• Latest Google Glass support Can anyone tell me if the latest Unity + ARCore will work with new Google Glass?
    I'm assuming ARFoundation would not work since development would be Android specific.
  • Rendering Problems(Artifacts, Flickering) with the Mirage Solo VR Headset Im getting some strange flickering artifacts when testing on device (Mirage solo), this problem occurs on Unity 2018.3.2 and Unity 2019.1.2. Its not happening on other devices such as the OculusGo, Google Pixel, Samsung s7,s9. It seems to be only occur...
  • Speech Recognition Engine / Recording Devices I wasn't quite sure where to put this post as my target platform is an MS Hololens, but my questions are really about the Unity speech recognition API.

    I'd like to be able to use speech recognition in a Unity application on a Hololens with a microphone other than the microphone array built into the HL device. I've seen and been told conflicting information on whether it's possible so I'm looking for more details.

    The Unity speech API layer is fairly sparse. When a (Unity) recognition...

    Speech Recognition Engine / Recording Devices
  • Vuforia causes the unity splash to freeze Hi!

    I have a simple project with just UI and vuforia. When starting the app, first unity splash shows, then it freezes at 10% opacity until Vuforia is initialized, then the first scene loads. Setting the splash duration to 10 seconds doesn't help get rid of the freeze - it freezes even for longer time - it seems vuforia is not initializing during the splash screen, but starts immediately after.

    I have tried using delayed initialization, but it doesn't work or rather I can't find any...

    Vuforia causes the unity splash to freeze
  • unity camera have distortion of perspective? Hello there

    I'm trying to create some kind of AR for testing and meet such problem, that unity camera have distortion of perspecive in reference with real webcamera .

    For test was created cube (with transparent material) that have exactly same size as real htc vive box and using all unity camera settings do not allow us to make all 4 angles of 3d cube perfectly fit to real htc vive box. On image below you can see 2 our best setups, but always 1 angle do not fit by distortion issue....

    unity camera have distortion of perspective?
  • Swap 3D models on button click? Hey guys,

    I'm currently working on a regular AR Furniture app. It's made in Unity and I use ARKit 2.0. My question:

    How to swap 3d models on button click?

    When I'm in my ARCamera scene, I first need to scan the floor (yellow dots appear) and when I touch the floor, my chosen 3d objects gets placed. I've added a ScrollRect to the bottom of the screen with different items (furniture in this case). When I click on one of those items, I want the the app to load the selected item (just like a...

    Swap 3D models on button click?
  • DetectedPlane vertices not identified correctly when using Cloud Anchors Hi there,

    I'm generating objects at the vertices (via GetBoundaryPolygon) of the DetectedPlane (casting Trackable) in the Cloud Anchors scene, but the bounds of the DetectedPlane rendered do not match the position of the objects appearing on the spots where the vertices should be- it looks as if the DetectedPlane information does not get updated correctly on the cloud? Has anyone had a similar issue?

    I've tried same code on the ObjectManipulation scene at it works fine..


  • Unity ARCore set image on tag Please help. I want to insert a regular image instead on tag. I used this tutorial to solve the problem: I tried replacing “Raw Image” instead of “Video Player component”, but it didn’t give results, there was just a white screen.
  • arkit-face-tracking package – Where is it? The new ARFoundation samples require this package, but I can't find it through the Package Manager. Where is it?
    I know I can manually edit the manifest file but it's quite cumbersome and we have no way of tracking updates.
  • Keyboard prefab I'm using the HoloToolkit and use the Keyboard prefab. Unfortunately I do have two issues where I don't know how to solve them. First I always get the following exception:

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    UnityEngine.Events.BaseInvokableCall.AllowInvoke (System.Delegate delegate) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/Export/UnityEvent.cs:124)
    Second, on the HoloLens the input is doubled which makes it impossible to use......

    Keyboard prefab
  • Image target will not playback video in game mode Hi there I downloaded core samples. In build settings I switched to ios platform and in player settings selected vuforia. I added my image target form vuforia downloaded database. I selected image target and added video as a child from sample scen...
  • Can i send iOS app with Vuforia to ItunesConnect review Hi! Can i send iOS app with Vuforia to ItunesConnect review and after that buy Cloud license to Vuforia? How Vuforia check my license? Through internet by checking license key? After buying Cloud license the key will change to a new one? or will remain...
  • ARCore Object Manipulation Example Scene Multiple/Different Objects Hi, I'm pretty new to ARCore and I'm stuck with the Object Manipulation Example Scene.
    I want to extend it to place different Models, it works, but Translations (move/transform on the ground) is not possible anymore and I can only edit the last placed Object after I changed the code (if I tap a previously placed object, it just spawns a new object on the same place instead of manipulating the previous object).
    Basically I changed the AndyPlacementManipulator Script (only changing AndyPrefab...

    ARCore Object Manipulation Example Scene Multiple/Different Objects
  • MRC – AR_DEVICETRACKER <-> VR Hello, How can I control the DeviceTracker.Mode (Rotational/Positional) used by the MRC.Set() function ? It looks like the MRC allways uses the DeviceTracker mode in Vuforia Configuration. Setting Code (csharp): VuforiaConfiguration.Instance.Dev...
  • Dynamic XRReferenceImageLibrary in AR Foundation Hello, I'd like to start a discussion about how the AR tracked images are referenced in the new AR Foundation system. I'm using Unity 2019.2.0b1 with AR preview packages installed (AR Extensions + Foundation + Subsystems and ARCore+ARKit plugins).
    As far as I know there's no documentation yet on this feature but I managed to create a simple scene with a static library of images that, once detected by the phone camera, are used as anchors for 3D AR content. Perfect. The problem is that my aim...

    Dynamic XRReferenceImageLibrary in AR Foundation