• Device Mirror in VR with Unity Hi all, I would like to mirror my tablet screen inside a VR application made in Unity, do you know if there is a strategy or an asset capable to do that? My idea is to interact with the application as the user wear the Oculus, so manipulating the table...
  • Becoming a AR developer with no degree Hello everyone I was wondering would it be possible to become a AR developer with only getting certifications and online courses from unity?
  • Unity/Vuforia AR Help Hello, I'm a noob to Unity. Can anyone help me figure out the basic of creating AR content. I've looked at countless video's and I followed them to the t but for some reason i keep getting this error. Any ideas? I dont have a web can to do test yet could that be the cause? I just wanted to see if it would build with out error's. Any information would be appreciated.

    Unable to start ObjectTracker. Your hardware may not support it.
  • Render Only on Marker Area So I made tiles that moving endlessly like endless runner. I used depth mask shader on 2 cubes to hide the tiles outside the marker area. But the problem is I can only have full view from above. I want to have full view on the marker area when I see it...
  • Unity Build Showing Black Screen on Startup Using Oculus SDK Using Windows 10 (x64), Unity 2018.3.4f1, Oculus Standalone Package 1.29.0 & Oculus Integration 1.34. My app runs well in the editor, but when I try to build and run it, the application shows maybe a split second of the scene and then goes to a bl...
  • How to add custom clickable UI in Unity along with Vuforia augmented avatar? I would like to add few UI elements like images,text,buttons along with the vuforia augmented 3d model in Unity? Also I should be able to interact with the UI. Can you help me?
  • oculus go, everything is grey when i run? hi, ive got everything set up and it exports to my go ok, but when I open the apk file and run it , there is nothing? everything is grey? any suggestions as to what im doing wrong?
  • VR application with editable movie theatre asset Hello, I wanted to create a VR Application with a movie theatre asset. My question is, can I change every asset like I want it? So could I change the Screensize as example or the color of the walls/floor/seats? Can I add objects to that asset like p...
  • [Tutorial] Building a VR Game for Google Play w/ Cardboard SDK 0.6 In this tutorial, we will build a mobile VR app designed for Google Play Store (not GearVR or Daydream). This app will not require any additional installations like Google VR Services, etc. It is a standalone APK that simply splits the screen into a st...
  • VR Ads Hi, I am not completely sure if this thread goes here or in Ads section, but well, I hope is here, recently I am working in a VR game for android, and I get curios because I have like flashbacks of Unity Ads working in a VR game, like a VR Screen playi...
  • Oculus Quest – Leap Motion integration Hi Fellow Devs,

    Has anybody heard any rumors about Oculus Quest having Leap Motion tech integrated?
    controller free hand visualization would open up a couple of great interactions.

    On Leap's website there are indications of an Android SDK release being imminent. (
    and they offer a partner program. (

    Fingers crossed.
  • Vuforia AR crashes when hit play button on Mac Hi, I've been trying to setup the Vuforia environment in Unity, as far as I know for MacBook users Vuforia comes with the latest updates in Unity.

    So I made a scene where there's an ARCamera set to the FaceTime HD Camera, an image and a cube.

    View attachment 370696

    I thought it could be because the FaceTime HD camera is not allowed to use in unity, so I tried with another webcam and yet the result is the same.

    My laptop is a MacBook Pro 2018 running on Mojave 10.14.3 with Unity...

    Vuforia AR crashes when hit play button on Mac
  • HDRP with VR: Double Image Issue I'm working on HDRP with Steam VR for now and can have it works, but there still some issue with the visual. When I looks at the floor of HDRP Sample Scene with SteamVR Glove or other object nearby camera, the nearby object looks double and not completely overlapped. Is there any method to fix this except adjust the DoF to make far object blur because this method makes me feel like being short-sighted.
  • How to adjust the Gridview for different screen sizes in Unity3d? I am trying to design a E-commerce mobile app with Augmented Reality using Unity3D.First in IOS later in android.I started reading blogs so what they suggest is to try native apps.Since AR is involved I need to use Unity3d itself.I found a Gridview cod...
  • Restoring previous view in GearVR I'm creating an app for GearVR where I need the last view direction to be reinstated when the user takes off the headset and puts it back on (detected using OVRPlugin.userPresent).
    By default, when the user takes off the headset and puts it back on, the view direction is reset to the starting direction.

    I've tried storing the InputTracking.GetLocalRotation(VRNode.CenterEye) just before userPresent = false and then applying that Y rotation onto various things in the scene but nothing works...

    Restoring previous view in GearVR