• Creating VR APP using 360 videos with navigation *PLEASE HELP* absolute beginner Hi Everyone, Firstly let me start off by saying i am brand new to Unity and all things tech related. I am a musician who has always been in the sales profession so excuse my complete lack of knowledge and possibly stupid questions. To sum up what i ...
  • VR using multiple TV displays I am very new to Unity3D so please forgive me for this naive question. I am looking to create a VR environment for bees using 4 large TV displays shaped into a tunnel. Is Unity3D capable to displaying onto multiple TV's in a VR-like fashion? 1 camera angle displays coherently onto 4 displays?

  • Photos sphere without distortion at poles Hey guys,

    Any good solutions for photo-spheres, that are not distorted on the poles? Assets are good too!

    I want to use 360° photos I have taken in an AR app. I do not want to use a cube or skybox.

    I've tried many different things but so far have not found a decent solution.
  • Fade to black VR Vive. I simply want to fade to black when I go to the next scene. There seems to be a few ways to do this?? black image with an alpha or steam VR fade script? what is the easiest/quickest way for VR? thanks
  • how to add my own hand models for oculus rift in unity? how do i swap out the hand models for oculus in unity? having trouble finding a solid explanation through google
  • How best to change the model attached to Duplicate Ground Plane Though not new to other more traditional development platforms, i am new to AR. Currently learning/using Unity3D and Vuforia to create a POC for an AR app. I am asking for advise of best practice to accomplish the following user story. Ground Plane St...
  • Support for both: Vive and Oculus Hi

    Is there a way to add support for both on the same game? The plugins and scripts seems incompatible so you can't have one game supporting both VR systems, or so that seems.

    Anyone managed to achieve it? what's the trick?
  • How to increase “augmantibility”? Feature Dots I am simply asking how can i increase these yellow dots to make my target more recognizable? View attachment 378046
  • Vuforia working on editor but on on device My Vuforia app is working on editor perfectly but not working on device (android). On device it does not any respond. What can I do? Vuforia version : 8.0.10:e77b6e2369a2a334abb489af3dba34aa Unity version : 2018.2.7f1 sdk: android-26
  • Fade scene up in ArKit How does one go about fading the scene up in AR kit like the Apple Park example. I tried using a replacement shader but since I use multiple different shaders in my scenes that does not properly account for all objects in the scene. I could implement a...
  • MTLPixelFormat, Unity TextureFormat to access Buffer of Depth information Today i successfully added the following functionality to Unity ARKit Plugin: - Create another Buffer for the Depth information - Hook everything up on the unity side - create a shader the depth info this as a mask. Purpose: Have the video texture (a...
  • Getting Gear VR Controller to detect a single touch Hi guys,
    I'm trying to get the touch pad on the Gear VR controller to behave like a joystick. In other words, I want it to detect when I simply touch somewhere on the touch pad, not necessarily drag, and give me the position of my touch. Using Input.GetAxis and Input.mousePosition I'm able to get some sort of feedback when I drag my finger across i.e. swipe, however merely touching does not do anything. Also Input.touchCount only returns a number greater than zero when I...

    Getting Gear VR Controller to detect a single touch
  • OpenVR – Build marks XRSettings.enabled as false I am having a problem in my project once I compile the build, it does not seem to detect the VR device connected. With a test script, I debugged whether the XRSettings's enabled property was set to true. On Editor mode it is debugged to true (first figure), however, it is set to false once the build is executed (second figure).

    The debug script is very simple:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. using...
    OpenVR - Build marks XRSettings.enabled as false
  • Integrating Unity within Mobile App Hi,

    I'm wondering what would be the best approach to architecture an app that contains both business logic and AR features. Let's assume I have a view which loads some data from database e.g. list of employees and I have a Augmented Reality view where I do something.

    I think that there are 3 options:
    - do whole App in Unity
    - do Xamarin or Native apps with Unity as a part of an app
    - use React.Native with embedded Unity

    What would you recommend? Any other approach?

  • Having problems in Unity when grabbing objects: my OVRController Runs Away I have a problem with Unity to grab objects: when I do it, the OVRController (Player) start to run away and I don't want to do that thing.

    Also it run away specially when I put my hand beside my body.

    I want to control it normally when I grab an object.

    I am using for Oculus Rift

    I would appreciate your help, thank you!