• A question of how to connect VIVE wands with Unity VR samples I am very new for VR development and studying Unity VR Samples.
    I have HTC VIVE and see VR samples with open VR setting.
    In the open VR setting, the pink pointer (as attached) doesn't work for VIVE wands. When I click the pink pointer in my computer, then it works and I can change the next scene.

    I want to use VIVE wands in Unity VR samples. Is there anybody know how to connect?
    I couldn't find...

    A question of how to connect VIVE wands with Unity VR samples
  • Public ip address in Window Store hololens Build Hi guys, I want to get ip address using c#, in this case i have used 2 or 3 codes. ----------------------------------------- //code1 Network.Connect(""); currentIP = Network.player.externalIP; Network.Disconnect() //code2 pu...
  • How do you apply a force to Oculus Avatar hands? I've been trying to apply a kickback force to the oculus avatar hands when firing a weapon, but for some reason the hands are not affected at all by any force I try to apply to them. I checked and made sure the rigidbody on them wasn't set to kinematic. How can I go about applying a force to the hands?
  • Moving Camera in VR – Need Help Hi there - making an app for Google Cardboard and need a hand with camera movement. My Main camera is a child of a Player empty go. I have several keyframed, timeline, animations on Player - in order to move the camera. Fine in Editor - camera does not...
  • Retrieve previous positioned game object with GroundPlane Hi,

    I'm developing a GroundPlane project using the Placement mode to put different game objects in a environment.
    But after I put the second game object, I need to reposition the first but it don't is anchored.
    Some idea to solve this?

  • [Question] Why not joining SDK forces with Oculus and Microsoft? a Quick sum-up first: Unity is working on "AR Foundation" to get ARKit and ARCore into one wrapper SDK Unity is also working on "Project MARS" to reconcile like ALL APIs Microsoft... Why not joining SDK forces with Ocu...
  • combine Image Augmentation and Ground Detection Both on the same scene in Vuforia? the problem is when including target images and displaying the 3d model over the image, it still in the scene after losing the target image and that happens when adding the Plane Finder and the Plane Ground Stage How to remove the Model after losing ...
  • Multiplayer AR Game? Does anyone have experience creating a multiplayer AR game? If so, do you mind giving like a simple code example explaining how it can be setup / pointing me to a good tutorial? The closest code example I could find was this, but it was written 2 year...
  • Cylinder Target upload problems Greetings.

    I'm having problems to upload a Cylinder Target to Vuforia database.

    My target dimensions are:

    Top Diameter: 5,66 cm
    Bottom Diameter: 5,66cm
    Side length: 5cm

    According to my calculations: Circunference = R*pi, so 5,66 * 3,14 = 17,77

    So I made a 17,77cm x 5 cm image PNG no alpha. (635KB).
    But, somehow I'm receiveing an error message:

    An error occurred while uploading the image. Please try later.

    And I'm having the same error over, and over and...

    Cylinder Target upload problems
  • Vulkan Support for Daydream? Using 2018.3.0f2 here and I'm trying to test a VR app (built originally for Vive using LWRP) on Daydream. However, in the XR settings I see a warning stating that "Single Pass rendering requires OpenGL EC 3" when I have Vulkan selected as my graphics API. Multi-pass rendering is greyed out, leaving only Single Pass as an option.

    Am I correct in interpreting that this means Unity does not currently support Vulkan for Daydream? If so, is that planned (and where on the roadmap?)?
  • Multiplayer (Photon Bolt) AR with Vuforia Hi everyone!

    I would like to create a shared AR, where I would like to:
    1. spawn a cube for each player on an ImageTarget
    2. allow them to control the position of their cube
    3. allow them to see the movements of all other players' cubes

    Right now I'm facing an issue where each player can only see his/her cube, but not the other players' cubes.

    So far, I'm following the tutorial from Photon Bolt...

    Multiplayer (Photon Bolt) AR with Vuforia
  • Windows Mixed Reality package is installed but SDK is missing from XR settings I have installed the Windows Mixed Reality package version 1.0.7 in Unity 2018.3.0f2 but there is no option to add the WMR SDK under XR Setttings. The mixed reality portal is installed and the HMD is working. Windows is up to date. Any help would be ...
  • Hololens PDF Reader Dear community What is the best way to display and read PDF documents with the hololens? I am looking for a simple PDF reader to display a document and being able to read it. And if you can also use links within the PDF that would be a good plus.
  • Teleport from GVR SDK does not exist? Hello, I have a question about the GVR SDK (GoogleVRForUnity_1.180.0), Everyone who uses it uses teleportation to move. However, there is nothing in GoogleVRForUnity_1.180.0 about it. Could you help me? Best regards
  • Adding an additional 3dof controller to WMR kit. Anyone else try / test this yet? Issue i am having is the the 3 dof controller needs to be velcro'd to the bottom of the chair which is out of view. When i try this with the regular 6dof WMR controllers i have to look at it (lft controller) before it will start tracking in 3dof or 6dof. I plan on getting a used Samsung or Google daydream 3dof controller to test if i can add this to the input list and just velcro that controller to the bottom of the chair since automatically updates and displays the orientation when...

    Adding an additional 3dof controller to WMR kit. Anyone else try / test this yet?