• Deployment errors for Hololens Hi, I've been trying to develop an application for Hololens using Holotoolkit and Vuforia at the same time. The app runs well on the Unity editor but when I try to deploy it (through Release, x86, Device), I get several Unhandled Exception errors on Visual Studio. Specifically they're under "No Symbols Loaded" and errors say "kernel.pdb not included" and "combase.dll not included". Does anyone know the solution for this?
  • AR Piano keyboard recognition Hey all, I have started a new project on the HoloLens platform, and i am looking for how to implement a recognition of piano keys as objects by edge recognition. i found that vuforia and OpenCV is capable for this kind of things. I will be glad for so...
  • Samsung Gear VR apk without adb Hello! At the very beginning I generated an application using adb. Currently, I need to generate apk for a larger number of devices, but I can not find information on the Internet. Can you tell me how to do it?
  • Support Contact I've reached out to get premium support and pricing twice now but I've not heard back from anyone. Any advice or guidance on the best way to hear back from unity would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  • Unity newbie getting error with “Hello World” Hololens app Hello all. I'm trying to teach myself Hololens development using Unity3D. I'm using Unity 2018.3.9f1 Personal version with Visual Studio 2017 Community. I'm following along with the Microsoft HoloAcademy tutorials here:

    Essentially what I'm doing is:
    1) Start Unity
    2) Create a new project and add a new scene
    3) Select the Main Camera in the new scene and translate to X=0,Y=0, Z=0
    4) Add a Cube object to the...

    Unity newbie getting error with "Hello World" Hololens app
  • Where to download UnitySetup-Metro-Support-for-Editor-2017.2.0p1-MRTP4.exe Hello, Under "Build Setting", I received "No Univeral Windows Platform module loaded". View attachment 253857 When clicked on the "Open Download Page" button, it re-directed to the following broken link http:/...
  • HTC Vive VR, how to implement “screen edge fade effect” like in Google Earth VR? Hello. I noticed that if I going to use "WASD movement", and if I will see only objects in the center of the screen and will not see edges of the screen, motion sickness will be much less noticeable. People from Google noticed this too and i...
  • ARKit SDK Face Tracking performance issue. Hi There, The camera feed and ar tracking are laggy in our app. We tried to check the FPS of the app and find its mostly not related to the camera / tracking issue. The app runs at 60fps but the camera is very laggy that makes it look less than 24fps....
  • Error in vuforia core samples. Hello,
    I just downloaded vuforia core samples and I am getting these errors:

    Assets\Vuforia\Editor\Scripts\OpenSourceInitializer.cs(63,38): error CS0535: 'OpenSourceInitializer.DefaultBehaviourAttacher' does not implement interface member 'IDefaultBehaviourAttacher.AddDefaultModelRecoEventHandler(GameObject, ModelTargetBehaviour)'

    Five more errors on others lines with same description.
    I am using Unity 2018.3.7f1 and vuforia 8.0.10.
  • Enable RigidBody while HandDraggable Hi guys ! I have a question about handDraggable (script int the MRTK). Is it possible to keep RigidBody on the object while handDragging ? I have to unlock a drawer with a key, so i use the "OnCollisionEnter" on my drawer, but it works only ...
  • AR+VR, how to match positions in two different scenes? I am making a multiplayer game where both ARCore, SteamVR and Photon are used. The players consists of two VR players and two AR players, all in the same IRL room, so all positions has to match. The VR players can see each other in the same position in...
  • Vive controllers not showing in any new Unity project Specifically, if I start a new project, import SteamVR from the asset store, create and compile a basic action set (using defaults) and add a camera rig from SteamVR/Prefabs (and yes, delete the original main camera), I get no controllers showing when run. They show normally in SteamVR home or any existing application.

    I have tested and found this issue doesn't exist with SteamVR plugin v1.2.3, i.e. before action sets were introduced.
    It happens on both my home and work PCs, which have...

    Vive controllers not showing in any new Unity project
  • Is Accelerometer necessary for AR? Hi Read this long post on the accelerometer And also that by reducing the accelerometer sampling frequency you can improve performance
  • First Person Prefab falls through imported Terrain Model Hi all,

    I'm having a bit of trouble with imported terrain data - it first person controller falls straight down through it, even when I make sure that it was placed right above the model.

    When I first imported the model it looked transparent with orange outlines of the tiles the terrain was broken into, and after adding a solid white material to it, the character still falls through. I added a video to show what happens:

    I'm experienced with Unity, and...

    First Person Prefab falls through imported Terrain Model
  • [Hololens] DictationRecognizer stops responding after a period of time Hi, I've seen some unanswered posts on something similar to this, so am just putting my scenario out here.

    Essentially my app uses the DictationRecognizer to detect user's speech. The response is fast and is quite up to our expectations. However, as the longer we allow the recognizer to run, it eventually stops picking up anything. There's no result nor hypothesis coming back.

    I've attempted to test this on the editor, but it seems to be fine when I leave it to run on the editor for...

    DictationRecognizer stops responding after a period of time