• How do I override a SteamVR Controller’s transforms in Unity? I'm trying to provide an illusion to the user by rotating the controller about an arbitrary axis in the LateUpdate() method. But this doesn't seem to be having any effect as the controller probably is constantly getting updated by its real world location. Is there any way to override its real world position and orientation with a transformation in script?
  • Cannot Create WSATestCertificate.pfx I've filed a bug report but curious if anyone else is having this issue. I cannot create the test certificate from within the editor. Clicking Create Certificate results in an error: 'FALSE != acquireNewContextResult'

    This is a major PITA as I have to create a test certificate for another UWP project in Visual Studio, then copy that certifcate over to my Assets folder and select it when creating a new HoloLens project. It works fine on my laptop using 5.6.1f1 but not on my desktop,...

    Cannot Create WSATestCertificate.pfx
  • OVRInput Button not working on Oculus Go I am trying to register the input click from the Oculus Go touch pad controller. The code is halfway working, but somehow the click never registers. I have an OVR Manager in the scene, so OVRInput.Update() is definitely called. Then in my script, I ha...
  • unity vuforia AR wizard Hello!!! I am BRAND NEW to AR, Unity, and Vuforia. I accidentally did NOT click Vuforia AR when in the original Unity download wizard. Is there anyway to enable this without uninstalling and reinstalling the software?!
  • place an object on a plane facing the camera hi
    i'm studying how to put an object on a detected plane, with its orientation looking at the camera.
    seems easy but i can't, and didn't find any snippet or working solution in the few posts

    i'm working after this line of UnityARHitTestExample.cs

    Code (CSharp):
    2. Debug.Log ("Got hit!");
    3. m_HitTransform.position = UnityARMatrixOps.GetPosition (hitResult.worldTransform);
    4. m_HitTransform.rotation = UnityARMatrixOps.GetRotation (hitResult.worldTransform);
    5. // here i want a local rotation on the y...
    place an object on a plane facing the camera
  • Cross platform AR app – need crash course and refresher! Hi
    Trying to get some sense of coding requirements for a cross platform, bare bones AR application. By bare bones I mean it will essentially scan some target or logo and make a 3d character or creature 'come to life' . There will be an option to take a selfie and also some type of metrics for tracking app use will be required.

    I have built AR apps in the past but this was over a year ago using Vuforia. had huge issues with the extended tracking feature.

    Could anyone point me to Unity...

    Cross platform AR app - need crash course and refresher!
  • How to convert ARFaceAnchor lookAtPoint to a screen point? In Unity, I'm trying to take the ARFaceAnchor lookAtPoint on the ARFaceAnchorUpdatedEvent and translate it into a look point on the screen. Like this. Anyone else had luck with this?

    Trying to figure out the values:
    X is left to right, 1 to -1
    Y is top to bottom, -1 to 1
    Z is focal length? 0 to -2?...

    How to convert ARFaceAnchor lookAtPoint to a screen point?
  • Web based AR.js vs native -pros and cons Trying to get a better understanding of some of the limitations of web based AR over native solutions. Does it depend on the complexity of the 3d content you are trying to bring to life? Has anyone reading this developed in both and can comment?
  • Assertion failed and transform.localPosition assign attempt for ‘BackgroundPlane’ is not valid error Hi guys ,
    I'm developing an AR application in which camera is actually made into a box of a particular width and height, instead of laying it full screen. The application has two screens in which first is for logging in and the second is the one which has the ARcamera(Vuforia). after logging in the second scene would be loaded but while logging out from the second screen first scene would be loaded on top of the second screen.

    I tried using the LoadSceneMode.single but no use, the second...

    Assertion failed and transform.localPosition assign attempt for 'BackgroundPlane' is not valid error
  • Vive Tracker – cannot see it in Unity Have one of the new trackers and cannot get it to show up. It shows in SteamVR status as connected and tracking. I have the update poses script attached to Camera (eye). I have a sphere as a child of the camera rig and have a steamVR tracked object scr...
  • Facebook Spaces Livestream problem ( FBcapture.dll ) ( ERROR: SymGetSymFromAddr64 ) I found this post by search a solution for my issue maybe someone can help me i search for months!!! ^^

    Its a livestream problem with my oculus rift into the facebook spaces app, when i go live the stream stops and give me a error text dat

    its look like that

    (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/DebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 51)

    The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object '<null>') is missing!

    (Filename: Line: 1744)

    Crash repot ->...

    Facebook Spaces Livestream problem ( FBcapture.dll ) ( ERROR: SymGetSymFromAddr64 )
  • Crash with ar core (Android) I am trying to use ar core with unity following this documentation : It seems quite simple , just copy the lib and voilà ... But, just adding the lib jus...
  • How to anchor my 3d object (watch) to a hand? Hi
    I want to track the position and orientation of my hand and render a watch around it. I don't want to use any physical markers or images on hand.
    As far as I understand, we can't have a hand as a predefined target.
    I tried User Defined Targets, but I am not able to fix the position of watch correctly and it is not stable.

    I am using Unity 2018.2

    There are two problems:
    1. How to track the hand and effectively track the base position to anchor the watch to.
    2. How to anchor the watch to...

    How to anchor my 3d object (watch) to a hand?
  • Xbox Controller issue on HoloLens Hey guys, I am having a really awkward problem with the xbox wireless controller on the HoloLens for a while now, and I have not heard of other people with the same problem. Running on 2018.2.18f1, without extra plugins, just the native Unity solution...
  • Google Cloud Speech to Text in Unity Hello! We are currently working with a VR multiplayer project and using Unity version 2018.2.16f1. One of the features we wanted to try out was voice recognition and we quickly found out that we needed to use the Google Cloud speech-to-text product. ...