• ARKit 2 ARWorldMap scanning issue Hi. I have an issue on my IPhone XS (IOS 12.1.2) when scanning ARWorldMap. When i start scanning the ARWorldMap at first time everything works fine. But when I reloading the scene and restarting the session nothing happens. Feature points and surfaces ...
  • How can I position a hologram in real world coordinates? Hi everyone.

    Someone knows if there's any way to position a hologram car, in the middle of the park next to my house? it's an idea similar to Pokemon Go, but simpler because I just want to put ONE car alone, on this site by GEOLOCATION.

    The park is a big square with grass, it doesn't have any visual information to use ARKit or ARCore, so I think the best option is geolocation.

    Any help will be welcome.
  • Hololens Grammar recognizer sometimes failing silently I'm having trouble with the hololens grammar recognizer. When I initially start my app and the room is quiet it works pretty close to perfectly. However if I'm demonstrating my app and there's a few people in the room the grammar recognizer will either have much more trouble picking up the commands or fail entirely and no commands will work until restarting the app. I can have 2-3 hololens in the same room and on the same build and 1 will sometimes not work and I'll get the following error...

    Hololens Grammar recognizer sometimes failing silently
  • DllNotFoundException: openvr_api Hey everyone,

    I'm having an issue in my builds that is making them completely useless. I've searched everywhere and I can't seem to find any information on it. It makes it so the HMD displays nothing and the camera just stays at it's start position.

    I'm using Unity 5.5.0p3 by the way, any help would be appreciated.

    Here's the error:

    DllNotFoundException: openvr_api
    at (wrapper managed-to-native) Valve.VR.OpenVRInterop:GetInitToken ()
    at Valve.VR.OpenVR.GetInitToken () in...

    DllNotFoundException: openvr_api
  • [Solved]TriLib on Hololens, folder access I'm trying to use to load models at runtime. The idea is to have a json file containing the file names and additional info and the models as fbx.

    Ideally I want to use a folder that is visible when you connect the hololens to a PC via USB. So I am trying to the "3D Objects" folder. My app has permission to access that folder, I can load the json file just fine. Now when I try to load a fbx...

    TriLib on Hololens, folder access
  • black spot issue for a friction of a second for left/right eye while head movement on oculus go we have developed and archviz vr tour for oculus go and we are facing an issue where a user is seeing a block shade for a friction of a second while rotating his head left or right or unless he stable his head movement. Is there any way we can fix thi...
  • Replace original OpenVR SDK with its modified version Hi everyone!
    I had added some functionality into OpenVR SDK source code and built my version of openvr_api.dll.
    Now I wish to run my Unity project via this OpenVR dll, but I've stuck on thought where to place that dll?
    I tried several places:

    - Installed SteamVR directory: failed due to SteamVR uses proprietary version of openvr_api.dll (SteamVR crashes)
    - Unity\Editor\Data\UnityExtensions\Unity\VR\ directory: failed, it seems that Unity just ignores my dll there.
    - Plugin folder of...

    Replace original OpenVR SDK with its modified version
  • SteamVR Input Bindings not recognizing Oculus Touch Controllers I'm trying to setup my touch controllers with SteamVR and bind some actions so that I can pick things up with them. When I use the SteamVR Prefab I am able to see the controllers, and the SteamVR Overlay also shows both of my touch controllers. However when I go into the SteamVR Binding Menu I do not see my touch controllers showing up. Does anyone know why this might be?

  • Let users create their own virtual tours Hey, I'm pretty new to Unity and I'm working on Virtual Tour using Oculus SDK. I want to create an application that allows users to view any virtual tour.

    So I want users to create the tour by placing objects representing the view at some point, let them specify a transition effect, put control objects into the view for transitions between views and somehow let them connect all views together. The user should be able to export the tour into some file and then view the tour by loading this...

    Let users create their own virtual tours
  • How Can I track Where Player Looks At? Hey there, I am looking for ways to collect raw data of where people look at in the map. How can I do this? I am looking for possible libraries but also want to know how I can do it. Moreover, I want to work on raw data using ML. I am very new to Unit...
  • Cardboard Unity sdk cant stop tracking on Android I cant find the answer for my "stop tracking on Android" so i post a issue here try to get your official response. I have the latest googlevr cardboard sdk for unity and i have finished most of the work. The problem is the hardware test foun...
  • UnityEngine.XR.ARBackgroundRenderer don’t render texture image from ARCore CameraImage. I develop Android application with ARCore.

    I got the Texture2D from camera by using TextureReader.cs in the ComputerVision example.
    Then, I try to render the texture to background with UnityEngine.XR.ARBackgroundRenderer, but couldn't.

    I use Unity2018.3.2f1 & ARCore1.6.0 & Huawei P20 for the smartphone.

    I have no error, but black screen.

    Please help me !

    Code (CSharp):
    2. Texture2D CameraImage;
    4. backgroundRenderer.backgroundTexture = CameraImage;
    5. =...
    UnityEngine.XR.ARBackgroundRenderer don't render texture image from ARCore CameraImage.
  • VR as career choice Hello! I’m a front end developer and I’m really interested in VR development with Unity. My question is do I have to switch fields or can both be done together?
  • Unity android build showing static object….. Aloha, Im just trying a simple scene with a AR Camera (has key code etc in P-Settings) and a game object set in front of the ar-camera. I have Track device Pose checked, and Tracking Mode set to Positional.... On the android (several devices same isu...
  • How to lock X and Z axis of gyroscope? Hello Guys
    I'm working in a project in wich I need to obtain the data from gyroscope, more speciffically the Pitch axis of rotation on the smartphone. The problem is when I rotate more than 90 degrees in another axis, the Pitch attitude jumps from 270-360 to 0-90, where i have no data assigned.

    Code (CSharp):
    1.  Gyroscope g = Input.gyro;
    2.         Vector3 angles = g.attitude.eulerAngles;
    3.         currentY = angles.y;
    I need recognize Pitch axis independently from the others in currentY. Is...

    How to lock X and Z axis of gyroscope?