• Pixar USD/USDZ import hi guys, is there any planned support from unity for importing USD/USDZ at runtime? Im writing a mobile AR app that needs to load in large meshes and very quickly "cull" a smaller portion of that mesh for display. This is where USD shines wit...
  • ARKit function for blendShape–> faceGeometry to modify face mesh I want to use the blendShapes dictionary to modify a face mesh in Unity. In the example of the `Assets\UnityARKitPlugin\Examples\FaceTracking\FaceMeshScene`, the face mesh is being updated by `UnityARFaceMeshManager` script in the same directory. It d...
  • Modeling my home inside unity What is the best and cheapest way to model/scan my home inside unity3d. What are the hardware and software tools that could be used. I need eventually each item to be individually controlled and programmed, ex:door, window, phone, TV....etc Can any on...
  • Move portal no longer working 2017.4.11f1 Hi,

    We've just updated from 2017.4.10f1 to the Oculus recommended version 2017.4.11f1. Everything seems fine apart from our movement portal system.

    We are using this to generate a left and right eye texture that we then apply to a quad in front of the player:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. public void RenderIntoMaterial(Material mat)
    2.     {
    3.         if (Camera.current != _OverlayCamera)
    4.             return;
    6.         // Left eye
    7.         _PortalCameraTransform.localPosition =...
    Move portal no longer working 2017.4.11f1
  • Creating a score manager using C# Hi there!
    I've been interested in creating a score manager that would display an image + play a sound after recognizing several image targets in the right order. I'm close to being done - it recognizes the image targets in the right order, but I can't seem to link media to:
    Code (CSharp):
    1.  if (i == 6)
    2.             {
    3.                 Debug.Log("ScoreManager: Seven targets have been found");
    4.                 // check the order
    5.                 if (target_found == target_order)
    6.                 {...
    Creating a score manager using C#
  • Face AR remote stoped working randomly so i just noticed the AR remote no longer works for some reason since i recompiled it with arkit 2.0 on the latest unity. for some reason now it only occasionally shows the facial animations in unity. other times like with the sloth head, it just turns backward and falls to the floor. I'm not getting any errors other than unity saying tongue out isn't valid, but that's always happened.
    I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this, anyone else have issues like this?
  • “Depth Mask” hided after update Hi, I´m looking desperately for the "depth mask"-option in materials. Where are they gone to? SB View attachment 348028
  • Failed to run serialization weaver – WSA build player error in Unity 2017 In the past I have built a WSA project with Unity 2017.3.1 just fine.However, after several months, I went back to the project and now I'm getting a bizarre error and won't build a VS project. I even tried in 2017.4.17, but still the same error. Can anybody help please?

    UnityException: Failed to run serialization weaver with command "Temp\StagingArea\Data\Managed\GLTFSerializationUWP.dll" "-pdb" "-verbose" "-unity-engine=Temp\StagingArea\Data\Managed\UnityEngine.CoreModule.dll"...

    Failed to run serialization weaver - WSA build player error in Unity 2017
  • Cant use Global Variable in DefaultTrackableventHandler.cs So I've been making a global variable (with the public static variable) and i put it in one script, globVar.cs
    View attachment 347794
    But, after i update my Vuforia, i can't use it in DefaultTrackableEventHandler.cs . Could someone help me out? Before i update the Vuforia, it works perfectly just fine, but after updating it, it became like that and i got this error in console:
    View attachment 347797
  • Using the Steam VR plugin with Oculus Rift I've been developing for Vive thus far and now it's time to get it working for Oculus, too. I'm using the SteamVR plugin however this does not seem to work with Oculus Touch automatically, the controllers don't work, and only the camera works (which I think is Unity detecting the VR rather than the plugin)

    Is there something I need to do to get the SteamVR plugin working with Oculus Touch? Or do I have to rewrite functionality using Oculus' plugin or something?
  • 3d-model/primitive object shaking in Holoens Hi,

    I am trying to anchor a 3d-model/primitive objects using Unity3d MRT into HoloLens device. When i place this object at any position in physical environment and after setting it to any coordinate, its corner's surfaces are not anchored, they seem to be shaking while i come closer to the model. Please refer this video link that has same issue (

    Please let me know how to fix it. Any suggestion or guidance will be a big help.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Need help with Vuforia AR C# code – score manager Hi there!
    Would anyone be able to help me with the code? I'm pretty new to this, and really can't seem to get it to work.
    I'm have this little game set up so that when I track 7 images in the right order, I get a Debug.Log ("ScoreManager: Seven targets have been found");
    What I want it to do is display a message when the seven targets have been found in the right order, but can't seem to do that. I have attached both files that I'm using - the score manager and DefaultTrackableEventHandler ....

    Need help with Vuforia AR C# code - score manager
  • [UWP] [WMR] Getting System.OutOfMemoryException on .Net native enabled Master Build Our unity project porting to WMR PC x86 is facing issues with memory in Visual Studio Master build. The build works flawlessly with release and debug version of build but crashes with OutOfMemoryException in Master build case. In Visual Studio profiler...
  • Which focus do you use for iPad 2017 and 2018? Hi guys, I have an ipad 2018 but I don't know which focus I should use for camera in Unity (mm)?
  • Increase the exposure of the camera Hi, I found that the exposure effect of ARCamera is not consistent with the exposure of the camera on the phone in small European countries. Is there any way to make it close to the exposure rate of the camera on the phone?