• VideoCapture stopped working with IL2CPP backend Hi,

    The sample code provided here

    always worked with .NET scripting backend, but stopped working with IL2CPP with an exception thrown in the
    "StartRecordingAsync" method:
    ArgumentException: The specified directory does not exist.
    Parameter name: filename

    The path to which we're saving the video is confirmed to be the same in both .NET and Il2CPP, and it's the exact same project...

    VideoCapture stopped working with IL2CPP backend
  • VR Rendering Problems (Rendering.Forward.Render.job AND Rendering.Geometry.Opaque) Hey Unity Community, I am making a VR game and trying to keep resource spending low. At this point, when I press play, Rendering.Forward.Render.job AND Rendering.Geometry.Opaque seems to be really expensive in the Unity Profiler window. It occurs wh...
  • Vuforia image, model shaking big problem Help pls. My model have bad shake. My image have 5 stars - Video - World center mode - First_taret Vuforia settings -
  • Automatic hands swapping is annoying, how do I stop it?(SteamVR + VIVE Input Utility) In short: how do I stop the SteamVR swapping hands at runtime?

    The problem comes as I'm using something like
    Code (CSharp):
    1. ViveInput.GetPressUp(HandRole.RightHand)
    And sometimes suddenly SteamVR decides to swap left & right hand role, then the controller button functionality goes onto the other controller: Normally let's say I use the right controller to point to something then pull the trigger to do the job. Now I have to use my right controller to point to the target and pull the...

    Automatic hands swapping is annoying, how do I stop it?(SteamVR + VIVE Input Utility)
  • ARCore Cloud Anchor Hey Guys,

    I'm developing a app that will use the ARCore Cloud Anchor to have a online experience. However, it's hard to find material, examples, tutorials, etc to help me with it. Everything is new and it's hard to find proper material.

    Does anyone used it before or know where I can find more?

    I'm using Unity 2018.2 with ARCore 1.9
  • Oculus Quest VR in Editor Is it possible to debug/test in the Unity Editor in VR with the Oculus Quest?

    Currently I always have to build, move .apk, install with adb (which is quite a slow proces).
    So just pressing 'Play' from within Unity and be able to debug/test from within the Editor would be very helpful.

    Or what is the 'Best' alternative to Debug/Test in the Editor in VR?

    Thanks in Advance
  • Detect drifting, tracking loss, 3dof fallback, etc. on the Oculus Quest I am working on a project for the Oculus Quest. I need to know when it begins to drift, tracking is lost, it switches from 6dof to 3dof, the user resets their direction, etc.. I have tried the Unity callbacks below, but they don't seem to work as expected with the Quest. Any ideas?

  • Move object with daydream controller. Hi, I need help, I want to use my daydream controller to move an object. I put a box collider on the object but I can't find how to move this object.
    please I really need help
    thank's !
  • Climbing ladder in Unity Hi, I would like to know how to create a program to hold ladder move it and climb it. I am new to Unity and am still learning it piece by piece.
  • is oculus Integration broken? (Sorry if reposts aren't allowed, I also posted this in scripting because I was unsure of which was more appropriate)

    I got the oculus rift S the other day and jumped right into game development with it.

    After creating a new 3D project, I set up the player to allow for oculus support, and imported the oculus integration, then went into one of the sample scenes to test out the basics, and instead of some fun grabbing and throwing I was met with scripts stating the following:


    is oculus Integration broken?
  • Joystick use with SteamVR Hi everyone

    I tried to configure the joystick for the WMR controller, but nothing works.
    I know i must use the axis 5 but i don't understand how ! I tried to use it as you can see in the pic but nothing works :(
  • Feature request – sensor recording! Please see
  • XR settings untoggles VR supported after every play test? I have this new problem where the player settings automatically untoggles the VR supported feature after each play test so that I have to go back into the settings and toggle it back on and add OpenVR as the SDK. Is there some reason why this occurs? m...
  • Creating Steam VR spawn locations that toggle with HUD elements? I was wondering if anyone had any experience with setting up VR spawn locations that can toggle on and off by accessing a HUD element?
  • Render models without plugins The unified XR input API looks promising and it allows us to target any VR platform much more easily. One thing that I'm still missing currently is a way to display the controller models without relying on the SteamVR or Oculus plugins. These plugins provide 3D models of the currently used VR controllers that are updated according to the current input (e.g. trigger and buttons being pushed). They also provide an estimated or accurate hand pose that can be applied to a hand mesh model. This...

    Render models without plugins