• I want to make an app I want to know ,how 3d model can fetch colour and shape of 2d images from outside. Here my project is an online shopping with augmented reality. So i took vuforia with unity3d But my problem is ,when we click images i want to display a 3d model dre...
  • Problems with gyro camera rotation. Hey, this is my first post, please be gentle.

    I want to rotate camera in the game, just as I am moving the phone(Just like VR does it).

    for that I'm currently using this piece of code
    Code (CSharp):
    1. cam.transform.Rotate(-gyro.rotationRate);
    but it doesn't really do the job. When I try the app out via Unity Remote(this could actually be the problem), and if my phone was perfectly flat on the table, I fidget with it and return it back to...

    Problems with gyro camera rotation.
  • “Stereo Display (non head-mounted)”: Poor 3D effect The main monitor of the PC (Win 10) I'm running Unity (2017.3.1f1) on doesn't support nVidia 3D Vision and I also don't own a VR headset but I still wanted to test the 3D effect with Anaglyph 3D (red-cyan), so I enabled "Stereo Display (non head-mounted)" (in Edit - Project Settings - Player - XR Settings) and disabled all the other SDKs.

    In a build with "Stereo 3D" in the "Configuration" window checked (the Game View in Unity doesn't support this XR setting) you can see the two colors at...

    "Stereo Display (non head-mounted)": Poor 3D effect
  • HTC Vive: trigger or grip button keeps being pressed I used to use the following two lines in Update() to find out if the user has pressed the trigger:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. device.GetPressDown(SteamVR_Controller.ButtonMask.Trigger)
    2. device.GetPressUp(SteamVR_Controller.ButtonMask.Trigger)
    Most of the time this works pretty well, but sometimes the button seems to be stuck: after releasing the trigger or grip, device.GetPressUp stays false in every frame (even calling this in FixedUpdate didn't help).

    So I changed my code to only use this:...

    HTC Vive: trigger or grip button keeps being pressed
  • Intel Realsense Camera input for ParticleSystem I'm trying to use the Intel Realsense 415 camera as an input texture for the ParticleSystem. The goal is to Emit from only 'near' objects. I have been able to set a texture through script, but only the first frame emits. I can see the stream updating on the ParticleSystem tag, but not the emission.

    I believe the issue is that the texture is a stream, and not written to disk. The advice I've seen for using streaming textures to drive a particlesystem shape is to make sure the texture is set...

    Intel Realsense Camera input for ParticleSystem
  • Vive Stereo Rendering Toolkit broken in VR LWRP The HTC Vive Stereo Rendering Toolkit does not work in the VR Lightweight Render Pipeline, presumably because the materials are based on the standard shader.
    Has anyone found a solution to this, e.g. a way to convert the shader to a LWRP version?

    I noticed that the Portal surface uses the Custome/StereoRenderShader that has the directive:
    "#pragma surface surf Standard"
    in it, but the 'Standard' here refers to the lighting model, not the Standard shader, or is this something that can be...

    Vive Stereo Rendering Toolkit broken in VR LWRP
  • Both cameras stream – android Hello to everyone!

    I was searching for a particular thing but couldn't find a solution. I want to build for Android and get both front and back device's cameras output as a texture. I tried using webcamtexture, but it seems that specifically for android the webcamtexture instances are kind of using the same memory or something and two different instances set with the devices different names cannot run at the same time. When I run it on a computer - everything is working fine. I get both...

    Both cameras stream - android
  • Placing Objects on a Wall Using Vuforia and/or ARKit in iOS Hello all,

    We have built an app which uses Vuforia's Ground Plane to position a 3D object on a horizontal plane selected by the user. Is there a way that we might be able to place an object on a vertical plane (wall)? I don't believe this is supported in Vuforia, aside from using an image target, but please correct me if I'm wrong. I do believe that this is supported in ARKit though. Is there a way that I can enable this functionality using ARKit on devices which support it?

    Thank you.

  • Controling sampling rate for vive lighthouses through unity? Hello! I realize this is a super weird question and the type of functionality that probably no-one else but me needs. But since tracking is related to the sensation of presence and I try to modulate it to observe physiological responses to it I would ...
  • Visualize Motion Controller + Ray in Standalone Build Hey,

    In the moment I'm trying to make a Virtual-Reality app for a Windows PC. I'm working with a Windows Mixed Reality headset.
    A build with the Universal Windows Platform was no problem, cause I could use the HoloToolkit and the included Motion Controllers, Cursors and so on.
    To get the Standalone to work I imported the WebVR Assets. (
    The new Camera supports the headset, but I haven't found out how...

    Visualize Motion Controller + Ray in Standalone Build
  • Get different videos on each eye of the HMD Hi Everybody, I have 2 cameras filming and I would like to put each video independently on each eye, in order to have an stereoscopic system. I am using HTC VIVE PRO and 2 normal webcams. Do you know if it is possible to do that? Thanks,
  • Black Screen After I build a project for android, there is only black screen after the unity logo appears. I want to fix this first of all otherwise the project won't work. I am using Unity 2018.1.0f. It happened many times with different build attempts, now I had to go back to a previous version of the project to build it.

    Please help!
  • Playback on click & with sound Hello,

    so I have a problem, when I play only video in Vuforia it plays ok, starts at the beginning. But I want to have sound with it, how to apply sound with video. Tried with direct, no sound and also with Audio source, added sound in it, but it play as soon the app starts. I don't want that, i want sound to be synchronized with video and to start to play on click. I have unity 2017.3, watched many tutorials from last year but no one Works as to updated Unity. So any solutions?

    Added two...

    Playback on click & with sound
  • Camera not rendering when using Unity as a library in android app In Reference to this: When I open my ARCore Unity project as a library with an android project, the camera displayed black (similar to first guy in the discussion). However, when I just build ...
  • Poor performance on Android low-spec Hello!

    I found Vuforia's performance decrease on low spec Android devices.

    After few moments with 60 fps app starts to freezing, profilling in Unity shows that "unaccounted time between: InputProcess and InputProcess" grows over time from 0 to 98% of CPU usage. It can be reproduced even with Vuforia's examples.

    On Unity 5.5 with Vuforia 6.2.10 everything is OK, fps are stable.

    Tested on:
    • Asus Zenphone 2 Laser ZE500KL.
    • Unity 2017.3, Unity 2018.2, Unity 2018.3
    • Vuforia 7.2,...

    Poor performance on Android low-spec