• GearVR dev, unity version hell, the burden! I'm developing for GearVR for about 3 years now and still the road to building for this platform isn't as simple as you would expect. Lately I'm having serious problems with every single Unity version up to now where my GearVR builds have all kind of issues. From an version where 1 eye is black, to a version where it fails to build because of manifest files, build tools or just even don't start at all.

    - all 5.6.1 versions, fail to build because of a manifest issue. When targeting API level...

    GearVR dev, unity version hell, the burden!
  • Deformed Mesh After take out the APK file Hello, I have a problem with a 3D character which has an animated mesh with joint (as cloth, not simulated), I see it in Maya it moves perfectly, I exported it to unity as a fbx and still looks fine during the animation. But when I take out the APK and...
  • New Input XR System Vive Touchpad Hi,

    I'm trying to get the vives' controller's touchpad data:
    device.TryGetFeatureValue(CommonUsages.primary2DAxis, out touchPos);

    But touchPos is always zero, even if I try touch both controllers touchpad. Is that what I should be using to get that "circle touchpad X,Y position"?

    What am I missing?

  • How to profile XR.WaitForGPU GVR Cardboard Android? When I use GVR for Cardboard with a simple scene, a lot of time is used for XR.WaitForGPU. Is there a way to find out what's going on there?

    I tested the scene with the LWRP, the most minimal settings and following option, to make sure there isn't a lot of work for the GPU, but the result is always a waiting time between 4-12ms.

    Code (CSharp):
    1.  XRSettings.renderViewportScale = 0.1f;
    The goal is to make in between scenes, so the smartphone can cool down, during some menu scenes....

    How to profile XR.WaitForGPU GVR Cardboard Android?
  • MTG Can you tell me please, which data MTG extracts form CAD model?
  • Facebook Spark AR Filters Does anyone know if there's any kind of planned support or partnership in the future for integrating the new Facebook AR features (made with Spark AR studio) into native unity apps?

  • HoloLens Scene Change Camera Issue Hello,

    I'm using Unity 2017 and the HRTK from Microsoft.
    I have the problem, that i get multiple MixedRealityCameras when switching between scenes.
    I've got 2 scenes at this point. In Scene 1 is the Camera and the inputmanager. Scene 2 just got a 3d model.
    At the start scene 1 is loading and i can switch to scene 2, but when i switch back to scene 1 a second MixedRealityCamera is loaded and in every iteration theres one more. I can see at the performance of the Hololens that it becomes...

    HoloLens Scene Change Camera Issue
  • Daydream’s native “x” quit button doesn’t quit the application Hello all.

    My appliction shows the UI for Daydream (with the "x" quit button at the top left and the "wheel" settings button at top right).

    When I press the "x" quit button though, the application doesn't quit.
    This fucntionality works with other Daydream application (like the main Daydream app), so I don't think it's a problem of the SDK itself.

    I guess I'd have to regiter to some event from the SDK or something like that?

    I had this problem before with the Cardboard SDK, if I am not...

    Daydream's native "x" quit button doesn't quit the application
  • Vuforia AR alternatives hi,

    Vuforia beta 4 just ended, and they released the pricing:

    Cannot continue using vuforia with those terms, prices, limits etc. (including extra fees for each reco over the plan..)

    Are there any other proper AR sdk's that work nicely with Unity?
  • Hololens Help! Hey all

    I'm a software developer who has done some VR projects in Unity (SteamVR/Vive). Never done any AR/VR. I've been asked if I can create a Hololens app for calling out specific features / points of interest on a very large product that my company produces. They want to be able to walk around a room with this huge product (think 40+ feet long) and have the features be displayed. Here's the thing though, the product isn't made yet and so I won't have access to it. I also don't...

    Hololens Help!
  • Canvas lag on VR Tracked Object Hi all,

    Was really hoping thius would have been resolved by now, but it seems that it's just got worse.

    Parenting a canvas to a VR tracked object (e.g. Vive controller) causes the Canvas to lag behind the position of the object.

    The old method of updating the positions when the pose changed doesn't seem to work anymore after the recent SteamVR update.

    Does anyone have any solutions to this?

  • GVR Pointer Input Manager, and Standalone Input Manager conflicting in build. I'm back with another problem!!
    I've built a cockpit, and I have some monitors in the corners of the cockpit that are magnified when looking at them. In the editor this looks great, however when I build to android, none of the UI navigation works.

    I've done 10000 x 10^3 googling on the subject, and seems that no one has come across this exact issue. I swapped the Input module order in the Inspector, moving Gvr to the bottom, and standalone to the top. This reversed the problem. My Menus now...

    GVR Pointer Input Manager, and Standalone Input Manager conflicting in build.
  • AR Core – UI messing up when walking into 3D model Hi,

    I'm recently started experimenting with AR to place real sized objects. In the last version I;m building my UI looks fine until I start to walk into the 3D model. Feels like there is a problem when the AR camera intersects with the spawned model. I'm running Unity 2018 with ARCore 1.2 and modified helloAR with a Samsung S10 to help me spawn only one instance of the 3D object. Here are some screenshots that I think it illustrates what's going on. I don't know if I'm missing something....

    AR Core - UI messing up when walking into 3D model
  • Using Post Processing Stack 2 with VR Hello,
    Has anyone had any trouble adding the Post Processing to VR?
    I've used it quite a bit in previous versions on Unity without any issues.

    However using Unity 2019.1 and now having to use the the latest PP Stack 2 (which I've not used before), I'm getting some strange effects using Depth of Field. I've blurred out the scene as much as possible, but as you can see the blur effect is tearing down the middle of each eye.

    Testing this, it's not actually a tearing - it's the PPS2 rendering...

    Using Post Processing Stack 2 with VR
  • Oculus Go and Alpha channel videos Hey there, I am actually working on my own Oculus Go App with some alpha channel videos. Unfortunately I have 2 problems. The first one is that I have several webm formatted alpha channel videos which as long as I keep the alpha channel activ unity ha...