• Modifying face mesh from Facekit Has anyone been able to manipulate the face mesh via shader from the ARKit Face system? By default Unity puts the video on the background and just overlays the mesh. To distort the face mesh we would need to use the camera feed as a texture and calcu...
  • Scaling ARKit Session – How To Previously I was using ARFoundation which allowed me to scale the entire ARSession. How can I accomplish the same when using purely only the ARKit unity plugin?

    I'm needing to enlarge my GameObjects in general for NavMesh purposes, but then I need to visually shrink them down so they will fit in my AR ground plane spaces.

    Any help would be appreciated!
  • Move object target outline Hi,
    I am just starting to use Vuforia and really love it and think it has great possibilities for a lot of projects we have at our company. I was trying to implement a virtual button with the 3d object, once found, switch scenes and go to a menu with virtual button. It appears this can't be done, so as a workaround for now until I can figure that out, I could just put a menu on the side of the project, but I would like to move the outline of the 3d object to the right. Can this be done and...

    Move object target outline
  • Performance issue on WMR headset Hello everyone, we are facing a performance issue on our VR game that we do not fully understand. We are targetting the WMR headsets, and for now we are going through SteamVR to handle our headset. Rendering of the game is ok while being in the edito...
  • HoloLens UWP command-line build gives wrong splash image Hello, I have a project that runs on Microsoft HoloLens (UWP Platform). When I build using the Editor, I have my "Virtual Reality Splash Image" as expected. When I try to automate my build using the command line, I always get the "Made...
  • Implementing Native Rendering Plugin in XR-application, SRP, XR-rendering **Im reposting this here, since i didnt get a reply on the Graphics thread for 3 weeks now** Hello guys, I’m trying to implement an OpenGL Plugin into a VR-game which should do some external OpenGL rendering written in C++, inside Unity. First, I tr...
  • What to use to record full res VR? I tried nvidea recorder and it looks like unitys game preview does all semi blurred when playing. Except im running a full build EXE file and it looks good untill you view the video and it is not crisp. i do not have this issue on the PC build recordin...
  • How to set up an image target to play multiple video players in 3D space, set opacity by color? I was looking at the Artivive app and it has a neat concept I'd like to implement in Unity. Namely, once I have an image target for Augmented Reality, I'd like to play layered 3D content, JPGs, OBJs, mp4s.

    SO in this video, between 02:35 and 3:30 they show the set up and basic functionality

    I've used Vuforia before (still total noob), also looking at webAR and ARcore, because I'd like a web delivery rather than an installed app (not sure if Vuforia does...

    How to set up an image target to play multiple video players in 3D space, set opacity by color?
  • FOVE Heatmaps Does anyone know how I can use the FOVE headset to create heatmaps of where users are looking in my Virtual Environment? Trying to find where the user's visual attention is during the game.

    Also if anyone knows any other way of looking at this instead of a heatmap that would be much appreciated.
  • Magic Leap 1 Co-lab project Hi Chap's n Chapess's,...If your interested to learn, dev, collab etc. on a Magic Leap 1 project. Check us (OUDevs) out on Discord =>
  • Door interaction in a project for Google Daydream VR Hi! I'm new to unity and vr and i want to make a little project, a building where you can explore inside.
    For this project i have samsung galaxy s9 and google daydream vr set.
    I searched on the internet examples of how to do door interactions like opening a door and i couldn't find any for daydream. I only found for Hive Vr using SteamVR and VRTK. And i was wondering if i can adapt what i saw here
    and insert the buttons of daydream mini controller.
  • Hoverboard VR – New Tech Demo (WiiBB, Kinect v2, LeapMotion mashup) To get the most immersive experience possible with the current hardware available I have upgraded my earlier Hoverboard VR Experience in my spare time.

    Just in time for Marty McFly's return :p

    I used the WiiBalanceWalker v0.4 library from Richard Perry to use the Wii Balance Board as an input controller. I am...

    Hoverboard VR - New Tech Demo (WiiBB, Kinect v2, LeapMotion mashup)
  • Daydream 6dof controllers Is it possible for me to develop 6dof daydream app or game note that I don't have lenovo mirage with 6dof controllers. In another way, can I control the 6dof controllers from the unity editor ?
  • Teleportation with Oculus Go Hey. I uploaded a scene to my Oculus Go. I created this scene with the tutorial: I get the scene opened with my Oculus Go and can look around. I see all the parts that I made in the sce...
  • Mobile VR performance constraints I want to create a google cardboard game, but I don’t know what the performance constraints are. What texture sizes? How many faces/triangles? What shaders? I know that post processing is unnafordable, but that’s all I know.