• geometry errors android vs ios Hiya Folks!
    So here's a curiosity.. Simple AR object tracked to art. Nothing remarkable...
    In Android, works fine. Port the same project to ios (using xcode natch) and whamo! Linguini ala Polygono!
    Happens as you pan over the object. You get to one particular spot where the breach is, and it just glitches to this. Any ideas? Never seen this before. ios issue?
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  • The Way We Walk in Virtual Reality Hi Guys how are you? I have found this informative article on the internet so i thought to share with all of you i hope it will be helpful for all of you. Virtual reality allows us to enjoy new, immersive experiences – we could be world-class runners,...
  • Low FPS / Drawing thousands of primitives I am developing an application that renders close to 20000 primitive unity spheres. When Hololens was profiled, the GPU capacity was maximized as expected. So I tried to use the mobile shaders as I read they are optimized for mobile displays. When I pr...
  • Game Controller Asset for controlling my card board mobile!? Hello, I created a presentation with... Game Controller Asset for controlling my card board mobile!?
  • Use WMR controllers without the headset Hello everyone,

    for a project, I need to use the HP WMR controllers but not the headset --> without launching VR (i.e VR controllers as a standard joystick).
    I don't need position tracking, only inputs from buttons and the joystick.

    On the microsoft documentation, it's written in the controllers' FAQ :
    Can you use these controllers without a headset? Just for the joystick/trigger/etc input?
    Not for Universal Windows Applications.

    Since my application is a PC...

    Use WMR controllers without the headset
  • Scaling with controller Newbie needs help with coding I want to scale the room in Vr with the two controllers by pushing a button on each and changing the distance between the two. (like in Tilt Brush) thank you in advance
  • Launch time very long Hi,
    I encountered a strange error while building my Unity application. When I start the apk in the headset (Oculus Go), there is almost 20 sec of black screen and the splash screen with the unity logo is even suddenly cut. When I used the adb logcat, I got the explanation with this error : "Unable to start service Intent { } U=0: not found" and I don't know what is calling such service, I imported only the...

    Launch time very long
  • Launching external app Hi there,
    I want to launch external app on Holo. Now, since the System.Process is unavailable, I can't just run process. So I want to use URI launcher, but with options configured to recommend app:

    Code (CSharp):
    1.  var options = new Windows.System.LauncherOptions();
    2.         options.PreferredApplicationPackageFamilyName = "Contoso.URIApp_8wknc82po1e";
    3.         options.PreferredApplicationDisplayName = "Contoso URI Ap";
    4.         // Launch the URI
    5.         var success = await...
    Launching external app
  • Create one/multiple World Anchor with Lenovo Mirage? Hi, i want to use the Lenovo in a realworld obstacle Path. is there a way to force set a Player(camera?) to a Specific Location ingame, same as the realworld is? I mean, somthing like, i look on a Picture, and the Headset set the right Position and ...
  • Has anyone been able to make Vuforia work on Windows or Mac in a standalone app? Hi,

    I'm trying to build a Vuforia based app for Windows and Mac platforms, but having zero luck making it work in the built app. It works fine in the editor.

    I've tried all of the demos and all of the example code I can find online.

    Am I wrong about this? Is editor support only there so you can develop phone apps easier or something?

    Does Vuforia actually work in a standalone non-phone Unity app? I just need to know if I'm wasting my time on this or not.

  • Portal Shader becomes cross-eyed when using VR Hi all, Im having a problem getting this shader working with VR, anyone know how i can fix it? I am trying to make a Portal effect, used Brackeys tutorial as a start off point. I originally was using a first person character then decided that it would...
  • Vuforia errors on build attempt I'm trying to build my .apk file in Unity, but I keep getting a message saying "Build completed with a result of 'failed'". When I check the errors, they're all very similar and related to Vuforia. I'll list all the errors below (some are repeated on different lines, so I'll keep those ones out). Can someone please help me figure out how to fix this? I already tried updating to the latest version of Vuforia and still got the errors.

    • ...

    Vuforia errors on build attempt
  • A Drones and AR/VR portal with lot of information. A Portal where you guys get much more information on drone and AR/VR product details, owners, customers, sellers and drone pilots. And also the past and upcoming drone, AR/VR event's details.
  • Can I use OVROverlay to get better 360 video performance? Hello, I am developing an Oculus GO app in Unity that shows a 360 video player. So far I have been using a VideoPlayer that renders to a RenderTexture and a sphere with the Skybox/Panoramic shader that uses the same RenderTexture. It works great for mo...
  • How to switch between left and right eye cameras will be displayed on the screen, through programmin Hi, When I run the program, only the left side is displayed on the current monitor. How to switch between left and right eye cameras by programming and display on the monitor Thank you!