unity 2017.2. I am not able to find it in asset store. I need to create a simple videoplayback app with unity. Kindly please help Thanks Ansuman Suryaprakash
  • Asset/script that echos Lone Echo’s “0g movement with hands” mechanic? I have several models I'd love to float around in. I'm not much of a coder, I just love playing with scripts and assets. I love the Echo games and Mission ISS so I'd love to find something that gets me as close to this functionality as possible in my own scenes - I am hoping there's an asset on the store covering this type of functionality so I can plug-and-play as much as possible.

    Thank you in advance for any help, sorry if this is the wrong forum.
  • VRWorks broken with dual GPU SLI? Hi all --

    I've been wondering if anyone else is encountering this issue; I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.

    I have two GTX 1080 Ti's SLIed together. If I attempt to use Single Pass (Instanced), then unity crashes immediately on hitting play. If I use regular Single Pass, then it runs but only renders a pure black screen.

    If I disable SLI, then Single Pass Instanced runs but only renders the left eye. Single Pass does run with SLI turned off.

    I've tried Unity 2017.4.1f1 as recommended...

    VRWorks broken with dual GPU SLI?
  • Place a GameObject on a far away area. Hello everyone.

    So I have a problem with Unity/SteamVR + VRTK. What I'd like to do: Pick up a GameObject and make it possible to place the Object on a far away area. It's basically a wall in the distance. This wall is divided into smaller sections. The GameObject should only be placed into a specific section.

    Picking up stuff seems pretty easy with VRTK but how can I make sure that the picked up Object gets "teleported" to the target immediately?