• AR Vuforia video recording hello,
    I,m trying to record AR with image targeting (Vuforia) in android. I found some tutorials but that doesn't work. screen recording also record the buttons and output of recorded video is low quality. so any one have any idea about that? how to record video with AR without GUI buttons of screen and with good quality video output
  • Is anyway to customize head tracking? I searched for a long time, didn't find a way to do that.
    I want the position and the view of the headset separated, not tied together.
  • Capsule Collider not Colliding With Mesh Collider I have a first person Controller for a VR game I'm developing and a map I downloaded for free off the Asset store that comes with the mesh. For parts of the map my character simply falls through the map or seems to ignore the walls. It seems like i've tried every combination of collider and settings but nothing will work. Ive tried adding different types of rigid body as suggested but that also has no effect.
    pls help
  • How to disable extended tracking (like in vuforia) Hi, I am using ARCore and I am not sure how to remove or reference the prefab/anchor after an image has been detected, and then disappear from view. I have a video start playing on detection, and I need it to reset playing when the target image is offscreen. In Vuforia, I could disable extended tracking, but I can't see in ARCore how to do it, or refer to a state when the image is offscreen.
  • 360 Videos – Stitching Issues Hello all.
    Recently started using Unity and I am attempting to make a 360 video.
    I followed a tutorial on the Unity website and was able to get it all up and running, but looking straight up, straight down and to the back, you could see very visible pinches on the poles and a seam running up the back.

    I did a google search and subsequently found many articles of people complaining about the same issue, that the 'sphere' in Unity is not the correct shape, leading to the deformations at the...

    360 Videos - Stitching Issues
  • Oculus Go – Apps built on Unity 2019.1 crash when opening them in the Go Hey there! I was wondering if anyone has been able to run a project built with Unity 2019.1 in the Oculus Go.

    After my main project failed, tried again in a new project with the must basic setup (a new scene, switched platform to Android, added package name, enabled Oculus go then built). The app builds and installs, but crashes on startup in the Go. I'm using the Android SDK and NDK that come with Unity. It's literally a new install of Unity 2019.1.0b4 (tried with 0b3 and same thing).


    Oculus Go - Apps built on Unity 2019.1 crash when opening them in the Go
  • Vuforia edit scripts referencing standard project scipts We were in the process of attempting to edit DefaultTrackableEvent, a script provided by Vuforia for custom integration. However, we could not import our custom class, even if we assigned a namespace manually. We have a class Fader.cs
    public class Fader : MonoBehaviour {}

    Vuforia cannot find Fader class. I've also tried:
    namespace myNamespace {
    public class Fader : MonoBehaviour {}
    Vuforia can't find this, with using myNamespace, and other using refs. How would I...

    Vuforia edit scripts referencing standard project scipts
  • How to determine if app is running on HoloLens We would like to know in our code if an app is running on a HoloLens device or any other platform, like a surface tablet. Is there a #define or runtime check we could use for that? We thought about using VR.WSA.WorldManager.state and checking if it is...
  • Steam VR 2.0 problem Hi guys, how are you?
    We are developing a VR app using HTC vive (1), using Steam VR 2.0. in Unity 2018.3.6.

    We are making a training software in which the main mechanic is walk and we have a problem here:

    The automatic tracking of the position of HTC is disabled in the object that carries the Camera Component.
    We are using Tracked Pose Driver, and it works, but the hand controllers doesn't use the camera as reference, and they run away from it.

    I have some images to explain this better....

    Steam VR 2.0 problem
  • How can I convert from YV21 to NV21 on the VideoBackground shader on a unity app with vuforia? My team is developing an augmented reality app for android and ios devices on Unity 3D 2018.1.3f1 and vuforia cloud recognition 7.1.31, the problem is that in some devices the video format is different, for example on the ZTE v10 we got this graphic bu...
  • Standalone AR for pc with unity Hi Everybody,

    I am developing an application that tracks a person movement using an Intel depth sensor, the main problem I have is that i need to place objects in the floor plane(detected by the sensor) using AR with a mark in the floor, I've read online that right now Ar is not supported as an stand alone application, anyone knows if is possible to create and standalone application in unity using Vuforia or any similar plugin?
  • TrackedPoseDriver in 2019.1 Where has TrackedPoseDriver gone in 2019.1? Am I supposed to use something else instead? It's even gone from the docs with the entire UnityEngine.SpatialTracking namespace :(
  • OVRPlayer controller can’t get near to gameobjects with rigidbody (is too far) When I am playing my game, OVRPlayer controller can't get near to gameobjects with rigidbody (is too far).
    That makes too difficult to interact with some objects(the human player have to approach a lot to grab an object)

    What can I do?

    Your help would be very appreciate, thank you!
  • Using OpenVR and Unity.XR with the existing UI Hi all, Apologies if this is answered or detailed somewhere, but I am yet to find it. I have a VR project aimed at Windows Desktop, with the idea to be able to use a VIVE or RIFT headset. I am using 2019.1 I am using Unity.XR and the new XR input s...
  • Switching Between Positional Tracking and Rotational Tracking at Runtime Hello, I have a project using Vuforia 7.5 that starts off in AR. Upon interacting with certain targets, I load a VR scene that will eventually return back to the initial AR scene. While using Rotational Tracking, this transition works fine by calling: ...