• Video recording/capture with mobile AR? Has anyone had any experience/luck with being able to record your AR experiences through a mobile AR app? I haven't been able to get anything substantial yet in terms of a robust video recorder. Screenshots are fine and easy - but with AR I feel I really need to be able to show more (as just a picture can't show off how cool AR stuff is).

    Anyone had any luck?
  • Can’t test in iPadPro the facetracking of arkit Hi, I tried the scene called "FaceBlendshapeSloth" and did check the facetracking in arkit settings, but the problem I encounter is that, when i want to try it in my ipadpro, a gray-ish blank screen only appears.

    I'm using Unity 2018.3.7f1 and the latest arkit v2.0.

    Any idea how to solve this?
  • how do you detect if an object is in the players hand? oculus touch i need a way to find out what object the player picks up in game. does anyone know how to check in a script what object the player is picking up?
  • Help getting the new windows mixed reality package to work Im new to development with windows mixed reality. I was able to get it working with an older version of unity. but now that everything is updated im getting this error. Ive been searching to forum and was wondering if anyone can help me with these erro...
  • 3d Vision + ortho stereoscopy Hello. I am working in stereoscopy many years and I've decided to move from custom engines to Unity. I've read many topics on Unity and Nvidia 3d vision and from some of them it seemed to be a big problem. But I've tried and here are my successes and fails. My first (and I hope right) attempt was turning on the VR support and use Stereo Display (non head-mounted). As I need as much control over my cameras position, I've created two cameras (one with red background and the second one with...

    3d Vision + ortho stereoscopy
  • Vuforia Cloud Recognition Show 3D object from your cloud target upon detection Hi, I am a newbie in this Vuforia Unity3d and C# but get to learn the basic functionality. I followed the instruction from this page ( and it seems it is now working well w...
  • HELP NEEDED: Single Pass Bloom (Legacy Image Effect) Hi. I am searching for someone that can modify the old "original" Bloom Image Effect from Unity. Of course, I know that there is a Post Processing Stack which works with Single Pass, but that bloom is computed in a different way. The origin...
  • Vive tracker with SteamVR Player Prefab Hi, I am trying to add Vive tracker in my project. I found some tutorials on how to add them to the CameraRig but could not find any information on how to add them to Player prefab. Has anyone tried adding a vive tracker to the Player prefab? Any sugg...
  • Oculus Go can run Oculus Rift Vr Game ? Hello All i just got an oculus go that is it : My Question is , Can i make it run Pc VR Games that i created before for oculus Rift ? there is anyway or it is impossible ? there is anyway to create Pc VR Games with unity and run it on oculus Go ? ...
  • Random object appear on ground plane Hey all, I made program that places flower on ground after tapping it. Is there a way to make flower to be random and not same every time?
  • How to disable HMD movement for second camera? When Unity runs with a VR headset (and the "Virtual Reality Supported" switch is turned on), the active camera follows the HMD's movements.

    But my scene has two cameras. One for the player, one for a mirror (the mirror is important, so I don't want a pixelated/blurry render texture and use the Mirror Effect asset)

    The camera used to render the mirror *also* follows the HMD's movements. How do I stop it from doing that?
  • ARFoundation: Frame number from the camera image API? Hi,
    I am using ARFoundation API to access camera image on the CPU but I can't find a way to get information on what frame it was captured, like it's provided for feature points (lastUpdatedFrame). I need feature points and camera buffer from the same frame so the...

    ARFoundation: Frame number from the camera image API?
  • Getting ARKit Face mesh as a template Does anyone know how to get the parametric face generated by ARKit as an FBX somewhere so we can use it as a template in DCC tool for making new full faces? I can't find a reference anywhere.

    I can find the texture layout on the Apple site so I know what the UV layout is, but I want to visualize it in Maya so we can test what they would look like in engine.

    If it worked in Editor, I could probably export the mesh, but not sure how to do that on iOS.
  • Rotating object with Gear/Go controller touchpad (SOLVED) Hello,
    In Unity 2017.4 i had a script to rotate in object with the touchpad of the controller, Gear-vr and Go. I started a new project in Unity 2018.3 (oculus integration 1.34), and used te same script. But it doesn't work anymore. This is the script:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. using System.Collections;
    2. using System.Collections.Generic;
    3. using UnityEngine;
    5. public class KE_ObjectRotation : MonoBehaviour
    6. {
    8.     public GameObject ObjectToRotate;
    9.     Vector3 objRotation = new Vector3(0f, 0f, 0f);
    10.     public...
    Rotating object with Gear/Go controller touchpad (SOLVED)
  • ARKit Image Tracking adjust tolerance I'm making an AR app that recognizes playing cards. The issue I'm facing is that cards of different suits are being recognized as the same image. Example: I have an ARRefenceImage for the queen of hearts, the problem is that all the queens in the deck are being recognized. Is there a way to adjust the tolerance so image tracking is more "strict?"