• SteamVR Vive controller models G'day!

    Just wondering if anyone know where I could find the Vive controller models? Have i missed something, they don't seem to be in the SteamVR package.

    I'd like to use them in the unity editor as a reference for where I'll line up my virtual interface.

  • Does Unity supports Vuforia’s external camera feature of Android device Hi
    I want to use Vuforia's external camera feature with unity to scan image targets using USB camera instead of the mobile camera in Android device. Is it possible?
  • Wait for data and then show 3d object I use Vuforia Cloud Recognition. I have two script and i want to communicate with each other. The problem is that the 3D object is displayed first and then later the data to be displayed. How to repair this? I implement SimpleCloudHadler : MonoBehavio...
  • Image size from Unity packagae not what’s uploaded into Vuforia Hi all,

    I create in photoshop a rectangular 4.5cmx18cm Image. The 3d Object is also 4.5cmx18cm measured in Maya.

    When creating the Image database in Vuforia website I upload this image and enter 0.045cm width (Vuforia uses mtrs as default). I upload the Vuforia image from the unity package created from adding the target. Image and 3d Object scale in Unity are 1.

    When looking at these two in the editor, the 3d model looks tiny in comparison. The Image looking at Unity's editor shows...

    Image size from Unity packagae not what's uploaded into Vuforia
  • Teleporting and picking up objects Hi, I am new to VR development and have a question: I want to create a small VR Daydream game (genre: walking simulator) where the player can walk through a game scene and can pick up and observe game objects. After some research I found the Daydream ...
  • [Tutorial] An Introduction to Teleportation in VR Hello all, I wanted to share this tutorial that we put up on the blog: Hope you find it helpful!
  • Video background plane has wrong aspect ratio Hi there,

    I'm having this issue with the Vuforia video background plane.

    I'm on the new iPad Pro 11" with this wierd ratio 4.29:3 ?!??! (2388 x 1668 px).

    My problem is that my video render Background plane is somehow in 16:9 (with black borders on top and bottom).

    Xcode Log says:
    Cannot setMode to AR before Camera is initialized


    VideoBackgroundConfig with screen size of zero received, skipping config step

    Unity: 2018.2.20.f1
    Vuforia: 7.5.26
    Xcode: 10.1
    iOS: 12.1

    Any ideas?...

    Video background plane has wrong aspect ratio
  • Incorrect render of Graphics.Blit / CommandBuffer.Blit in VR Hey,

    I'm facing a strange issue when using Graphics.Blit / CommandBuffer.Blit in VR (Oculus). Under Unity 2017.4.10, everything looks fine. I have a camera that renders a layer offscreen on a RenderTexture with a lower resolution and then blit it on the scree. With Unity 2017.4.14 or above (2018.x), both eyes are offseted and the stereoscopic effect is messed. It's like the matrix used when rendering to a render texture have changed between these Unity versions.
    When using a Vive headset...

    Incorrect render of Graphics.Blit / CommandBuffer.Blit in VR
  • Mock HMD, SetStereoProjectionMatrices, and Unity 2017.0.2 or newer I have a custom HMD device that I can use with Unity 5.5 - Unity 2017.0.1 to create an XR application and everything looks/works correctly. Starting with Unity 2017.0.2, it does not ...

    The project setup is XR support with device set to Mock HMD. I can connect my homespun HMD to deliver all the necessary data to the application, including the hardware's correct head pose estimation, view and projection matrices for the head and each eye. Starting with Unity 2017.0.2, when I call the...

    Mock HMD, SetStereoProjectionMatrices, and Unity 2017.0.2 or newer
  • .arobject files: Loading via code or to/from an asset bundle via code Hi, is it possible to include an .arobject file (i.e. a file created by the ARKit object scanner application) inside an asset bundle? Also, is it possible to load this .arobject file via C# code as an external resource (code that must also work after e...
  • App wich Remote Player to multiple HoloLenses Hello everyone, I am looking for a way to stream from my PC to one HoloLens. During I was wondering if it would be possible to stream from one PC to two HoloLens that would share the same holograms. I want to stream because I want to display huge obje...
  • problem with display cardboard button Hi everybody!!!

    When I use Cardboard SDK with XR Settings, I don't want to display the UI button on the top left corner and the upper right corner on the Android phone. How do I need to do it?

    Thanks for your help!!!
  • 2D Video Viewer with Tracking/Stabilization I'd like to create a 2D video viewer with tracking that changes the position of the video to mirror the location and orientation of the original camera using only the video as input.

    My concept was to use UMP (Universal Media Player) and attach it to a texture, but I'm unsure how I could get tracking data to move the camera.

    A video taken by someone who is walking down a street would result in the video moving horizontally, bumps in the video would cause the camera to shake but the...

    2D Video Viewer with Tracking/Stabilization
  • 2018.3 update Oculus Go apk not working I updated my Unity version to 2018.3 and previous versions of Oculus Go apks now do not work. I get no compile error, but as soon as I try to open the program on the Go, there is only a black screen. The Unity logo doesn't pop up at all. I have to restart by holding the power button to get out of the frozen app. Has anyone run into this before?

    Thanks for your help!
  • how to anchor a gameObject position in Hololens Hi,
    I have two questions,
    1. When we load 3D object in hololens on careful observation it seems to be shaking from certain angle (corner). I want its corners to be anchored properly.
    2. When we load a 3D object in a space/room it doesn't retain its initial position if we move any other new room/space.
    How can i fix these issue. Please help, any suggestion.