• Shadows in AR I’m using Ground Plane and want my assets to cast shadows onto the ground. I’ve managed to do this so far by using a specific transparent shader - I’ve seen a couple of these out there. However, I can only use directional lights for this. Anyone had a...
  • Vive controllers not visible Ive seen a lot of reviews about the newest steamvr asset update not working, but yet to find any solutions. Has anyone found a way to get Vive controllers into the app, working and visible?

    (the controllers don't work in app, but they do work in steam menu)
  • Using ARCore with OpenGL ES2 I'm currently building a Unity framework to support AR applications. The framework was built using EasyAR, which requires OpenGL ES2. Now, they wan't to improve the framework with SLAM technology using ARCore. However, I am unable to get ARCore to work with OpenGL ES2. My camera feed just becomes pink, as if i'm missing a texture. This doesn't happen when using OpenGL ES3.

    Is there any way for these two systems to work in conjunction? Otherwise, I'll have to discuss a full switch towards...

    Using ARCore with OpenGL ES2
  • Asset Bundle For XR And Non XR Hi Guys,

    I want to be able to play my game in VR and in normal desktop mode. All the scenes are put in asset bundles. I'm finding when I create the asset bundles with single pass enabled, and then play it in desktop, I get the camera split in two as if I'm viewing in VR. Even though I am affirming XR settings are definitely disabled, via this:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. public class IsXREnabled : MonoBehaviour
    2. {
    3.     // Start is called before the first frame update
    4.     void Awake()
    5.     {...
    Asset Bundle For XR And Non XR
  • Uploading avatar to VRCHAT Issue! I contacted support but never got a real solution to the problem i have been having, and that problem still persists even after i redownloaded it. whenever i add a model do all my work on it and try to upload it to vrchat it does not work or send at al...
  • (LWRP + ARFoundation) Baked lightmap getting clipped for no apparent reason Hi there, We have this happening on our project and we can´t understand the reason. This is our scriptableRP file We are not scaling the model, we only scaling the ARSessionOrigin as taught in other topics. This is not related to the camera clipp...
  • Settings For Windows Mixed Reality I am trying to create my first Microsoft Mixed reality project using the Microsoft Mixed reality developer kit. Unity documentation recommends I use the Microsoft documentation located at the following URL:
  • How to open a webview when a target is recognized? Hi,

    I'm trying to open a webview inside unity app when an vumark is detected. I'm using gree's webview and my code is the following:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. using System.Collections;
    2. using System.Collections.Generic;
    3. using UnityEngine;
    4. using Vuforia;
    6. public class TrackMarkNew : MonoBehaviour, ITrackableEventHandler
    7. {
    8.     TrackableBehaviour image_TrackableBehaviour;
    9.     VuMarkManager myVuMark;
    11.     public string Url;
    12.     public GUIText status;
    13.     WebViewObject webViewObject;
    15.     // Use this for...
    How to open a webview when a target is recognized?
  • WMR headsets in standalone build (exe) I understood that these headsets can only be used in Universal Windows 10 Application builds. Is it (ever?) going to be possible to use these headsets in a standalone build (exe)? If yes, any time soon? And if yes, will they also run on previous Window...
  • Vuforia OntrackingLost Function Doesn’t Work when Device tracker is Enabled? I am facing the following problem: when I want to place an object in the Scene it moves around, I need it to stay in its place so it must be an anchor object.

    Unfortunately, we can't anchor an object in Vuforia without Using Plane Ground detection.

    Moreover after "Enabling Plane Ground Detection", the augmented object appear and never gets lost and the function "onTrackingLost" never triggered. It seems that this function is not automatically being Called and not working!

    How can we solve...

    Vuforia OntrackingLost Function Doesn't Work when Device tracker is Enabled?
  • Switching from Vuforia AR to VR – Camera Freeze Hey there,

    we have some issue with the AR Camera in Vuforia after switching to VR Mode but only on our Android Build. In the iOS Build everything works fine.

    What we did: We implemented the AR/VR Transition from the Vuforia Examples into our project. Transition and switching the components works fine, but from time to time the camera position freezes without any obvious reason.
    After building the same project on an iOS Device everything works like intended.
    At this point we haven't...

    Switching from Vuforia AR to VR - Camera Freeze
  • Limitations of using AR in tablets/Mobile devices? Hello all, I want to track large outdoor spaces like basketball court etc. Is it possible that my tablet or mobile device will be able to track the poles, bushes, nets etc.? Since I have seen AR used only in indoor and small spaces, I would like to kn...
  • Oculus Go Store – Beta testing of the app Hi everyone!
    I have uploaded my app to alpha and beta channels for Oculus Go. Then I added another account as "Developer" role. Then I run my Oculus go linked to Developer account, switch to "developer" home view. After that I see the application, but it is not available.
    It said me this message like this : "This app is not availbe for install. It's available only for testers and developers!"
    But I use developer account!!!
    How to make beta test, like TestFlight on ios, but for Oculus Go....

    Oculus Go Store - Beta testing of the app
  • Stop Oculus headtracking on 2nd camera Hey guys, I am using a second camera to render on top of the main camera which I am going to use for UI and such. The second camera is parented to the main camera (so that it follows your head). The problem is that both cameras are still moving relati...
  • Trees flickering like mad in VR Hello, Sorry if i ask silly question, im fairly new to VR, so i made a nice scene sort of like a forest with a bunch of trees. When i play it in regular (non VR) is looks really nice, when i build it for VR it looks really bad, the trees flickering li...