• Ground plane detection not working in Vuforia 8.0 but works in 7.5 Just to remind you. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has lost its ability to detect ground planes and even perform extended positional tracking with image targets in Vuforia 8.0. Its fusion provider now VISION_ONLY and positional tracker fails to start. It works ...
  • The AR app without shadow In my phone I am so happy for your coming. Then the problem is that I create a AR app,but it didn't show shadow in my phone.I found a solve on the Internet. It say I can attach the following program to the AR Camera.

    using UnityEngine;
    using System.Collections;
    using Vuforia;

    public class FixProjectionMatrix : MonoBehaviour, IVideoBackgroundEventHandler
    private Camera mCameras;

    // Use this for initialization
    void Start()
    mCameras = VuforiaBehaviour.Instance.GetComponentsInChildren<Camera>();...

    The AR app without shadow In my phone
  • Static Environment in ARKit Hi, I wanted to augment a set of gameobjects using ARKit I had created which are static gameobjects with many lights baked on them. The problem is as I hit a plane to place the gameobjects they won't move and place on that place as they are static gameobjects and can't be moved.
    I wanted to ask if there are any tricks or tips to augment static gameobjects using ARKit.
  • Six degrees of freedom Hello there,

    I'm stuck with daydream store rejecting my app with this note
    (App does not maintain 6DoF)

    Can anyone give me information about this note?

    Best Regards,
  • Painting tool with Unity and Vuforia Hi all, I am very new to the AR world. I am trying to create a drawing application that draws a line as I am moving a marker in front of the webcam. Something like this application that is developed using OpenCV. Any idea how can I do it? Thanks, B
  • How to trigger multiple images? Hello there, I started using vuforia image tracking feature, I managed it to work, but now I want to scan multiple images? Is that possible and how?
  • only characters become invisible on android build. I am building oculus go 3d travelling experience. everything seemed fine on export but strangely all my avatars (characters) become invisible. I imported characters from several diffrent sources (unity, iclone) everything is ok in editor. But after bu...
  • UIView does not respond to selector renderFrameVuforia Hi Guys, I'm creating a app using Vuforia in unity.
    I have a main.scene that is just a main menu (without vuforia).
    Then I have some AR Scenes that are called from my main menu.
    It works fine in Unity and Andoid, but when I try to build in xcode, it build correctly but when starts the app, I'm not able to touch any button. The screen appears to blink sometimes but nothing happens.

    My Config:
    Unity 2018.3.1f1
    Vuforia 8.0.10
    Xcode 10.1
    Macbook Pro mid 2010 (without metal support)
    MacOS High...

    UIView does not respond to selector renderFrameVuforia
  • The same app runs smoothly on the mi SE and gets stuck on the camera on the iPhone X During the development, I only tested the Android version, which ran smoothly on the mi 8 SE phone. However, when the ios was packaged and installed on the iPhone X, the camera picture was very stuck, and the picture was only synchronized after the mob...
  • Setting Up Hololens SinglePass Stereoscopic SBS image. Currently i am making an application for Hololens which contains various UI elements, a cursor and potentially some 3d objects. One of the UI elements is a stereoscopic SBS 3D image. It is from a media stream (over the network) not a Video.
    My current setup is with 2 cameras, one for each eye. The 3d Image Left half is shown on a Raw image and seen by the 'Left' camera. Directly on top of this i have another raw image of the same size with the Right Half of the 3d image and is only seen by...

    Setting Up Hololens SinglePass Stereoscopic SBS image.
  • SteamVR arc distance I'm trying to reach a teleport point that's on a higher level.

    If I increase the arc distance value it just casts the arc further but not higher.

    If I aim the arc to a more vertical position it turns red as indicated in the picture below

    So my question is, how can I make the arc go further vertically.

  • Anybody having troubles with Windows 1809 + WMR? I've updated my windows version to 1809 and now stuff that used to work in my Unity WMR client is broken (when I try to build again). 1) Anybody else having similar issues? 2) Should I not be on 1809? 3) I'm using Mixed Reality Toolkit with 2018.2.15 which I guess isn't technically fully compatible at the moment ... so I shouldn't be surprised.

    Some of the issues I'm running into are a strange exception in ntdll.dll ("Exception thrown at 0x314B346A in xxxx.exe: 0xC0000008: An invalid...

    Anybody having troubles with Windows 1809 + WMR?
  • ARKit Plugin Hi guys,

    I'm very new to Unity but I'm having a hard time trying to install/find the ARKit plugin.

    It says the ARKit Plugin is no longer available.
    This package has been deprecated from the Asset Store.

    Is it now native inside Unity 2018.3 maybe?

    Thank you for your time,
  • [SOLVED] iOS Metal crash when migrating Vuforia 5.3 to 7.5.6 Hello! Currently I am migrating a Unity 5.6 project with Vuforia 5.3 to Unity 2018.3.1 with Vuforia 7.5.6 and somehow the app is crashing on iOS when setting the Graphics API to use Metal. The crash follows in attachment. View attachment 360694 ...
  • Hybrid AR Measure app framework Hey all,

    Do you know of any AR unity framework that supports measuring and works on both iOS & Android?
    I'm working on a proposal for a client and am trying to get clear how much work we'll have to do twice!
    I don't believe Vuforia has any easy, built-in meausring support, does it?

    Thanks in advance!