• Fixed foveated rendering on Oculus Quest not working I have not had any luck getting OVRManager.tiledMultiResLevel working on Quest. With an older Oculus SDK I got the error "Tiled-based Multi-resolution feature is not supported" but now nothing shows up and seemingly there is no resolution change around the edge of the screen. It's as if there's no effect. This is on 2019.1.4f1
  • Daydream detect if world sense is lost? Hiya,

    Wondering if there is anyway to detect the loss of world sense.

    Apparently the headset reverts to 3DoF when world-sense is lost, so if there's any way to detect if the DoF swaps would help as well. Closest I can find is in

    The static bool "SupportsPositionalTracking" - Gets a value indicating whether this headset supports 6DoF positional tracking - but this value doesn't seem to update when world sense is...

    Daydream detect if world sense is lost?
  • Cloud anchors – colliders – triggered when player gets close to the spawned object Hi there,

    I've added a collider on the spawned object prefab (i.e. the star) in the cloud anchor scene, made it into a trigger and added another collider on the first person camera within ARCore with a script with OnTriggerEnter(), but no matter how big the colliders no event is detected.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • ARCore cloud anchors scene join room button not working Hi guys, I was trying to build the sample ARcore Cloud Anchors scene, but as soon as I try to join an already created room with an already hosted cloud anchor, the join button doesn't seem to be working.

    Seems like the ARCore Cloud Anchor API is connected properly as I can see some requests being made on the Cloud console.

    Any thoughts on this please?
  • Unity apps don’t show up on GearVR Oculus app Hi,

    I've been trying to get a unity project onto my GearVR running on Galaxy S7. I've not been able to get any app running on the GearVR (including the Unity VR Samples app). The .apk installs, tells me I need to connect my GearVR but then the app won't show in the library.

    I've got the android SDKs installed and the JDK which is linked set up in my Unity editor.

    I've created the OSIG file and added it to the project folder.

    I've tested saving the .apk file to my project folder and then...

    Unity apps don't show up on GearVR Oculus app
  • UI Canvas/Button and Augmented Reality with Vuforia Hi, I am new to Unity and Vuforia. I was able to set up an ARCamera and ImageTarget with a child GameObject cube. When I scan my marker with my iPad, I can see the cube hovering over my marker. Great. Now, I am trying to get the cube to become a cl...
  • InputDeviceRole vs XRNode for getting hand devices Is there any difference between the following methods for getting a hand device? Or do they return the same device result all the time? Code (CSharp): List<InputDevice> leftHandDevices = new List<InputDevice>(); UnityEngine.XR...
  • Vuforia, tracking same object repeatedly Complete Vuforia newb here.

    Once the trackable image is found everything works fine. However after losing the image the app will not find it again and OnTrackableStateChange() is not called a second time.

    Do I need to destroy the initial object before it can be tracked again.

    FY: I don't code in Unity/Vuforia often, but I know C# so I'm trying to help someone with this issue.
  • Change icon based on user proximity in AR Foundation? Hello all,

    Just started working with AR Foundation. Would like to create an app with plane detection where the user can tap to place an icon and have the icon change based on the user's distance to/from the placed icon.

    I have a basic AR Foundation framework running with plane detection and object placement working but could use some help writing a script for getting the object/icon to change based on distance.

    Are there any functions built into AR Foundation that could take a measurement...

    Change icon based on user proximity in AR Foundation?
  • Vive Pro Controller isTracked is false while visible / Unity 2019.1.0f2 Hi everyone,

    I'm currently developing a VR application and use
    Code (CSharp):
    1. UnityEngine.XR.InputDevices.GetDevicesAtXRNode(UnityEngine.XR.XRNode.LeftHand, xrInputDevices);
    to get my left and right hand. The application is very simplified for input and uses only one controllers touchpad at a time. Since this will be installed at a museum the thought was, to use only one controller while the other can charge in a place outside of the tracking space.

    During testing I get the following...

    Vive Pro Controller isTracked is false while visible / Unity 2019.1.0f2
  • Compatibility Matrix Does anyone know if there exists somewhere a compatibility matrix listing all the current Unity versions and there compatibility with which version(s) of ARFoundation, LWRP, HDRP, ShaderGraph and Visual Effects Graph? Getting increasingly difficult to...
  • XR Occlusion Mask Hey there, I have a few questions regarding the occlusion mask/mesh used when rendering to any VR Headset: Is the same occlusion mask/mesh used for all devices or does each device have an individual one setup? Is it possible the access the actual cur...
  • Light Weight Render Pipeline is not supported in Oculus Go? Because the app crashes when opening Is LWRP supported on Oculus Go or not? I am using Unity 2019.1.0f2 version and I have changed every setting in Unity but somehow the app always crashes before the scene even loads. Will this also occur in Oculus Quest? Is there any work around?
  • I got this error when trying the augmented image scene example EntryPointNotFoundException: ArPrestoAugmentedImageDatabase_create GoogleARCoreInternal.AugmentedImageDatabaseApi.CreateArPrestoAugmentedImageDatabase (System.Byte rawData) (at Assets/GoogleARCore/SDK/Scripts/Api/AugmentedImageDatabaseApi.cs:59) Goog...
  • Can only pick up objects while not wearing headset I got my rift s a couple days ago and decided to get it working in unity. I enabled virtual reality support and installed the Oculus integration. I made a grabbable cube and got the hand tracking working, but I notice that i was not able to pick up the cube while wearing the headset. as soon as i take off the headset and hold it in my hand (not blocking the sensor) I can pick up the cube with no problem. I have never messed with vr in unity before so I really don't know where to start....

    Can only pick up objects while not wearing headset