• How change the default blue rectangle with white circle when detecting a plane? In the UnityArkitPlugin example-I was working on the UnityARHittestExample scene.When we build it into a ios device which detects the horizontal and vertical planes.I do not want vertical planes so I turned them off.What I was looking for was to change...
  • Placing objects in world space Hi there, I’m working with an image target that tends to shake quite a bit for whatever reason. I’m trying to get around this by instantiating objects relative to the target, but in world space (I.e. not parented to the image target) I was expecting ...
  • Lenovo Mirage Solo – Unsupported on google play Hello,

    My daydream app can only install on my Pixel device via google play and not on Lenovo Mirage Solo...
    Looking at the Device Catalog menu tab at the Google Developer Console the reason for it not being supported are showing as:

    Doesn't support required feature <uses-feature>

    However I don't have ARCore enabled and when I export the project and look at the manifest in the Android Studio... I don't see a line like:

    Lenovo Mirage Solo - Unsupported on google play
  • ARKit Image Anchor Scaling is x10 bigger than it should be Hello everyone, I tried the Image Anchor example from ARKit - everything works out pretty well except the scaling. When running the example on my Xs (iOS 12.1) the size of AR content is too big by factor 10. To get more into detail, I used the "...
  • Setting a vive tracker to “Disable” role. Bindings are ignored? I am using SteamVR 2.0 and the bindings system. I am trying to set simple bindings for trackers so I may access pogo pin states in game. Currently I have set all of my trackers to role: "Disabled" and created bindings for: application_gener...
  • GearVR player movement with touchpad Hello, I am beginner developer in unity, and I have a problem with touchpad, which I want to use in movement camera. I've read some topics and in all of them offer something like the following code.
    Code (CSharp):
    1. using UnityEngine;
    2. using System.Collections;
    4. public class OVR_PlayerMove : MonoBehaviour
    5. {
    7.     private float velocity = 5.0f;
    9.     private int direction = 100;
    10.     private CharacterController controller;
    11.     private Transform head;
    12.     private Transform body;...
    GearVR player movement with touchpad
  • [Help] Developing mirrored hand’s for the Leap Motion Hello, I'm working on a project where I need to mirror the left hand over to the right and I'm using the most recent SDK and core assets.

    I'm trying to use the mirrorZ function from the LeapTransform class however it doesn't appear to be doing anything to the hands and as a side note I've noticed that I can't even seem to move the hands using the Hand.SetTransform method.

    I was...

    Developing mirrored hand's for the Leap Motion
  • Matching 3D / VR keyboard input to Google Spreadsheet Send Request Hi all,

    I am a true beginner when it comes to coding in c#. I am struggling to connect a numerical simple keyboard with a text field which is a part of send request. My issue is, that the keyboard script can alter a "placeholder" component of the "button" component, but does NOT alter the "text" component, which ultimately is the one that is being sent to the google form. It works for the placeholder, it doesn't work for the text.

    Any ideas? (images and scripts below).

    Thanks in advance...

    Matching 3D / VR keyboard input to Google Spreadsheet Send Request
  • ARKIT Image anchor – exact scaling? I'm struggling to get reliable tracking using the ARKIT AunityARImageAnchor Example.
    The spawne prefab always seems to wobble a bit.

    Here's what I know about sizing:
    Physical size on the scene is set at 0.06m for the marker
    This seems to relate to the diagonal size of the marker.
    The horizontal size would be 0.043m

    I have tried both, but still getting wobbles.

    Does anyone know the exact right size to print out the markers?
    Am I right in assuming that the size of the printed maret has to...

    ARKIT Image anchor - exact scaling?
  • Unity AR Foundation Restart the scene. Hello. Im using unity AR Foundation and it works pretty well. But if i restart the scene AR works very bad and buggy. As if something is left from the previous scene. Is there any way i can restart th scene in ARFoundation ?
  • Oculus home menus in unity Does anyone here know or can point me in the right direction of how I would make one of these windows?

    For clarity, I'm talking about the various windows that pop up similar to the setting window that allows interaction not only with grabbing but also with button interaction.

    Many thanks for any help in advance.
  • Issue with OVR Camera and Post-Processing Behaviour Hello everyone! I'm facing an issue with VR and Post-Processing Behaviour.

    Basically what I wanted to do is to use the Post-Processing Behaviour with the default OVR Camera Rig from Oculus, but when I try to add the Post-Processing Behaviour it generates automatically an Unity camera and moreover it doesn't show the Post-Processing Behaviour effect.

    Is there a solution in order to integrate both things? or moreover, is there a way to improve the Graphics for the VR Camera?

    Thank you so...

    Issue with OVR Camera and Post-Processing Behaviour
  • Plane Ground, Plane Finder Reset Hello.

    Currently, AR contents are created using Ground Plane and Plane Finder in Unity.

    When you're aware of a floor surface and it's unrecognized, you're no longer looking for a floor.

    Is there a function to get the floor back?
  • Optics mystery: Objects that are farther dont scale correctly I've noticed in the unity 2D view (like through a normal camera) a sphere that is twice as far is half the size. This is how optics works in real life. However, I noticed that in VR that is not the case? Has anyone else noticed this? Any solutions to fix this?

    Left sphere is two units away from the camera, two spheres on the right are the same size but are twice as far from the camera. Since there is two stacked on each other they are the same height as the closer sphere. In VR, the closer...

    Optics mystery: Objects that are farther dont scale correctly
  • Simply detecting the HTC Vive presence I am using the following code but it does not work in the statement that checks if the hmd is disconnected Code (CSharp):      public bool isVREnable;      private void Update()      { &nb...