• How to set up LocalAvatar Hi there,

    I'm trying to get the hand and the controller to show up properly on Go/GearVr. I tried to attach the LocalAvatar to the OVRCameraRig and the TrackingSpace, also tried some things as described here:

    and here:


    Somehow the hand/controller is to high / low...

    How to set up LocalAvatar
  • ARFoundation + Vuforia Hello guys,

    I just wanted to check if anybody managed to make Vuforia + ARfoundation work together? I have one vuforia scene and one ARFoundation scene and whenever I try to run the ARFoundation Scene, it's black. Any idea why ?
  • Unity Architectural visualization in Virtual reality Hello,
    I am an undergraduate student and currently working as a 3D artist .
    I am trying to make an Architectural visualization in Virtual reality using unity. and my device is HTC vive .
    Currently i am stuck in a point. am trying to change any object texture in play mode.
    But I can't find any clue or tutorial .
    I saw ""VR MATERIAL MANAGER "" but i can't use that so that i am searching for any other wat to do that.
  • Hand grab animation with Vive triggers So basically I'm trying to figure out how to animate the players hand models when you press the trigger on a vive controller. Depending on how far down the trigger is pressed, the more "clenched" the hand will be. I figured the best approach would be to get the axis value of the trigger input by setting it to a float, and setting a float parameter in the animator for the hand animation, however I can't seem to get this working. Both hand models are also rigged.
  • Can’t attach HoloLens to Unity for remote debugging or profiling When running a Unity application on HoloLens, 'Attach Unity Debugger' in Visual Studio gives me only the Editor in the 'Select Unity Instance' dialog, with no players. As a result I can't do any script debugging of a running app, nor monitor its performance. Opening the Profiler window also fails to find the running player instance. This is something new for me - using .Net Scripting backend and Unity 2017.x.x, remote debugging always worked. This has started since I tried to move to the...

    Can't attach HoloLens to Unity for remote debugging or profiling
  • Rotate CameraRig based on Oculus Controller Rotation I was trying to access the rotation of the Oculus controller so that i can rotate the Player Rig to create an illusion that world is rotating. I am using SteamVR, so my code will look when i access the rotation of a right hand controller int rightInd...
  • Access cubemap of ARKit environment texture?? I need to access the textures that make up the cubemap generated by ARKit's environment/reflection probe. I can do this successfully in non-ARKit scenes by doing this:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. Cubemap cm =  reflectionProbe.customBakedTexture;
    2. Color colors = cm.GetPixels(CubemapFace.NegativeX);
    4. Texture2D tex = new Texture2D(256, 256);
    5. tex.SetPixels(colors);
    6. tex.Apply();
    8. //do something with tex (apply to a Material, RawImage, whatever...)
    This works great on-device for non-ARKit scenes, but...

    Access cubemap of ARKit environment texture??
  • Oculus Go controller mapping I've searched and searched and was unable to find how the Oculus Go controller maps to the built in controls in Unity (i.e. edit->project settings->input).

    What I did was assign each button/axis to a named control of the button/axis name (i.e. "joystick button 0" = "button 0" and "joystick axis X" = "axis 1"). Then put it in a text mesh so I could see the values for each.

    What I've found is:
    Trigger = button 15 (its also an axis but returns only 1 or 0, nothing in-between)
    Back = button 7...

    Oculus Go controller mapping
  • Camera sometimes starts at floor level – 2018.2.13 On launch, the camera will sometimes start at the floor level, i.e. y == 0.... This is inconsistent to reproduce but happens fairly frequently. Tracking wise, the device should be in a good state. When launching the app from the Windows cliff house, th...
  • Steam Store Published VR Game support for Oculus Touch and HTC Vive Hi All, How do YOU do this, I guess I am asking is what ideal solution, with least amount of problems? Do you do a single build for both and within the game detect which device is connected and load corresponding settings etc..? Or do you do two se...
  • [Tracked controllers] Issue with momentum loss on dropping objects I'm having an issue with interacting with objects. If I try to pick up and toss them, they freeze, and then fall with gravity, rather than continue it's path due to montum. I've tested this in a basic scene just to make sure there's nothing from my game interfering.

    I have the ViveController, with a trigger collider attach to the target cube with a rigid body, via a fixed joint.
    When I "let go" the breakforce is set to 0. AFAIK the target cube should continue with it's momentum. If there...

    Issue with momentum loss on dropping objects
  • Google daydream store Hello i want to get some information about how can i make my daydream game shown in the first page of google daydream store, should i advertise my game or google has a another criteria of ranking daydream apps and games, i made lot of searchs about thi...
  • Vuforia camera always set to 0,0,0 Hello all, Why is the Vuforia camera transform points of position and rotation not updating in real time scene? Code (CSharp): cam.transform.localPosition is always (0,0,0) in the application. Why is it not updating? How do I update it in real...
  • Hololens 2 Hello, I will have soon a AR project in my hands. The initial idea was to do it with the original hololens(hololens 1 ? ) but Microsoft stopped selling it at their store so we waited for them to announce hololens 2. My biggest fear right now is when U...
  • Unity ARKit Plugin Raycast with a Ray Hi Guys,

    I want to achieve something similar like ARCore's raycast method which takes an arbitrary ray in world space coordinates instead of a screen-space point:, int)

    I know ARFoundation has a method like this, but I have to use UnityARKitPlugin.
    I see ARKit itself has not that method like I want, but in any way maybe someone has an idea!