• How to show a message if feature points are less? I am trying to build an app using ARKit with persistence.So I would like to show a message if they did not get enough feature points. Code (CSharp): if(aRCamera.trackingReason==ARTrackingStateReason.ARTrackingStateReasonInsufficientFeatures&#4...
  • Android VR Problems I've been working on a simple test scene to load onto the Oculus Quest, and had everything ready to publish until I realized I can't seem to tick the "Virtual Reality Supported" checkbox in the Project Settings. Every time I click it, it unticks. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it? I've tried signing out, restarting and signing back in, but no luck.

    Here's a video of what happens

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  • Infinite planes take highest found plane value Is there a way to make infinite plane work with other planes that have been found? Currently if this is turned on, globally it chooses the highest Y value.
  • Cloud build failing – Vuforia Hi, using Unity 2018.3.0f2 with the latest Vuforia (8.1.10). It's an old project, runs locally just fine, and last time I tried it built using Cloud build. I'm building for iOS so am using cloud build.
    Today though I keep getting errors like so:
    ] Assets/Vuforia/Scripts/DefaultModelRecoEventHandler.cs(268,114): error CS1061: Type `Vuforia.ModelTargetBehaviour' does not contain a definition for `ModelTargetType' and no extension method `ModelTargetType' of type `Vuforia.ModelTargetBehaviour'...

    Cloud build failing - Vuforia
  • Best Practice for App Sharing? Hi All,

    I've been working on a few small AR applications in my spare time. But I want to get one created for my fellow employees to play around with and for us to showcase when we walk clients through our space. Something simple like an Augmented Scene on top of a printed logo that we can hang somewhere.

    Most people here are on iOS which makes it difficult since I run Windows primarily but I can just borrow a macbook from IT. The stuff I'm really fuzzy on is how to share the app to...

    Best Practice for App Sharing?
  • How to use SteamVR Intaractable and Throwable with my own 3D models in Unity? Hi! I am trying to use the scripts "Interactable" and "Throwable" with my imported models but nothing happens, not even the yellow border that tells me that the script "Interacable" would work. When I use them with a cub...
  • Walk on spot / “Locomotion” DIY Hi everyone,

    First off: I'm aware that there are dozens of different scripts / solutions already out there which would work / provide the desired feature.
    Even though I'm not a developer by trade, I like to experiment / build my own VR-experiences, just for my own fun's / experience's sake.

    A couple years back I found a controller-script / demo (can't recall it's name, unfortunately) which would allow one to walk "on the spot" in order to move the in-game-character forward etc.

    Walk on spot / "Locomotion" DIY
  • Jittery motion on Oculus Quest Good morning! I've recently ported one of my prototypes to Oculus Quest, and I've noticed that objects moving in the scene go through phases of smooth motion for a few seconds, followed by jittery motion for around a second, then repeating.

    I've reproduced this with a super-simple project - one object in scene, bouncing left and right by modifying the transform directly, application.framerate set to match XRDevice.refreshRate, Time.fixedDeltaTime set to match XRDevice.refreshRate. I've...

    Jittery motion on Oculus Quest
  • Augmented Reality on a large cylindrical column Looking for some recommendations on how to create an AR experience on a very large column. It’s about 4 to 5 feet wide. We’re going back and forth on whether or not we should use model or target based AR. We're looking at using either Wikitude or Vuforia, so thoughts on which of those SDK's are recommended would be great as well.

    If anyone has any examples of this as well, that would be great as well!
  • Windows building XCode/iOS ARFoundation creates unbuildable project (with sample project) Recreate Steps:
    1. download and build in Unity 2019.1.3f1
    2. Copy project to Max OSX
    3. Profit. You'll see the ARReferenceImages assets are messed up.

  • Time based Augmented Reality application Looking for examples of use cases where timing has been used to change the AR experience within an already publicly published app. (Without having to publish an app update each day.) Similar to how Pokemon Go has certain pokemon show up for events, and...
  • Wikitude vs Vuforia Looking for opinions on differences between Wikitude & Vuforia. Has anyone found significant benefits to using one over other?
  • Windows Mixed Reality Toolkit: Type or namespace not found. Hi,

    I am just starting to develop for the Microsoft Hololens and wanted to start looking into the Windows Mixed Reality Tookit for Unity. I am using the latest version of Unity (2019.3.x). When I import the package, a lot of errors pop up. Mostly: The type or namespace name 'EventSystems' does not exist in the namespace 'UnityEngine'. But also some other namespaces can't be found in the namespace 'Unity Engine'. Has anyone experienced this before and maybe know the solution to this? Thank...

    Windows Mixed Reality Toolkit: Type or namespace not found.
  • Interacting with Prefabs I've been playing around with the Image Anchor example in the 1.5 folder. I'm wondering what is possible with the prefabs that are generated. For example is it possible to have a ball generate from the marker, and you have to catch it with your phone?
  • AR appearing before target recognition Hi guys! Everything is working fine! But I have just a liitle issue. When I press play, the AR apear on scrren, before the target get caught by the camera. How do I set Vuforia in a way that the AR only appear after the Target get recognized. When t...