• Hololens dll not found exception I have a windows dll that I can load without problem in a unity UWP app (laptop and surface pro4). When I try to load this dll in a hololens application, I have a DllNotFound exception. After investigating, I have found several issues : - the dll has a...
  • Correct camera rotation (Oculus Rift) I was trying different approaches to use the second Xbox controller stick to implement camera rotation with the Oculus Rift. To do this I'm rotating the parent game object of the camera. However I was not getting a a fine result. It seems that the transform of the parent object and the camera get out of sync after a while. The camera scripts in the asset store seem to suffer by the same problem...

    This was my last approach:
    Code (CSharp):
    1.         void Update () {
    2.             // rotation by...
    Correct camera rotation (Oculus Rift)
  • How to render a SurfaceTexture to a Unity texture I've been trying a few different approaches to get the texture images from an android SurfaceTexture to show in a Unity texture. I'm building on an Oculus Go.

    Here's my list of different approaches:
    1. Display external texture from surfacetexture directly via `Texture2D.CreateExternalTexture`
    1. Creating the surfacetexture via issuepluginevent but the rawimage with this texture attached just looks like a weird button sprite.
    2. Draw surface texture -> framebuffer object -> unity...

    How to render a SurfaceTexture to a Unity texture
  • Unity Teleporter for Oculus Go Hi, im trying to add a teleporter to my scene for the oculus go,

    is there a good tutorial for this or an asset I can download that will work,

    id found a great tutorial but got lost when it told me to add a gaze pointer prefab, I couldn't find one anywhere in the oculus integration assets?

    ive tried many different tutorials now, and downloaded a few different assets,

    I now nothing about scripting yet, I just want to be able to move around in my scene please

    thanks, andy
  • no display in Oculus rift with AMD Firepro W7000 graphic card hi I,m having Dell Precision T7500 workstation with Xeon Processor, 52 GB RAM and AMD Firepro W7000 graphic card. I'm using DP to HDMI connector for the oculus.
    The problem is that when i test my scene I m able to see display in only right lence that to only white line.
    All i need to know is that does AMD Firepro W7000 is supported by Oculus or not
  • click to move (VR , Oculus Go) View attachment 372031 I am new to unity and not developer , am an architect i have made a vr app for Oculus Go with teleporting method , but i need to make the camera move forward with the controller press(fire) how can i do that ? attached...
  • Need help with making a radial image fill when looking at it in VR/Oculus Go Hi all! Im very inexperienced with Unity and VR and have almost no experience scripting, but Im getting the hang of it quickly I think. Im trying to have an image fill while looking at it, in the long run Id like it to fill and act as a button that...
  • Judder while viewing 3D objects/models on a Vive Focus There appears to be a significant judder when I pan my head from side to side if I try to attempt anything of significant complexity within my scene. The problem exists even if the only thing in the scene is one, single object. About the only thing that doesn't cause a judder is a simple, unanimated stock Unity model (sphere, cube, etc.). If I animate a model/object the problem becomes much worse. If I try to view a more complex model the problem becomes worse.

    Using the profiler I see...

    Judder while viewing 3D objects/models on a Vive Focus
  • MRTK Hololens Tooltip Problem Hi everyone,

    first of all I'm pretty much a complete beginner in unity and vr/xr development so I hope I can find some help here.
    I am on a very simple project for the hololens and for that I use the mixed reality toolkit.
    So my problem: I have six cubes arranged in a sphere object collection (from the mrtk).
    So when I add tooltips (the tooltipspawner of the mrtk) directly to the cubes the tooltips are completely distorted.
    When I add the tooltips outside of the object collection the...

    MRTK Hololens Tooltip Problem
  • Arkit and armv7 Hi:
    I have been working in an AR feature for my already released game. I have manage to get it working, but now when I try to Archive the product in XCode it gives me a link error like in here:

    What I found this thread was useful as allowed me to continue developing for a while, but I need to release a build for armv7. This build won't have the AR features in as they are not...

    Arkit and armv7
  • AR Foundation and WebGL (I know it’s not support, just read. 🙂 ) Lets get it out of the way first. I know AR Foundation won't work on WebGL!
    What I'd like to know if theres a way to build an app for WebGL which has ARFoundation elements in, when you don't use the AR features.

    Allow me to explain..

    I have a simple AR app.
    It works on Mobile as expected, but I've coded it so when ran in the editor or built for windows, it'll disable the AR system and use a non AR system instead. This way I can write the same app that'll work on mobile and standalone.


    AR Foundation and WebGL (I know it's not support, just read. :) )
  • need your help with oculus rift and unity . we cant seem to figure out the way to solve these errors we uploaded. if you know how to solve the problems please help.
  • How the bejeezus do you use a Vive Tracker in SteamVR? If I use the Steam Tracked Object code, it seems to show up with different IDs each time I start the player.

    So how am I supposed to be able to identify a Vive Tracker from my code?

    Thank you for any and all pointers. I'm genuinely stumped on this.

  • How do you create a 360 video from unity scene? hi, how do you create a 360 video in unity? Do I need an asset like helios, or can you use octane? Do you create ananimation first then attach a panoramic camera? Any tips would be grateful please. Thanks
  • Virtual Button on vuforia to increment percentage Hi, I am trying to make two virtualbuttons on an image target, this two button are minus (-) and plus (+) and y want that these two buttons could increment a number in 3dtext but i do not know how. Any ideas? I have this code: using UnityEngine; pub...