• Access to TrueDepth texture? As the title says, is there a way to access the actual TrueDepth depthmap/pointcloud from Unity with this plugin? Usually, there are also some options to configure it (taker, density, ...)
  • ARKitRemote – normally this slow (iPhone 8) Hi all,

    Compiling on Xcode10.1, to an iPhone 8 (iOS 12). Unity 2018.3.2f1.

    ARKitRemote project is Marked as Development Build, and I can connect from an example scene project to the built 'remote' player on the phone.

    I've selected the USB option (I've also turned off wifi, just to ensure there's no way it could be talking over that) and I still get REALLY slow (well, I suppose what I consider really slow) performance on the remote. 3fps, maybe?

    Is this normal?

    Here's a recording from...

    ARKitRemote - normally this slow (iPhone 8)
  • Black screen with Vuforia when using IL2CPP ARM64 (Android) Hi,

    I've noticed the camera AR from Vuforia show always a black screen when ARM64 is set in Build Settings into Unity. Evrything works fine when ARMv7 is checked.

    There is clearly a bug with ARM64 IL2CPP compiling mode with Vuforia / Unity. I'm using Vuforia 8.0.10 with Unity 2018.3.3 on Windows 10. I have download the last samples from the asset store (which bring also black screen when ARM64 is checked).

    I have made the test with 3 different phones, Sony XPERA XA2, Samsung A5 2017 and...

    Black screen with Vuforia when using IL2CPP ARM64 (Android)
  • Data set table could not be load I created two AR vuforia based games and used unity asset bundles(.dlc) for packaging them. After that, I uploaded those two game to aws s3 and downloading them from s3. Those game are working fine in one single project. When I integrated the same proj...
  • ARCore to iOS Compatible with AugmentedImages? Hi all,
    I'm working on a project with a group using ARCore to create a AR business card using AugmentedImages. One of the things we wanted to do was see if it was iOS compatible. I already saw Google's Quickstart for iOS and that only CloudAnchors are supported for both iOS and Android but I wanted to make sure and not jump to conclusions.
  • 2D/VR apps in UWP? Hello I currently have a WinMR game live in the MS store. On two other platforms, I added the option to allow to users to play it in 2D or using their VR headsets. I achieved this on one platform by packaging two executables, and on the other a single executable and letting the user select VR or 2D at runtime. I would like to do the same for UWP. I was wondering if it is possible, and if so, how to do it. For the record I'm using Unity 2017 to create my game.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Steam VR Newbie question: SetActive on a TeleportPoint permanently shows it If you drag a teleport point from the SteamVR Interaction Prefabs into a group of objects in your scene, which you then use setActive on to show during runtime, unlike the default behavior that only shows the point when you hold down the thumb pad, tha...
  • Strange behaviour of Google Cardboard SDK raycast distance Hi,

    I'm using Unity 2017.1.1f1 and the Google Cardboard SDK to develop a VR project and I have the following problem:

    I'm using the GvrPointerPhysicsRaycaster to trigger events when looking at buttons (like a light switch). The distance in which the raycast triggers the objects seems to be shorter than it should be. Increasing the RETICLE_DISTANCE_MAX does not have an effect.

    On the picture below you see your camera pointing at the light swicth (quad with the number one on it) but it...

    Strange behaviour of Google Cardboard SDK raycast distance
  • Have you heard of any popular game development companies that are involved in VR game development? I need to know which game development companies are most active in VR dev segment because I am making a VR game. Give me some ideas.
  • Best Way display Live Stream 360 from Url HI, I am a beginner on 360 video and VR. I read a lot of blogs and articles about how to display 360 video in unity. I could make it work via this post: My next step i...
  • Oculus resetting cam orientation on new scene? I have multiple scenes that I'm switching to through buttons you gaze at. Right now it is resetting the camera orientation when you enter a new scene - so if you're looking left when the scene changes, the center is no longer in front of you but now to the left.

    I'm using the OVRManager plugin and not just the built in Unity checkbox for VR. I have unchecked the "reset tracker on load" which I thought would fix it but does not. Anybody had any similar problems like this?
  • How createODG App with Wikitude SDK Hi Everyone, I am working on ODG AR glasses. I want to create an AR application with Wikitude AR sdk. I imported Android Wikitude SDK in unity and build it . Its working fine in Android mobile but when i install this app in odg its not working ....
  • Unity 2018.3.3f1 and Hololens compatibility Hello,
    are there any issues about Unity 2018.3.3f1 and Hololens?

    I'm trying to use a Unity app on my Hololens.
    The deploy from Visual Studio 2017 works ok and the app appears on the device,
    but when open it, it doesn't work:
    the unity open scene never appears and i only see a black scene.
    It looks like it was loading, but it takes too much time!

    Any help?

  • Platform for Sharing AR Apps Hello Everyone...Happy Wednesday, new here and looking forward to incorporating Unity in my design work.

    Can someone please tell me if there's currently a platform with photo recognition where others can access my AR apps from their smartphone?

    Any input is greatly appreciated, thank you!
  • We need a dedicated AR forum… So first Google, then Facebook and now Apple now have (new/upcoming) AR platforms for smartphones. And all have (or have announced) dedicated support by Unity, which is awesome! Can we hope that Unity will allow us to program against all three with si...