• Setting up MR controllers scripting failure looking at a tutorial and trying to setup MR the motion controllers.

    following error:
    Assets\MR_Controllers.cs(34,57): error CS0103: The name 'InteractionManager_InteractionSourceReleased' does not exist in the current context
  • Unity WebRequest Inconsistencies On Hololens Hello,

    Not sure if this is a bug or if it's just something I miss. I've been working on an app for hololens that will share world anchor data through web service. Basically, what I did was the following:

    C# in unity:
    1. export anchor data
    2. convert byte array to string
    3. call unity web service PUT to the nodejs server with the string from the step above

    using nodejs:
    4. catch the PUT request
    5. save the string into a file

    C# in unity:
    6. call unity web service GET to the nodejs server...

    Unity WebRequest Inconsistencies On Hololens
  • Issues with water in an AR environment Hi all, I am currently working with Vuforia to create a scene which heavily uses water, and I am experiencing several issues which I am unsure how to approach.

    The main issue is that, since the scene is controlled by AR, instead of the camera moving around the scene it is the scene which moves around depending on the camera's orientation. For almost all objects, this is not an issue at all. However with water, due to the way the shader works, when the water object is moved / rotated it...

    Issues with water in an AR environment
  • Skybox Panoramic VS PanoramicBeta Hey!
    I have the SkyboxPanoramicShader from Github to display videos and pictures to VR. It works like a charm. But I've seen there is a simple Panoramic and a PanoramicBeta shader within materials. I use the PanoramicBeta, mostly because that's what I've seen in the tutorial.

    Well I tried Panoramic instead of the Beta, and the codes didn't work. For Beta I needed to use material.SetTexture("_Tex",texture), where _Tex means spherical HDR. But Panoramic has spherical HDR as well, and this...

    Skybox Panoramic VS PanoramicBeta
  • Image Tracking “extended” Hi everybody,
    I'm doing an AR app using Unity 2018.3 and ARKit 2.0 plugin from BitBucket.

    I would like to know if with the Image Tracking It's possible to have something like "extended tracking" (like in Vuforia). I mean the 3d model should be in the scene also when the image target is out of camera.

    In XCode I'm able to do that using the configuration "ARWorldTrackingConfiguration()" and set "configuration.detectionImages = trackedImages" and "configuration.maximumNumberOfTrackedImages =...

    Image Tracking "extended"
  • How To Get data from Sql Database Into 3D Objects ? Hello, I am building AR Business card for my project and i want to get the data that i stored in the database into 3D objects. I am not able to find any way to do it. I am using mysql with xampp for database. if you have have any other suggestion than...
  • Controller not detecting after export to the project from unity Hi, I exported the Windows mixed reality scene from unity and i installed it in my system. When i open the application i cannot see the controller in my scene instead i am getting a cube. I checked in the script MotionControllers object in unity, check...
  • How to resolve incompatibility between Color Space and current settings? So i'm making a vr game for android but I can't click the build button because i need to fix the incompatibility between Color Space and current settings but I don't know how. Please help!
  • Hololens holographic remote issues summary Hi, I've tested for days and found several issues with Hololens holographic remote function. I would like to share and exchange ideas with the community.

    1. warning of " IHolographicCameraRenderingParameters2 interface unavailable; disabling depth buffer sharing ", as described in this thread :

    2. warning of " Internal: JobTempAlloc has allocations that are more than 4 frames old...

    Hololens holographic remote issues summary
  • Multiple 360 Videos Load upon Play Hi!

    I'm very new to Unity and am currently attempting to have multiple 360 videos play at once, with each video on a different Scene. I created a simple Button Script to load another Scene(which works just fine), but I cannot figure out how to ensure the other Scene is already running upon Play. (Basically I need to lineup the videos from different camera angles so they are in perfect sync). Any help would be appreciated!
  • Black pixels when masking with depthmask shader in Android I cannot seems to figure this out. I get these awful black pixels showing up where objects are supposed to be masked by the depthmask shader/material. It only happens on Android devices, and does not happen in editor or iOS. I found in some other forums and threads to try to set ZTest to Always in the shader, and that just made the depthmask not work at all, it didn't mask anything.

    Anyone else seeing this or have any ideas?

    I'm using Unity 2017.3.1f1 and the Vuforia that comes with it....

    Black pixels when masking with depthmask shader in Android
  • Child camera rotates faster than parent camera My setup (Unity 2017.3.1f1): - Main camera (can see everything but the UI layer): click - Child camera (can only see the UI layer): click - Canvas (uses the child camera as its render camera): click When I rotate my WMR headset, the child camera rotat...
  • OpenVR/None: “HmdNotFound” error without HMD My app uses VR SDKs (Project Settings - Player) in this order:
    - Open VR
    - None

    If I unplug the headset (Lenovo Explorer) and start the app, Unity (2017.3.1f1) prints an error message:
    Isn't the "None" SDK supposed to become active if there's no headset connected, so you can use your app with or without an HMD? I'm not trying to get tracking to work without the...

    OpenVR/None: "HmdNotFound" error without HMD
  • Once creating oculus go build, .apk file is not getting generated. Unity Version 2018.3.2f1
    Oculus Integration package Version (Latest Available on Asset store)

    Amusing OVRCameraRig as Player camera. Selected XR supported and added Oculus to the list. Given a proper package name company name in other settings. and start packaging. it's showing as Building Player, Compiling Shader's variants but at the end .apk file is not getting generated.
  • Markerless AR Hi,

    I'm working on an app that uses markerless AR. I have playing cards that when detected by the device display a 3d object. In the past I've used ARToolKit for this, but I think that's been shut down.

    Can someone recommend a solution?

    I don't need to upload images to a remote server, the images are a fixed amount. Vuforia seems way too expensive and does far more than I need for this project. The same for Wikitude. I'm thinking of using OpenCV and this example ->...

    Markerless AR