• Oculus OVR Grabber script. Can I use the Index Trigger instead of the hand Trigger? I have created a VR scene in Unity for use with the Oculus Rift. I have the OVR Grabber script attached to the hand objects so the user can grab objects, but the script will only let me use the "PrimaryHandTrigger". I think the "PrimaryI...
  • Long Press To Drag Object I'm trying to get it so that when you long press, you can then drag the object around or you need to click on object itself before dragging. Right now, I have the problem that if you click anywhere on the screen it will instantly move the object there and then you can drag.

    Code (CSharp):
    1. using UnityEngine;
    2. using UnityEngine.EventSystems;
    4. public class MyDragBehaviour : MonoBehaviour
    5. {
    10.     float pointerDownTimer = 0;
    11.     const float requiredHoldTime = 0.5f;//has to hold for 0.5 seconds...
    Long Press To Drag Object
  • Isolate Face/head With Arkit Hi,

    I'm just starting to mess around with ARKit in Unity and I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out the appropriate way to accomplish isolating the face during tracking. Essentially what I am trying to do is once I have the bounds of the tracked head, create a mask around it so only the tracked head is visible on screen, basically creating a floating head. I've tried messing around a bit with culling/occlusion masks but I don't think this is the proper way to go about it. Any help or...

    Isolate Face/head With Arkit
  • Setcapturepixeldata Equivalent In Arfoundation? I need to toss the combined Y array and UV array into the ARSession camera. In arkit we had "SetCapturePixelData."

    public void SetCapturePixelData(bool enable, IntPtr pYByteArray, IntPtr pUVByteArray)

    Any equivalent for ARFoundation? I'd basically be doing something like this from the docs below:

  • Xaml Hololens Not Suggested Still? Theres a pinned thread that mentions not to use XAML but to use D3D for build type, yet its from 2016 and not open to replies. Can someone such as @BrandonFogerty tell us whether that is still the recommended advice?
  • Unityarimageanchor: How To Only Destroy The Generated Prefab By Finding A Different Anchor? Hey guys,
    I'm currently trying to archieve the following with the UnityARImageAnchor-scene from ARKit 1.5:

    The default setting is: If you loose the imageAnchor the generated prefab ("prefabToGenerate") will be destroyed. I want the prefabToGenerate to remain until you find another imageAnchor. Then it shall be destroyed.

    I wrote a simple function to deactivate the prefab with a button, whereas it doesn't get destroyed by loosing the imageAnchor.

    How to:

    Comment this part out of the...

    Unityarimageanchor: How To Only Destroy The Generated Prefab By Finding A Different Anchor?
  • Head Tracking Judder On Wmr Device Hi All

    I've noticed I am getting some judder\jitter when rendering to my WMR device. I have a Lenovo Explorer for reference.

    The mirror image within Unity seems to be perfectly stable, but on the device it appears to warp and judder a little in ways I hadn't been experiencing. Nothing appears to have changed and the device works fine without juddering outside of unity in the WMR portal and in SteamVR games.

    Has anyone else experienced these issues?

    Ian H
  • freeze problem while scene changes I looked for the similar problems but I could not find like mine. On editor everything is perfect my game never freze between scene changes but when I build it for android there start the problems. after open my game from my phone, menu scene and the f...
  • Introducing Cubity: Big 3d Asset Management And Optimization Software ​Cubity is a 3D asset management and optimization software that we created to help companies in the Manufacturing, Automotive, Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries save time when preparing content for 3D visualization. By ...
  • Graphics Corruption When Position Tracing Is Disabled On Oculus Rift I encountered this weird rendering issue on Oculus Rift. It's really easy to reproduce and I found nothing related on the internet.

    1. Create a new scene and put some object inside
    2. Delete Main Camera and drag in OVRCameraRig
    3. Disable "Use Position Tracking" in OVR Manager

    Everything looks fine in the editor but in the headset there's a black hole (depends on the object you put in) with rough edges that moves when the HMD rotates vertically.

    I've tried it on two computers. Both gave...

    Graphics Corruption When Position Tracing Is Disabled On Oculus Rift
  • Problem With Changing From One Sphere To Another I am currently trying to create an environment where I have two sphere objects where there is a 360 panorama picture in each of them. I created an object in the first sphere which I want to click and then end up in the second sphere. I tried to do this...
  • Minimum Unity Version That Comes With Vuforia 8.1.7 Hello, as I want to use the latest Vuforia 8.1.7 with Unity Cloud Build, I have to migrate my project to the Unity version that originally packages this Vuforia version. I could not find any place that tells me this information without trial and error...
  • Expose the Left/Right eye showing for desktop window for SteamVR Hi Guys,

    I've been in touch with Aaron Leiby from Valve regarding an issue with chosen eye for rendering the desktop window for VR games. This is currently effecting all SteamVR first person shooter games made with Unity.

    By default, SteamVR outputs the left eye to the desktop window. This makes streaming or recording footage of an FPS game more difficult than it should be! Since most of our users are right eye dominant, their desktop window won't show the view of them looking down...

    Expose the Left/Right eye showing for desktop window for SteamVR
  • How To Show Right/left Eye From Steamvr On Monitor Hi everyone, I need to make choice to render left or right eye on monitor for my Vive VR application. I use Steam VR v 1.2.3 and Vive Input Utility (for comfortable trackers managment). As I understand Steam VR has hardcoded left eye and has no API to...
  • Using A Second Cam While Still Rendering The Vr Camera For The Vr Headset Hey, I am not sure if I`m in the correct Section since the Topic was more (XR) focused. I am completely new to VR Unity, but what I am trying to do is (probably) pretty simple. I want to render the VR Camera so the person on the headset still sees e...